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  1. Assuming I would be going back in time just for curiosity and not to try and alter things, then probably to the height of the renaissance as a student to observe some of the great creations and the techniques of the creators. I would love to see ancient civilizations at their peaks too, but it would be hard to pick one.
  2. @motleyhoo This guy has the right idea in principle, but how do you convice all demographics to embrace individualism? I think we can agree that Libertarianism isn't wrong, it's just that it has become a meme to a lot of people at this point. I have agreed with much of what Ron Paul has said over the years, but there needs to be more like him.
  3. I'm dreading to think what kind of craziness we might see tomorrow from the London honeypot. I will be very surprised if some antifas don't LARP as nationalists to do something crazy.
  4. We're being guilted into bending to other peoples will right now. You're totally missing the point of what I am saying too. I already said I agree with individual liberty in principle, but I also think it's naive to assume it will work.
  5. So people aren't collectivizing in a group against white people? Are white people included in this POC group too then? What was Diane calling for here then?
  6. Not going to lie, this appeals to me, and many others seeing as it went viral, way more than the English version. Pure Logos! I still listen with subs on like a scrub though. ?
  7. @motleyhoo It's not that I don't hear what you're saying, I just think that everyone should be able to collectivize or nobody should, because right now it's totally unbalanced.
  8. It got white folks in a mess for sure. When white people are told to be individuals, while everyone else pushes for the interests of their group, obviously that is going to have an effect on white people.
  9. I don't believe in most of the history that has been fed to us either, especially after the world wars. I don't believe in what we have been told about evolution either. I think in some ways we have advanced and in others ways we have gone backwards. As for the increase in life spans, you make a fair point there. I think some people years ago may have had longer life spans due to a richer diet and less toxic crap in their lives, but other people may not have had a wide range of food in their diets. I guess it depends what ancient people we're talking about and where they were located. Obviously we are told that modern medicine has advanced the life span and that less people die of things like infections and child birth, but I'm sure ancient people had natural remedies for this stuff too. People were dying from all types of crap only 100-200 odd years ago so people before us definitely had health problems, but I guess the question is are we told the truth about the people before them? I don't subscribe to the belief that people in the past were not as skilled as us either. Some of them might have had less to work with, but they looked more skilled in many ways. Look at the craftsmenship in what they built for example, it puts our ugly creations to shame.
  10. Don't get me wrong, in some aspects we do need to go back to the simple life of being close to nature, but I don't want to become so primitive to the point of our ancestors that had a small life expectancy. I guess one could say quality of life is better than the length of life, but did people in the past have a better quality of life? In some aspects yes, and in some no. It's definitely an interesting topic.
  11. This is true. To advance as a species we need to communicate many different ideas though. Like how does one, build, design and plan with such a small vocabulary?
  12. I agree with individual liberty, but too many libertarian concepts seem rooted in individualism and that seems to be what got us in this mess. You can talk about the rights of the individual until the cows come home, but if others are forming collectives you're screwed.
  13. That's true, but how many things do lions need to communicate to each other? Not as much as the modern day human. Don't get me wrong, they're magnificent creatures that are perfectly adapted for what they need to do, but we're not simple hunter and gatherers anymore. I can understand the benefit of having a universal language to break down barriers though, although part of me would also be sad to lose the diversity of many different languages. I guess a universal language as well as our indigenous languages is where the balance lies, but that's mostly what we have with English in much of the world. That being said, I can understand people not wanting English imposed on their people so maybe a new universal language from scratch could fix that issue.
  14. Lolbertarians mostly just seem like fence sitters to me.
  15. Shouldn't even need to be said on a site like this, I'm sure most of us here already know. First it's devices we hold, then wearables, then tattoos, then implants.
  16. It's not so much that I love tech, it's more that I'm interested in it. I liked tech quite a bit growing up, but that was mainly just computing and gaming. Most gadgets I was fine without. I do still follow gaming these days, but don't really play them as much as I once did. I have a smart phone, but it is rarely turned on and that drives my family mad. It's similar to when I was on Facebook a few years back, I always knew the danger of it. I never uploaded any photos to give away my biometrics and would warn friends and family not to upload or tag me in any photos. It was just something I mainly used to network with clients, most of which were musicians I knew from myspace. I mainly just follow tech out of morbid curiosity these days and to see where trends are going. I think technology is just a tool that can be used for good or bad, but I can't deny most of it seems to be Satan's domain. Nah I haven't seen the video, what thread is it in?
  17. Maybe Marina knows. http://www.antarcticbiennale.com/project.html
  18. Spies Can Eavesdrop by Watching a Light Bulb's Vibrations https://www.wired.com/story/lamphone-light-bulb-vibration-spying/
  19. No idea, it does make you wonder if that is the reason though.
  20. I don't really have much of an opinion on what happened to George Floyd, but the way society is acting is insane. The lying media and these privileged celeb weirdos make it sound like minorities are being slaughtered en masse. If that was the case then there would be no need for Jussie Smollett theatrics.
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