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  1. My uncle became a multi-millionaire trading precious metals and consulting for others. I think gold is a good investment, but I would be paranoid of trading it in a SHTF scenario. I guess I would have to take some goons with me so I don't get bumped.
  2. Why has the link been changed in my post? This is what I shared, not that gambling link.
  3. If I was selfish maybe, but I worry for my kinfolk.
  4. Well mine can't because I refuse to be uprooted, even if that means death or imprisonment.
  5. We're also bombarded with people that are trying to erase our identity.
  6. I don't deny that, but this is my home too, not just Charles'. They don't care about the people that care about this flag, so they can hide behind what they like. I'm not going to deracinate myself for them.
  7. I don't have an issue with flag wavers. The royalist flag wavers are annoying though. I personally think every nationality should wave their flags as a sign of defiance against global government. I don't follow football anymore, but England games are something that I often looked forward to because all the flags come out and it's one of those rare times where we're not made to feel ashamed of who we are.
  8. I love that TZ episode, and I'm surprised that they haven't edited Mein Kampf out of Fahrenheit 451. I would have thought the woke mob would have been all over that. An interesting factoid:
  9. This is actually the conclusion to the left's idea that poverty is the main cause of crime, which is bs because there are plenty of people that live in poverty that don't go around killing each other. Promoting strong families and better role models in the entertainment industry would be far more productive if you wan't to save the youth.
  10. Word of warning if you're not white and thinking about Bulgaria.
  11. Japanese Man Attacked With Acid in Paris, Sparks Warning to Japanese Community https://nextshark.com/acid-attack-japanese-embassy-paris/
  12. If one doesn't want a lot of power in the hands of so few then voting for national sovereignty is the right thing to do in my opinion. However, I'm under no illusion that it's real sovereignty, and I think they just want us to be Israel and America's vassal state instead.
  13. Maybe people are just angry because they never asked for a new normal, John? Can we just cancel celebs already?
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