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  1. It's obviously hard to prove who/what is behind UFOs, but the orb sightings are definitely interesting.
  2. Is that true? Only just started reading about this guy to be fair. https://noriohayakawa.wordpress.com/2017/11/03/phil-schneiders-dulce-base-delusion/
  3. How do we stop the elite weaponizing minorities against white folks though? That's the hard question to answer. It won't stop with white folks either, they will probably turn people against the next demographic that they see as privileged and that will be Asians.
  4. It's good that you're happy as who you are. Whoever considers you subhuman is an arsehole. Nobody can help the way they're born, but most people can control their behaviour, unless they suffer from a health problem of course.
  5. An army of keyboard warriors is being recruited to mass report anti-vaccine social media posts https://reclaimthenet.org/anti-vaccine-social-media-posts-mass-reporting/
  6. Germany’s hate speech law gets stricter, raises privacy concerns https://reclaimthenet.org/germanys-hate-speech-law-gets-stricter-raises-privacy-concerns/
  7. Payment processor Visa blacklists free speech software company Gab https://reclaimthenet.org/payment-processor-visa-deplatforms-free-speech-software-company-gab/
  8. "Excellent multi-layered thoughtful piece asking probing questions about what is advancement, civilisation and progress."
  9. Damn, that is so blackpilling. Only way it could get much worse than this is if they went all the way and flew the hammer and sickle. This world is hell.
  10. Same here. Fortunately I'm in quite a cozy area that won't tolerate this nonsense either. Godspeed!
  11. Agreed. This thread just scratches the surface too, that's the worrying part. I have seen so much violence recently that I don't feel comfortable sharing because it's too depressing.
  12. My generations spin on broken wings. I might rag on hip hop, but I still think 2pac was a different breed. A great fuse of African and European culture too as he was influenced by artforms like ballet and poetry.
  13. I like Bruce, but I have often wondered if he rebelled against the bloodline of his adoptive family. The family section on his wiki is an interesting read.
  14. That's the future I fear, Kowloon walled megacities everywhere. The elite seem to want to pack us into favelas and take the countryside for themselves, all part of UN's sustainable development goals. Ready Player One seems to be the direction we're heading, a movie where most people live in megacity slums and use virtual reality for escapism. Seems like they're already entertaining the idea. Can virtual nature be a good substitute for the great outdoors? The science says yes. https://www.washingtonpost.com/video-games/2020/04/28/can-virtual-nature-be-good-substitute-great-outdoors-science-says-yes/
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