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  1. You would think they don't even need an understanding of history with all the warnings we have had in "entertainment". There are apolitical people that don't know much about the past, but love cyberpunk and other dystopian pop culture for example. They should be very vocal right now, but I look at some places where people that are into those genres hang out and it seems like a lot of them are getting a kick out of 2020 like it's cool. Not saying they're all like that, but a lot of them are. It's like they fetishize what is happening.
  2. Out of reactions, but thanks. If something helped you with anxiety and depression then that is good. I know someone that suffers from terrible PTSD after nearly dying when giving birth to her kid. She talked about trying weed in the past, but I'm not sure if it would help because it might make her paranoia worse. I often wonder if there is anything else that may help her. I might have to look into CBD.
  3. "Oi mate! You got a loicense for that sword in your emblem?"
  4. Because they needed us as their pawns over the last 50 years. Can you explain how it has woken you up? Not having a dig, just curious. People say DMT doesn't give you knowledge, but helps you connect things that you already knew. Is that true?
  5. Not sure as some folks consider themselves to be culturally Christian while others are more devout. Well that is probably a factor, but the fact that it's against the beast system is surely a factor too? Neither did I. When I think of Christianity, I think of Christ followers, in the same way that people used to call followers of Muhammad 'Muhammadans'. Well I don't reject everything from other religions. One of my close friends who was Christian went to jail and then came out Muslim. We agree on a lot of each others religion, especially in regards to things that are coming to fruition. Am I not an individual that should be allowed to choose what I believe? Forgive my ignorance, but I'm not sure I understand.
  6. I'm surprised that a club like Arsenal that has a military background still has many fans. I thought anything to do with Britain's history would be despised in today's woke culture. I better not give them ideas as they might try and rebrand the Gunners.
  7. I'm with you, Zig. I don't have anything against others here that choose to experiment, but I'm just thinking about the bigger picture.
  8. Yep. They're in an AI arms race. I read something a while ago about America and the basic premise was that China will keep developing it's AI and surveillance, and if America doesn't do the same then it will fall behind.
  9. Lol. TPTB need to just chill out and get baked so they leave us alone, I know that.
  10. No, I'm talking about people that just live for hedonism without thinking about the consequences. Filth was probably a bit too harsh. I'm no angel myself, I have had times in my life when I didn't want to look at myself in the mirror and would have considered myself filth. It's the broken men and women that didn't pick themselves up that makes me sad.
  11. I'm on the fence regarding the religion bit. Why are people trying to subvert and infiltrate Christianity so much if it's so bad? There is clearly something about that religion that the elites don't like. I say Christianity and not actual Christian institutions because I know they're mostly screwed now. Is it just a case of Christianity being a good fit for the old world order but not the new one?
  12. @rideforever One thing I forgot to add is that many of them don't help each other as much there because scammers often complain that you hurt them if you try to help them, then they try to sue you. I think things are getting a bit better with the younger generation there though, but the older 'Lost Generation' from the Mao era are pretty dog eat dog. Living through famine and cannibalism probably does that to a person though.
  13. I'm talking about subversion by the same people that helped Mao get in power, not the Chinese themselves. I believe they're just pawns like us.
  14. Talk to expats that live there or have lived there. People walking by while others suffer is not just a meme.
  15. True. They could have tried to link arms or something though. I think gore vids are better examples of their lack of empathy, but I didn't want to post that kind of stuff here.
  16. Just want to add that that is not a dig at Americans. I know there are still plenty of good Americans. I'm more talking about things American corporations have exported all over the world.
  17. We screwed up when all started becoming Americanized. We should have tried to stick to our own culture, not MTV and Hollywood. China might not be as decadent, but everything is about society as a whole there. The individual has no value. Anyone that has watched gore vids will know what I mean. You could get in a car accident there and people just walk by and do nothing to help their countrymen. Why does it take a Brit to save a drowning person? They all just stand by and watch. I don't want to be too harsh on them though because people are starting to not care about each other here either.
  18. There is a good chance that a war would likely be on the West, not China. We have been totally weakened because of subversion. We're all fighting each other, they just have to sit back and watch. Once the powder keg that is our nations explodes, it will only take outside forces to come and finish us off. We are a golden calf that has been milked dry, ready to blow away like dust. We wouldn't be handing tech to them if we had benevolent leaders, surely?
  19. Didn't they let customers play what they want? I remember playing truant and just jamming in my local store hogging the decks with my pals. lol
  20. Oh I wasn't having a dig dude. Mixing is definitely more productive than gaming, that's for sure.
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