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  1. Bloody hell, I'm never going to be able to flee from this island.
  2. "Let's be clear about something, there was nothing white supremacist about what Jody had said. She didn't say that her people were superior to anybody else. She didn't call for violence or hatred towards anybody else. She just stated a fact."
  3. A lot of ultra-orthordox Jewish people don't like vaccinations. Some are waiting for the Moshiach to save them too, not a vaccine.
  4. Report: 75% of Israelis intend to refuse vaccination https://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/293086
  5. This. I have a thing for Northern Europeans, but I still find other groups attractive. My first serious relationship was with an Asian. It is about the big picture like you say. You often see it in on platforms where white people hang out, someone will start spamming porn of Eastern Asian's. They shill their Eurasionist agenda constantly.
  6. Nation Of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan Calls The Vaccine ‘Toxic Waste,’ Refers To White People As ‘Crackers’ https://dailycaller.com/2020/12/14/louis-farrakhan-coronavirus-vaccine-skeptic/ The ‘Terrorgram’ Plot by Neo-Nazis to Seduce Anti-Vaxxers https://www.thedailybeast.com/anti-vaxxer-panic-about-the-pfizer-coronavirus-vaccine-meets-neo-nazi-fantasies-in-corona-chan Gutter journalism trying to shame Muslims and white people.
  7. Are white people more influenced by things like radical feminism and MGTOW? Not really sure to be honest.
  8. >Makes 1 Million a month >Largest withdrawal from onlyfans was 2M I understand that people are being deprived of real human contact with the lockdowns, but how many simps can there possibly be? Sounds like a bloody money laundering operation. OF must be paying her extra and padding her subs. `
  9. Another one of my favourite accounts gone. We can't keep living like this. Too many things that I have shared on this forum have been nuked. The truth fears no investigation, you parasitical monsters. Leave my people alone.
  10. I will relentlessly fight these fruitless works of darkness until my dying breath. I'm so sick of subversion.
  11. Anyone know if Mr Mollison passes the 9/11 test? I would be interested to hear his views on it.
  12. I will never be ashamed, nor should any other group be. How long before it's considered wrong for me to be attracted to a specific phenotype? As a blond haired and blue eyed man, is it wrong if I'm attracted to blonde and blue eyed women?
  13. Out of reactions. It's not often I say it, but she is cute, even if a bit annoying.
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