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  1. Put an '@' before the name.
  2. Noel died on November 9, 2019. Thank God he isn't around to see the horrors he helped create. He would probably be partying and rubbing his hands with glee right now.
  3. "the work of Gary E. Schwartz" Was going to make a Spaceballs joke about the power of the Schwartz, but I better not. Seems like snake oil to me, but I dunno.
  4. Teaching disrespect at such a young age. Society is so messed up.
  5. The anchor says he is a "former Met Police chief", but I doubt he will be allowed to give his opinion on TV again.
  6. Doubt you'll actually put time into looking for a pattern regarding humans on Earth that are doing messed up shit either. Plenty of links to good reading material over on boards like /lit/, the place even has regular book clubs. See, we can all say that crap.
  7. WTF? I'm not a flat Earther. I have looked into a lot of the flat Earth arguments before, but that's only because I was looking into other info about space and that often leads you to flat Earth content as they try to use that to prove their point. As I said before, you can't question what is going on up there these days without being associated with flat Earthers. It's annoying AF. I shall have a look into these Bob Dean and Clifford Stone fellas.
  8. I noticed a user named 'Webmaster' joining in the activity feed 19 hours ago so hopefully it gets sorted soon.
  9. Old, but gold. Lol. Not the end of life, but the paradigm has shifted massively in 2020.
  10. Was posted multiple times on the old megathread, that is gone though so there is nothing wrong with it being shared again. MIT also "predicted" big happenings for 2020. Definitely strange. I wonder how Sylvia was in the know, maybe something to do with her wikipedia early life.
  11. I have focused on quite a wide range of issues since I joined this site, masonic symbolism, numerology, surveillance, biometrics, censorship, AI, coronavirus, architecture, decadent pop culture and so on. My first thread was about stuff going on at LIverpool FC. Unfortunately time is running out though and the enemy is within the gates turning people against each other, I would love to just chill and go back to discussing more esoteric topics.
  12. Just waiting for people like Stonetoss to start posting on there to see if that kind of content goes down well on there. He has made an account, but no posts yet.
  13. What I have seen so far on Parler doesn't seem to be as edgy as the content on Minds or Gab to be fair. When I signed up they suggested accounts for me to follow and there was some high profile people in the suggestions like Eric Trump, Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and lots of other conservative inc and libertarian types. I didn't sign up to follow the big name grifters, but at least it will be harder to shutdown if big names are on there.
  14. I think right-wing political commentators need to remain on the big platforms as long as possible as that's the only way to reach normies. Alternatives are good for people that don't want to be in the spotlight but still want access to information though. I think they are separating the right-wing from Twitter so they can be eliminated in the near future.
  15. @KillBill Wasn't asked for identification myself, just had to give a phone number to activate my account like when you sign up for Twitter which is annoying, but I just used a burner sim that I have just for stuff like that. Minds used to require a phone number but doesn't anymore. Parler needs to address that if they want more dissidents to use the platform. Not sure if Gab required one, been a while since I used it. Parler has a program where big social media influencers can earn money, maybe you need ID for that. Here is what they say about it:
  16. Just joined Parler myself, but I'm getting a massive neocon vibe from it. Seems okay though, but time will tell whether it's a trap.
  17. Lawmakers want to know if the US military's UFO sightings are the work of foreign adversaries https://www.businessinsider.com/lawmakers-want-to-know-if-us-adversaries-behind-ufo-sightings-2020-6 I hate these mind games, but at least the script is changing. If they start saying these are government crafts I might start believing in aliens again. lol
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