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  1. I reckon they're too scared to go back to normal. Could you imagine how many people would take to the streets if we were allowed to protest again, now that a lot of people know our governments are corrupt? The elites dropped their mask and a return to normal would be suicide for them.
  2. The strange thing is that people often make cultural differences about skin colour. One of my best pals is Nigerian, but he sounds more cockney than most people I know and shares a lot of my values. His fam has been settled here for years though, and they wouldn't have been conditioned to hate white Brits when they moved here. Times have changed I guess. I would happily join a movement that promotes both black and white wellbeing if such a thing exists. Maybe I should try and start something like that myself.
  3. Well not sourced from a well poisoning entertainment industry.
  4. Did looking up to people that sleep around doing drugs help white people? More wholesome role models would have encouraged more white people to settle down, surely?
  5. That being said, the wife beater was asked whether he still agreed with 'Imagine' years after, and he said something along the lines of "it's just a song". Seems like he wasn't even that invested in the message he put out.
  6. Assuming a guy like Lennon, who has lyrics straight out of the Communist manifesto, was a proper white dude.
  7. Hopefully that puts the cringe Fauci is a nazi takes to bed.
  8. You will own nothing, but you will wave your limbs around like happy obnoxious idiots.
  9. I feel like some of it is relevant to Covid. The groyper movement even started spreading to BBC live chats on youtube streams. There was a point before this rona crap where literally the whole BBC chat was people saying "discuss demographics, you cowards". We also had unrest with the Yellow Vests in France, and in Hong Kong. What do you do if you don't want an idea to reach critical mass? Lockdown the world and limit peoples interactions.
  10. I dunno man. Dangerous ideas should be challenged in my opinion. Groypers groyping these arseholes woke a lot of folks up too. The average Brit probably had no idea that the LBC and TalkRadio wankers won't debate certain issues before that. At least many know we're an occupied nation now. I mostly agree with your point though. I have no interest in just owning the Libs or Conservative grifters just for bants, I want action.
  11. 'White Student Alliance' prompts investigation at Edmonton high school https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/white-student-alliance-racism-edmonton-strathcona-high-school-1.5915872 Caring about white wellbeing is nearly illegal.
  12. Careful, Wolfish, before they Morgoth you.
  13. We can't even end a damn lockdown. Edit: I know a clique that likes to LARP as their own God though, but they're not very welcoming.
  14. I'm not Morgoth's Review, he is just a political commentator. I wouldn't be surprised if he has another burner sim card ready to go though. Some folks don't like being shut out of the marketplace of ideas, especially when you can't have debate/dialogue in the town square anymore.
  15. Another Morgoth account down and I only shared his tweet an hour ago. I'm getting too old for this shite.
  16. I have known people that are happy to do sentences. I don't see how that article benefits the agenda either, so I'm not sure why they would make it up.
  17. Man hands himself in as he'd rather be in jail than spend any longer with people at home during lockdown https://news.sky.com/story/amp/man-hands-himself-in-as-hed-rather-be-in-jail-than-spend-any-longer-with-people-at-home-during-lockdown-12221682
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