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  1. I think my first paid VPN was PIA which I got cheap in a Humble Bundle, then greatest ally bought them. Still gives me nightmares.
  2. Opera Browser is owned by a Chinese company https://forums.opera.com/topic/37155/opera-browser-is-owned-by-a-chinese-company A lot of anons say Opera is now a Chinese botnet, but maybe that's just paranoia. That being said, I don't use Opera or any other free VPNs, but I'm not that bothered if the Chinese harvest my political views, I just don't trust them with my financial info.
  3. At-home food selling concerning, says Food Standards Agency https://www.bbc.com/news/business-56032185 'There has been a "concerning" rise in food businesses operating out of people's homes during lockdown, according to the food safety watchdog.' Nooooo, you can't just sell food to other people!
  4. Agreed. Not only that, but we're shown atrocity propaganda of other things to scare and guilt us into submission, but they can't show us evidence of bodies piling up.
  5. Maybe some did but now they can't talk. (sarcasm)
  6. And some have called her the Queen of Europe. More like the Queen of lies and misery. lol
  7. Out of reactions, but sounds interesting. I just got a pdf copy. Cheers for the recommendation.
  8. The Rise of Snitch Culture Mirror: https://www.bitchute.com/video/11TkQMBuNp8/
  9. If I ever see some UFO attacking cities, my first thought will be that it's the government though, I can't lie. I won't write the whole idea of aliens off though.
  10. Could be true. I personally don't know if aliens exist, but I find it hard to believe people that lie and subvert all the time when it comes to telling me what is real. That's just me having trust issues, I guess. That being said, ancient depictions of strange beings still leave me a bit curious.
  11. I don't know about Babylonians, but I find it funny when people on these documentaries about ancient civilizations can't explain how something was built and just assume aliens are responsible. Not sure if there is a word for bigotry of low expectations towards ancient peoples, but there should be.
  12. I'm still trying to wrap my head around why somebody would be enslaved for 20 years in a SSP only to be let out so they can tell their story on youtube. Are we dealing with some low IQ beings?
  13. > Entertainment and the cult of science spends millions disseminating ideas about aliens > the few people pick one
  14. The few people. lol Normies talk about aliens all the time. If they don't want us to talk about aliens, why are they constantly pushed to the masses? Why do I constantly notice a pattern with the people that push them?
  15. "Did you realise there's a lockdown ".mp4
  16. From Kowloon walled city to walled world.
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