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  1. Can't say I blame you, I would do same if it was legal here. I'm surprised we can still buy crossbows without background checks in this nanny state, although we would probably get arrested for defending ourselves with one.
  2. UK gives up on centralized coronavirus contacts tracing app — will “likely” switch to model backed by Apple and Google https://techcrunch.com/2020/06/18/uk-gives-up-on-centralized-coronavirus-contacts-tracing-app-will-switch-to-model-backed-by-apple-and-google/
  3. The Federal Reserve Has Its Own Police and Is Part of a Vast Surveillance Center – Should You Worry? https://wallstreetonparade.com/2020/06/the-federal-reserve-has-its-own-police-and-is-part-of-a-vast-surveillance-center-should-you-worry/
  4. Trump's job is clearly to polarize America, not saying it's all his fault as the opposition are batshit insane so I can understand why people felt the need to vote for Donald. The worst part about it is that it hasn't just polarized America, it has polarized the majority of the West. It probably wouldn't be so bad if most countries still embraced their own culture and ignored American influences, but unfortunately many nations have suffered from Americanization, well at least in Western Europe anyway.
  5. How do you wake people up to these programmes without exposing them?
  6. I'm going to miss the drummer at Charlton. Maybe they will replace him with a robot like they have done with baseball in Taiwan.
  7. Agreed, but that shouldn't need to be said on a site like this, especially at this point.
  8. Lift the Veil had David Icke on: https://dlive.tv/p/dlive-20125227+M9GO17ZGR Got to around 51:20 for the start.
  9. I had to add the Voltaire quote. These folks are walking memes.
  10. Turning Point are grifters, but in times like these we just have to push the talking points that we agree with from these folks and ignore the rest. I watch this TPUK guy quite a bit on youtube. It's like Alex Jones, most of his talking points are fine, but I'm not deluded enough to believe he will suddenly start talking about "greatest ally" or anything. Same with folks like Sargon. That being said, I wouldn't be redpilled if I didn't start off with these kind of people. Nobody becomes totally based overnight.
  11. I fell asleep early last night and woke up after a couple of hours. lol
  12. Not sure. I think it's just putting the idea into people's heads at the moment and I can't see it becoming a real strike quite yet. If it ends up at the point where white folks just start peacefully nonparticipating in society until our concerns are addressed then I'm not really sure who would benefit. It's an interesting question though.
  13. It does seem that way, but they're not all down with all the agenda. Dissenting voices amongst youngsters that wish they lived in a more simple time are drowned out by their peers. If you look on normie social media then it does seem like most youngsters adopt any trend that is put in front of them, but there is a big world outside of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that is full of some very switched on youngsters. That being said, I don't give it long before the internet is only Big Tech sites and alternative communities are gone.
  14. Yeah it's pretty apt. I'm just about old enough to remember when society wasn't so bad, before tech took over and the progressive onslaught. I feel for younger folks that only know the West to be like this though.
  15. #whitestrike is now a thing. It will be interesting to see how much it starts trending. If white folks are going to be blamed for everything then I can't blame folks for saying screw society. https://twitter.com/search?q=%23whitestrike&src=typed_query Edit: Sort by latest tweets. lol
  16. It's getting absolutely crazy, but I can't really blame them. Who would want to be a cop when it's becoming impossible for them to do their job? These times are so demoralizing.
  17. I still can't get over PJW calling Bibi a Chad, but fair play on this tweet.
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