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  1. > Entertainment and the cult of science spends millions disseminating ideas about aliens > the few people pick one
  2. The few people. lol Normies talk about aliens all the time. If they don't want us to talk about aliens, why are they constantly pushed to the masses? Why do I constantly notice a pattern with the people that push them?
  3. "Did you realise there's a lockdown ".mp4
  4. From Kowloon walled city to walled world.
  5. No prob. Depends what is considered antisemitic or hateful. I haven't seen anyone inciting violence on there though, but I do avoid that kind of stuff.
  6. I would share the link, but it's paywalled.
  7. It wouldn't technically be called race if you wanted to be accurate. Both a german shepherd and a daschund are canis lupus familiaris. Doesn't make them the same though.
  8. Does Robert deny the existence of his tribe or only mine?
  9. When the woke tell everyone that we're all the same, is it any wonder that people are this stupid?
  10. Oh ffs! This is what happens, I start to trust a celeb and they go Judas on me. smh
  11. Yeah I'm sure his Chabad buddies would love that.
  12. Why wouldn't they? The West has been set up to be the great Satan to give the East a pretext to come in. People need to look at who surrounds Putin and his background. Even if he mocks liberals, Mr 33 word oath under the all-seeing eye at the Kremlin is not our friend. Read some Dugin and you'll be horrified.
  13. When I found out our leaders view us as cattle.
  14. Yeah not my taste either to be honest even when I was into rap more, but fair play to him.
  15. Who will be "chosen" to survive and who will have the world's wealth in their hands at the end of this? (It's rhetorical, no need to answer.)
  16. When someone asks me to describe the future in one image:
  17. Rapper Pitbull Warns of Communism: Castro Would Be Jealous of Lockdowns https://neonnettle.com/news/14141-rapper-pitbull-warns-of-communism-castro-would-be-jealous-of-lockdowns
  18. Light at the end of the tunnel for who?
  19. I think a lot of our brightest were purged during the world wars, probably part of the reason we're in this mess.
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