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  1. The idea that nobody can use terms like 'fatherland' because of some Austrian painter is ridiculous too. How about not letting an elite clique control you with words?
  2. Men fought to protect my homeland so I could be here, but I will use motherland if patriarchy scares people. Makes no difference to me. Q shouldn't even be in the same discussion as PA.
  3. leaflet.mp4 It's interesting that it's the Covid one that gets torn up. (Sorry for the out of sync audio. It's like that on the original.)
  4. Good interview so far. I'm surprised he is a few years younger than me. Seems like a bright lad.
  5. https://twitter.com/hashtag/WhiteDragon?src=hashtag_click&f=live
  6. https://twitter.com/Remedysounds https://www.youtube.com/user/Remedysoundsofficial/videos
  7. Avi Lasarow has probably beat you to it.
  8. India Has a Backdoor Entry Into Digital Currency. Will It Take It? https://www.bloomberg.com/opinion/articles/2021-02-09/the-rbi-s-retail-direct-program-could-lead-to-a-digital-currency-in-india
  9. Polish scientists invent breakthrough breathalyser to test for COVID-19 https://rmx.news/article/article/polish-scientists-invent-breakthrough-breathalyser-to-test-for-covid-19
  10. Sounds a bit dramatic, but it still reflects the way I feel. I would rather go on hunger strike than give up my body's autonomy. I have mentioned before that I had an eating disorder as a kid and have fasted for religion, so it doesn't scare me so much. I would probably feel different if I wasn't childless though.
  11. Nah it's not just you, it does seem like that.
  12. New wearable device turns the body into a battery https://techxplore.com/news/2021-02-wearable-device-body-battery.html
  13. Fourteen arrested in Denmark, Germany for planning attack https://apnews.com/article/arrests-germany-denmark-e12ee94a4f171654d63f1d22fe5a3527
  14. EU using coronavirus crisis to promote federalisation, claims Finns Party https://www.helsinkitimes.fi/finland/finland-news/politics/18686-eu-using-coronavirus-crisis-to-promote-federalisation-claims-finns-party.html
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