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  1. Games giant Electronic Arts gatecrashes £725m Codemasters takeover https://news.sky.com/story/games-giant-electronic-arts-gatecrashes-725m-codemasters-takeover-12160582
  2. Dunno. Probably damage control, but it would be nice if wasn't just about his communist background.
  3. Damn. You tried making another one or won't they allow that either?
  4. Tedros Adhanom: WHO chief may face genocide charges (paywalled) https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/who-chief-tedros-adhanom-ghebreyesus-may-face-genocide-charges-2fbfz7sff
  5. I understand that. I often think of this quote these days: “There are three classes of people: those who see. Those who see when they are shown. Those who do not see.” ― Leonardo da Vinci I would add that there is another class though. Those that give me death threats when I mention certain things. This is why I try to just focus on people that I feel are ready to hear certain things. I get that time is of the essence though and I should probably speak my mind more no matter the consequence.
  6. It's just a meme that gets used on edgier parts of the web. I will have a think about 4 people to add. They will probably just be philosophers to be honest.
  7. No prob. It's from last year when Icke released his book 'The Trigger: The Lie That Changed the World'.
  8. Not sure if his views have changed, but there is this: at3.mp4
  9. You would think they don't even need an understanding of history with all the warnings we have had in "entertainment". There are apolitical people that don't know much about the past, but love cyberpunk and other dystopian pop culture for example. They should be very vocal right now, but I look at some places where people that are into those genres hang out and it seems like a lot of them are getting a kick out of 2020 like it's cool. Not saying they're all like that, but a lot of them are. It's like they fetishize what is happening.
  10. Out of reactions, but thanks. If something helped you with anxiety and depression then that is good. I know someone that suffers from terrible PTSD after nearly dying when giving birth to her kid. She talked about trying weed in the past, but I'm not sure if it would help because it might make her paranoia worse. I often wonder if there is anything else that may help her. I might have to look into CBD.
  11. "Oi mate! You got a loicense for that sword in your emblem?"
  12. Because they needed us as their pawns over the last 50 years. Can you explain how it has woken you up? Not having a dig, just curious. People say DMT doesn't give you knowledge, but helps you connect things that you already knew. Is that true?
  13. Not sure as some folks consider themselves to be culturally Christian while others are more devout. Well that is probably a factor, but the fact that it's against the beast system is surely a factor too? Neither did I. When I think of Christianity, I think of Christ followers, in the same way that people used to call followers of Muhammad 'Muhammadans'. Well I don't reject everything from other religions. One of my close friends who was Christian went to jail and then came out Muslim. We agree on a lot of each others religion, especially in regards to things that are coming to fruition. Am I not an individual that should be allowed to choose what I believe? Forgive my ignorance, but I'm not sure I understand.
  14. I'm surprised that a club like Arsenal that has a military background still has many fans. I thought anything to do with Britain's history would be despised in today's woke culture. I better not give them ideas as they might try and rebrand the Gunners.
  15. I'm with you, Zig. I don't have anything against others here that choose to experiment, but I'm just thinking about the bigger picture.
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