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  1. Imagine thinking Bojo cares about the Nordic phenotype. Better not tell John about Bojo's wiki early life. These people are deranged.
  2. Anyone remember Tay Tweets? Pepperidge Farm remembers.
  3. Although I already knew that they view us as Edom and Amalek, but that bit where they talk about about people with German heritage hit home big time as I have that heritage like Adam, and I look like him. Adam is right, they're signing our death warrant and nobody fucking cares.
  4. Definitely strange. 2 weeks and not even an explanation.
  5. Can't believe this made it on Adult Swim. Throw the degeneratevision out of the window already people.
  6. I think Morgoth nails it with his analysis. The bulldog nationalists that believe the official WW2 narrative are being betrayed. It will be interesting to see how they react.
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