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  1. Depends how they spin it. If they blame the suffering of Palestinians on regular white folks then they need to educate themselves. Obviously the British Empire played a major role, but the average white person doesn't have an agenda to take people's land in some foreign country, so they need to leave us out of it. The same folks that run "greatest ally" seem to hate us Europeans too and BLM need to understand that, but I doubt they will.
  2. Minneapolis City Council Hire Private Security for Themselves, $4,500 Per Day, After Voting to Defund Police Department… https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2020/06/27/minneapolis-city-council-hire-private-security-for-themselves-4500-per-day-after-voting-to-defund-police-department/ "Safety for me, but not for thee" And you pay for it, comrade.
  3. Stand up and expose the children of the lie!
  4. If people want a social media platform that doesn't require a phone number then try Minds. It does ask for a phone number but you can skip that bit. You only need to give a number if you want to earn crypto while using the platform.
  5. No you don't. That's probably just for verified accounts. I do think it may turn out to be a honeypot though. This bit of the TOS is concerning, although not surprising:
  6. Ipsos Mori – the ‘Covid testing’ company working in league with lockdown-triggering system-serving Imperial College – is Latin for ‘They Die’ https://davidicke.com/2020/06/28/ipsos-mori-the-covid-testing-company-working-in-league-with-lockdown-triggering-system-serving-imperial-college-is-latin-for-they-die/
  7. The Brits are a conquered people too, we was just conquered before others so that we could be used as pawns against other nations. Maybe the drinking is because the Brits are often pissed off with things and they want to unwind. The Russians have a big drinking problem too and I have often wondered if it's because of what they have been through with communism. Ireland likes it's drink too which is understandable with what they have been through.
  8. Well there are a lot of elements involved. BLM Corporations Politicians Antifa Marxism Police Double standards Those that are pulling the strings And more
  9. If people start out with preconceived notions that a certain group is pulling the strings then yes that will probably result in confirmation bias. That doesn't seem to be the case with people that are waking up though. People have been told that we live in a society that is systemically racist, but then they find out that there is a disproportionate element that holds a lot of power in society that only identifies as white when it suits them.
  10. What if the right to own private property is taken away though, that's what I'm getting at. If the likes of the UN want people off the land for their sustainable development goals then people need to push back against that, especially now they're showing their true colours by flying commie flags.
  11. Forgot to add what I was working on, sorry had a few drinks lol. I'm working on a low poly wave based FPS like CoD zombies, but with some fortification mechanics. Also helping a friend with some assets for a survival game.
  12. I want to make the jump to Unreal too, especially after seeing Unreal Engine 5. Looks great, I just hope it's more flexible than UE4.
  13. Yeah I looked it up when you mentioned it, satanic filth indeed.
  14. Project Blue Biden. I still can't believe they considered this. A giant creepy Joe is the stuff of nightmares.
  15. I shared this vid before. Sports fans were able to see the dragon flying over a baseball stadium via their phones, TV screens, and the team's large LED scoreboard. It 's not a hologram and it wasn't visible to the naked eye. It is a sinister looking promotion for 5G though.
  16. People might hate me for using this term, but that crap is straight up Entartete Kunst.
  17. We could talk about the importance of growing our own food all day long, but it's meaningless if people don't get together and defend the land. People need to use pattern recognition as well to be a noticer, something many don't use which baffles me. Doesn't take long to do a background check on someone to see if there is a demographic pattern when it comes to who is pulling the strings.
  18. Yep, Charles said it himself. Vlad Tepes wouldn't have put up with the crap we're seeing on our streets though, that's for sure.
  19. Christopher Langan has an IQ between 195-210 & has been described by journalists as one of America’s smartest men... Like an old chess player that shall not be named, Christopher is a “noticer”.
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