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  1. Stop fighting folks. lol It's not just a season for Christians anyway.
  2. Yeah they're playing a dangerous game trying to police young peoples speech. Tell a youngster not to do something and they will often do it.
  3. New tool aims to censor game chats in real-time, tackling “disruptive behavior” and “sexual-gender incidents” https://reclaimthenet.org/toxmod/
  4. Bitcoin doesn't have an obfuscated public ledger like Monero. It won't be easy to hide the Bitcoin stolen through Twitter https://www.engadget.com/twitter-hack-bitcoin-money-laundering-140031258.html 'Bitcoin is a great currency to use for criminal transactions because it has no central bank or overarching authority to resolve disputes or combat fraud. One thing it does have in its favor, however, is that the ledger of all Bitcoin transactions is public, and searchable. Which means that, while difficult, it’s entirely possible to follow the source and destination of the money handed over. In this, like with every other major Bitcoin scam, it’s relatively easy to trace the source of any transaction back to an exchange. That’s the place where people can turn their US dollars into Bitcoin (or back again), which can then be investigated by authorities. This is how the Department of Justice tracked down the Russian agents involved in the 2016 elections. '
  5. GOG caves and censors Taiwanese horror game Devotion after complaints from pro-China activists https://reclaimthenet.org/gog-devotion-censor-china/
  6. I agree, but people naturally look for leaders so I guess it comes down to how we get them to assert their sovereignty.
  7. I agree, but I would argue that protecting the rights of the individual was a group effort. By nature, most people are collectivists. Most people prefer to be around people who are most like them: racially, philosophically, politically, spiritually. Including individualists. Collectivism doesn't have to be in conflict with the individual personality.
  8. They'll make it illegal to talk about demographics if cowards don't start speaking out en masse. Speak out and you risk losing your job and your reputation. Stay silent and you risk losing your country.
  9. People with vaccine certificates to face fewer restrictions on life https://www.independent.ie/irish-news/people-with-vaccine-certificates-to-face-fewer-restrictions-on-life-39869247.html Vaccine certificates part of implementation plan, says Donnelly https://www.irishtimes.com/news/health/vaccine-certificates-part-of-implementation-plan-says-donnelly-1.4438292
  10. EU states can ban kosher and halal ritual slaughter, court rules https://www.politico.eu/article/eu-states-can-ban-kosher-and-halal-ritual-slaughter-court-rules/
  11. Twitch bans ‘simp’ https://www.theverge.com/2020/12/16/22179256/twitch-bans-simp-virgin-incel-new-sexual-harassment-policy
  12. "A smaller Christmas is a safer Christmas." They're getting a kick out of this.
  13. Will 2021 Be The Year Cyberpunk Style Takes Over China? https://jingdaily.com/china-gen-z-cyperpunk-2077-balenciaga/
  14. The improving diversity bit seems inverted because we're destroying diversity. It's totally supremacist because it frames Christians as the bad guy in a way. The guy behind it is called Robert C. Christian, but it's usually written as R.C. Christian. It's like it's trying to subliminally say Roman Catholic & Christian.
  15. Great Reset: 61% Of Nations Have Decimated Liberty With COVID Restrictions https://summit.news/2020/12/16/great-reset-61-of-nations-have-decimated-liberty-with-covid-restrictions/ 'The International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA), based in Sweden, reports that 61 per cent of countries have used restrictions “that were concerning from a democracy and human rights perspective.” ‘These [restrictions] violated democratic standards because they were either disproportionate, illegal, indefinite or unnecessary in relation to the health threat,” the group declared in its report.'
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