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  1. Aleister "It's not **** but blacks" Crowley Aleister "****** Kabbalah is my religion" Crowley Aleister "Opium abuse is spirituality" Crowley Aleister "Eating shit is Divine Relevation" Crowley
  2. On a global scale with nations working in lockstep? With a global tech hub that it's not PC to talk about? Most the things you accuse Christians of are happening now, but you embrace it all because it's not coming from Christians. Why? It's nice to see we're living rent free in your head though. At least I can prove the patterns I see.
  3. Oh ffs. It's like talking to a child. I KNOW. Does that mean I should jump out of the frying pan and into the fire? The old world wasn't perfect, but we didn't have cockroaches trying to monitor all our thoughts, movements, and consumption.
  4. What kind of brainlet, fedora tipping, reddit crap is this? Saying shit everyone knows already doesn't get you internet gold here. I disavow Christians imposing their values on people too.
  5. Big Tech Knows When You Are Ovulating https://moonbattery.com/big-tech-knows-when-you-are-ovulating/
  6. Not totally sure. Europe/Rome/Christendom will likely be destroyed, but whether that means literally I'm not sure, but the West as we knew it probably won't be the same though. The RCC will probably just merge into new the global religion, and Christ will be taken out of Christianity.
  7. Pretty much every Catholic I speak to thinks he is evil too though, it's just not PC to talk about who that imposter really is.
  8. The 33k emails? The same ones that had everyone chanting "lock her up", then Trump gets in power and slaps everyone in the face by saying he is not interested. The pair of them are probably laughing at us.
  9. There is a quasi religious aspect to this berg that associates with Goodmans and Rothschilds, but let's be honest, it's probably not Catholic.
  10. Exclusive: Albanian criminal twice deported from Britain boasts on social media about his return to the UK https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2021/01/16/exclusive-albanian-criminal-twice-deported-britain-boasts-social/
  11. No I just don't want to be cattle, simple as. You seem to look forward to this decadent new age we're moving into. Seek help.
  12. China to Donate 500,000 Coronavirus Vaccine Doses to Philippines https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-01-16/philippines-affirms-trust-in-china-as-virus-fight-becomes-focus >china >donating anything for free Seems legit. /s
  13. "well-intentioned hoax" Sounds just as crazy as the "disinfo is necessary" bs.
  14. Regardless of peoples beliefs, it's sad because they have been warned that the church will be corrupt in these times, yet they're falling right into the trap instead of getting out of her.
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