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  1. Yes, I have suspected that they have been riggin the Prem for a while. Seems a bit sketchy that one, if not the most commie clubs is now smashing it in the league at a time when commies are taking over. Then you hear stories like the one in the bottom left of this image and it makes you wonder.
  2. Wait until Ivan can't get a job because the only options are the likes of Amazon and they have automated everything, and nobody stopped it because the likes of MTV poisoned the minds of what could have been a great nation of people. Screw the megacorps. The right to earn money and own property should be protected, but the interests of the individual should also be in consonance with those of the community.
  3. You can support the right to private property and the products of a person's personal efficiency without also supporting a rootless international clique that use their lobbies and megacorps to subvert and exploit nations.
  4. Figuratively speaking anyway, I'm sure most our ancestors didn't own slaves if they were like mine.
  5. Brits only just finished paying in 2015 anyway, so most Brits today will have paid taxes for their ancestors crimes.
  6. To be honest, I expected more of these kinds of scenes today, but my worry is things are just getting started and that these nutty weekends will be the norm for a while.
  7. I don't like capitalism or communism, but adopting a third position is frowned upon and means you're basically moustache man.
  8. There are genuine cases of police brutality, I don't think people can deny that, but these protests and riots have been racialized big time. Cases like the Daniel Shaver case have hardly been mentioned because it doesn't fit the divide and conquer agenda. I think it would be better to ask why so many people are violent, but that will never happen because people love their degenerate entertainment and decadent role models.
  9. Another map update. Eastern Europe sure is looking comfy.
  10. I'm just confused how someone can be against capitalism while parroting what all the megacorps are saying.
  11. Mass noncompliance definitely makes more sense than playing right into their hands.
  12. And the top commenter says Camden has a crime wave that is completely out of control. Seems like it's only going to get worse as it gets harder for honest police to do their job because of PC bullshit.
  13. People don't support corrupt police, they support honest police. There is a difference "We're going to destroy the police state by forcing them to implement a police state!" The logic of a brainlet.
  14. Beijing district on ‘wartime’ alert after fresh coronavirus outbreak https://www.scmp.com/news/china/society/article/3088942/beijing-district-wartime-alert-after-fresh-coronavirus-outbreak
  15. I agree @zarkov Civilization is a group endeavor, and individuals all benefit from a healthy, functional society. The problem is incentive. When certain politicians or movements are using identity politics to get people to form a collective, the individual will start to panic and look for a group that will represent them just so they can compete. If there was a large libertarian voting block then people would just join that as they would be in a large group that protects the rights of the individual. Unfortunately we seem to be in a time where there doesn't seem to be many options when it comes to voting for a party that will treat everyone the same.
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