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  1. He needs to jog on and grow some eyebrows.
  2. Finally awoken is a reach, but it's something I guess.
  3. I had guessed that he was a neocon, but didn't want to start an argument. lol
  4. Oh I know who he was, just not much about his views on certain things. Whether I agree with him on certain things is irrelevant now though as I don't want to speak ill of the dead.
  5. True, and that's all groups like PA can do. They have been getting smeared all over the media as their numbers are growing, and they have been struggling to get registered as a political party, which doesn't surprise me because they actually view ethnic Britons as a people unlike most groups, but they can still help bring people together on a local level.
  6. I don't know much about him to comment, but Rush Limbaugh.
  7. I just want what people in this country had years ago, a sense of community. I understand that because of communists that word has bad connotations though. I'm not that old (early thirties), but I can remember a time as a kid when people would leave their doors open more without fear of getting robbed. I remember neighbours helping each other out more too. I don't think it's wrong for people like me to want a sense of belonging again. Patriotic Alternative might seem a bit silly with their hikes in the countryside, baking competitions, camping trips, and other stuff, but you have to start somewhere.
  8. Just give up. Don't try and fight back by building strong families and communities that can support each other. Just let the marxists and capitalists walk all over us. Is that what you're saying, @rideforever? I'm not stupid, I know most won't do that and they'll be left to fend for themselves, but what's wrong with us that do?
  9. How is this view any different from the globalist that wants me to be a deracinated individual?
  10. Agreed. So groups like Patriotic Alternative that are out doing community building are wasting their time and they're commies? I never mentioned saving the world either.
  11. Is it just the term 'Aryan' that you have an issue with? What about the term 'Indo-European', is that okay? Or am I not allowed to be interested in heritage as a white man?
  12. "It is better to create than to learn! Creating is the essence of life." - Julius Caesar I do believe the above quote to a certain extent. Grass roots community building is no doubt more productive than me moaning on the internet, but I don't think we should abandon the internet either. Who will challenge the woke mob if we do?
  13. Tungsten rods. Not sure if they're a thing yet, well let's hope not anyway.
  14. I'm trying to work on a video project to lift peoples spirits at the moment. I'm looking for a list of countries that have had anti-lockdown protests for footage. If anyone has a list then I would appreciate it. I don't want it to just appear Eurocentric as this affects all of us.
  15. You and others here are doing a good job. What I mean is, I don't think society should be treated this way regardless of a virus. If bodies were piling up in the streets then I might think differently, but they're not. Do keep challenging the bullshit though, we definitely need that. My knowledge is best used in other areas though.
  16. No idea pal. I'll leave that to you lot that have been looking into the numbers more than I have to figure out. I'm just going with my intuition at this point, and it tells me that there is no deadly virus when I look out the window. Keep up the good work though! Without sounding like the awakened Saxon, my patience with this shite was lost months ago.
  17. I don't think there is anything wrong with reading MSM publications, as long you just look for details and ignore their spin. If we don't know what they're saying then we can't challenge their poison. Edit: Although I don't like sending traffic to these cultural subversives, which is why I often just screenshot stuff, unless I'm feeling lazy.
  18. I'm past giving a damn about statistics as I just want my life back regardless. I appreciate the patience of these anons and you folks on this forum who have been dropping facts for normies for months though.
  19. Chinese city residents vent frustration after spending more than 40 days in coronavirus lockdown https://www.asiaone.com/china/chinese-city-residents-vent-frustration-after-spending-more-40-days-coronavirus-lockdown 'Locals in Jiumen town said they had not been given any notice that restrictions had eased and had been forced to celebrate Lunar New Year in lockdown. "I never heard about it," one resident said, adding he had only been allowed to leave his house to buy food and had been told to return as quickly as possible. "I have no money left, I don't know how to live my life," he said. Others living in downtown Gaocheng said they only received their passes on Saturday. The residents said the last 40 days had been tough and they had been ordered to take regular tests. On January 9, eight residents were forcibly taken to a quarantine facility and punished for trying to drive out of town.' "The price of vegetables rose at least three times," a Lianzhou resident surnamed Zhang said. "We have no income, and only expensive food is left."
  20. Covid-19: Could empty office buildings help solve France's housing crisis? http://www.digitaljournal.com/news/world/covid-19-could-empty-office-buildings-help-solve-france-s-housing-crisis/article/585831 'A recent study concentrating on the Paris region, home to nearly a fifth of France's population, found that if around 40 percent of firms adopted two days of remote working per week following the pandemic, they could reduce the office space they occupy by almost 30 percent, or 3.3 million square metres, over the coming decade.' It's all so tiresome.
  21. Looks like a parody account, but good banter regardless.
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