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  1. This Vox vid needs to be ratioed, but if you sort comments by newest first it's not so one-sided.
  2. That would probably turn old 'Nut Nut' on. lol
  3. Not my cleanest work, but it's just a quick scribble.
  4. Thanks, based Nord fren. I don't want to be disavowed because I like a nice keyboard. Translation: If a guy has a brilliant keyboard, run right away.
  5. Do my daily check of the Expressen. Latest news is the usual shit, another stabbing.
  6. This what we're up against, Mike and his buddies never want a debate because they can't refute our points. Only time they will talk is with milquetoast people like Sargon, and even then his body language is fearful.
  7. Pope Francis Removes Conservative African Cardinal From Vatican Post https://www.wsj.com/articles/pope-francis-removes-conservative-african-from-vatican-post-11613826965
  8. My uncle became a multi-millionaire trading precious metals and consulting for others. I think gold is a good investment, but I would be paranoid of trading it in a SHTF scenario. I guess I would have to take some goons with me so I don't get bumped.
  9. Why has the link been changed in my post? This is what I shared, not that gambling link.
  10. If I was selfish maybe, but I worry for my kinfolk.
  11. Well mine can't because I refuse to be uprooted, even if that means death or imprisonment.
  12. We're also bombarded with people that are trying to erase our identity.
  13. I don't deny that, but this is my home too, not just Charles'. They don't care about the people that care about this flag, so they can hide behind what they like. I'm not going to deracinate myself for them.
  14. I don't have an issue with flag wavers. The royalist flag wavers are annoying though. I personally think every nationality should wave their flags as a sign of defiance against global government. I don't follow football anymore, but England games are something that I often looked forward to because all the flags come out and it's one of those rare times where we're not made to feel ashamed of who we are.
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