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  1. ‘Hateful’ BitChute video site is first test for Ofcom (paywalled) https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/hateful-video-site-is-first-test-for-ofcom-dbd2cb6z7
  2. Lock people up for months to the point where people are nearly getting cabin fever, then tease them with sunny holiday images that will be off limits unless you get a vax passport. Evil shit.
  3. Agreed. A prison planet is the final lockdown.
  4. Yeah, they have been cucked by Ofcom and groups like HopeNotHate. You're going to need a VPN, then just select a country that works.
  5. I loathe all MSM parasites, he is no exception.
  6. New Study Finds Masks Hurt Schoolchildren Physically, Psychologically, and Behaviorally https://montanadailygazette.com/2021/01/25/new-study-finds-masks-hurt-schoolchildren-physically-psychologically-and-behaviorally/
  7. Half these cunts aren't even proper British, just "fellow whites".
  8. You're cool mate, I don't really want to get into a debate on a censorship thread, but in short: I don't actually have an issue with fists as a symbol, just that specific design just reminded me of red terror. Your current black panther is a better symbol in my opinion because it's black peoples own symbol, not some marxist's. On the topic of censorship, what happened to voices like the Black Panther guy at 34:58 in the above vid, do they all get silenced for mentioning the Z or J words? We need more Malcom X's.
  9. >got rid of CD/DVD (Blu-ray next?) >will get rid of hard drives >force to use cloud drives >cloud OS >no secret >no personal assets LAAS (life as a service), aka the Great Reset. Terry truly was an enigma. The guy was schizophrenic, a little bit bigoted, but also a genius that was never understood in his time. Temple OS shall never be forgotten. He was absolutely right with his prediction about Bill Gates, and his prediction about the elites creating a slave race.
  10. Yikes. That has to be one of the most cursed images that I have seen for a while.
  11. Her birth name is Moriah (the Temple Mount).
  12. Switzerland: Refugee from Afghanistan throws acid in Swiss woman’s face – She works as a fashion model https://medforth.blog/2021/02/13/switzerland-refugee-from-afghanistan-throws-acid-in-swiss-womans-face-she-works-as-a-fashion-model/
  13. Exclusive: West Must Solve ‘Demographic Crisis’ or ‘Europe Will Be Lost’ – Hungary Govt https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2021/02/08/exclusive-interview-west-must-solve-demographic-crisis-europe-will-be-lost-says-hungary-families-minister/
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