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  1. Yeah, it's hard to discuss bread and circuses without sounding condescending. I haven't really followed sports for a while, but I did most of my life. I still play the odd video game or watch the odd movie, but I find it hard to concentrate on entertainment these days with all that is going on the world. It's a good and a bad thing I think, because a bit of escapism is good, but too much is a problem. Like most things, moderation is key.
  2. I think many people are awake, but there are still a lot that are hypnotized by sportsball and pop culture that probably don't know about what is going on, just that corruption exists. NXIVM is a strange case, possibly related to Nimrod. That Allison Mack lady was in Smallville too, a series about Superman. The 'S' on his chest is like a serpent. Saturn is also the first planet shown when baby Superman enters our solar system in one of the movies. Clark kent is obviously a journalist too, which could be conditioning people to think the MSM is our saviour, similar to what I said about Bruce Wayne and rich philanthropist technocrats I guess. There is lot of other symbolism in that franchise, but that's another topic for another day. Definitely interesting though.
  3. Well there will be less work for them to find after businesses going bust because of lockdowns and people burning businesses. The big corporations won't have much work available in future with the automation either, surely? How are people not shooting themselves in the foot here? I hope it fizzles out, but I honestly see Duginist anti-white pogroms on the horizon in future if people don't switch off from the media.
  4. Is it if authority turns a blind eye to it though? Is it if the authorities shame people for just speaking out against abuse? Authority is supposed to serve the people.
  5. This is true, but not everyone even knows or agrees on what the root cause is. Also what if you have spoken out against police brutality but still get your home burned down? I'm just not sure lawlessness is the answer. Could you imagine if Europeans burned stuff down every time someone was raped? There would never be peace. I dunno, I guess it's just the artistic side of me that prefers to create than destroy.
  6. I disagree, but respect your opinion. I would fight for your home if I was in your community. If you're not the guilty party then I don't see why you should be punished. I understand making statements, but I don't think people are going to win many people over by burning innocent people's property. We can already see examples of protesters distancing themselves from these protests once they find out that their property is under threat too. Big corporations and government property is one thing, but going after small businesses and home owners doesn't sit right with me, especially when these folks beat the owners for trying to protect their property.
  7. I get your point, but these are still places where people make a living regardless of whether they truly own them. The lack of ownership is probably most evident in China with their 70 year leases, so I understand where you're coming from. Even if you're in social housing that you have no ownership over, it's still wrong for someone to burn your shelter though.
  8. Oh I agree. As much as I think people should have the right to defend their property, people need to be careful what they wish for, no sane person wants militarized cities to become the norm.
  9. Not sure what that is supposed to mean. Do we just allow innocent people to get beaten in the streets? There are black business owners too that deserve protection, innocence isn't exclusive to a particular group.
  10. It's a shame swilliamism stopped posting vids, I loved that guys videos.
  11. I think those that are destroying people's livelihoods need to feel the full force of the law, I can't lie. Not really sure how you stop military on the streets being a regular thing though.
  12. Wow, Orwellian is an understatement at this point. This timeline is insane.
  13. Yep. They have definitely engineered a state of chaos in which people will now be begging for order.
  14. I suspect most of us have some views that could be considered far-left or far-right by today's standards. The right have been in the crosshairs for years and now it's the left too, so now we're basically moving into a society where anyone can be considered a threat. People will either rebel more, or keep their mouths shut more. I agree that there isn't an easy solution now. People shouldn't have to stand there while their property is looted and destroyed, but at the same time I'm no fan of martial law. It's an absolutely terrible state of affairs. The people that are pushing the order out of chaos stuff should be exposed, but nobody in power wants to be the next JFK, assuming there are any good people in power.
  15. I wanted to like a few of your posts today, but had no reactions left. Well said.
  16. I could say the same about corporations being silent while people are stabbed and raped. When will these folks understand that tolerance needs to go both ways if society is going to heal?
  17. I thought the "protests" were about police brutality. WATCH: Rioters Call for Somali Cop Who Killed White Woman to Be Freed on CNN https://districtherald.com/rioters-call-for-somali-cop-who-killed-white-woman-to-be-freed-on-cnn/
  18. Libertà per l'Italia! Furious anti-EU protests erupt in Rome and Milan demanding Italy QUIT the eurozone https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/1289454/EU-crisis-Italy-protest-Milan-Rome-Orange-Vests-eurozone-anti-EU-latest-news
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