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  1. I doubt people that view us as useless eaters, the great unwashed, and goyim would want us around if automation makes us obsolete. Are we supposed to believe they're suddenly going to start caring about us all of the sudden?
  2. It's cool, I'm not easily offended. This place sure does feel hellish, but I still feel at peace around nature. I guess people could argue that nature is cruel though.
  3. The point I am trying to make is if some white supremacists were trying to take over the world like some say, why did non-white people help them?
  4. I can't be arsed anymore. I'm just going to take the vax. It would be anti-semitic not too. Fuck nazis.
  5. I don't buy into the mixing of races being inevitable if there wasn't social engineering. Surely there would always be people that want to carry on embracing their culture if we just let people be and didn't interfere.
  6. It's not racist to not want to be deracinated and blamed for things you haven't done so your children have a target painted on their backs. I have hardly seen anyone on here that is against miscegenation. People are against these kind of people pushing it as the ideal. The Axis powers were not just white people either.
  7. Bloody hell, one of the smartest guys in America is sounding fedposty now.
  8. I still use the platform because it's the only place I can find certain content, but it does look like they have been threatened and they're starting to capitulate.
  9. BBC IS a platform for left-wing and Remainers - Study finds huge BBC bias in comedy shows https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1371675/BBC-bias-BBC-news-left-wing-latest-study-comedy/amp Did we really need a study to come to that conclusion?
  10. That's a fair question, bam. None of us can speak for David. Obviously I'm probably a bit more distrustful of these politicians than a lot of folks, but I still think the election was dodgy AF.
  11. Dunno. Haven't been following football for a while.
  12. You think I haven't heard their official explanations? I used to be a diehard red.
  13. "you do know ickes posting shit loads on there daily. right?" I was literally the first person on this forum to let people know Icke was on Parler. smh
  14. Minds is much better for MAGA folks because the cult of personality isn't so strong. Lots of them follow Trump, but they at least try to hold him accountable on there.
  15. I'm saying it's a neocon platform, I didn't say only they use it. Dunno what it's like now, but when I signed up it recommended I follow nothing but grifters. Who wants to follow folks like Laura Loomer?
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