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  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Watsky
  2. That's the kind of thing I see a lot of.
  3. Men in suits or men in hats? Nevermind, best not answer. lol
  4. They kind of did, and we got communism via the backdoor and mass rape. It's not PC to say, but there is a reason why General Patton said we fought the wrong enemy. Then he mysteriously died and no autopsy was performed, and now we're seeing the NWO come to fruition.
  5. Not really sure where to share stuff like this as most child abuse threads are pretty specific, so I made a general thread.
  6. 153222516_269515647938536_2870811599640571965_n.mp4 "Leboyneski" lol
  7. Not defending Adolf, but he warned that most of this crap would happen. This idea that the allies are saints just because the National Socialists were bad is killing us. Look up the anti-vax political cartoons in Der Sturmer back then. Edit: And no, we wouldn't be speaking German.
  8. It was bound to happen to be fair. I said they'll probably try and make Magufuli look foolish.
  9. Depends if the press is to be believed. Tanzania: Govt Asks Citizens to Wear Facemasks (22/02/2021) https://allafrica.com/stories/202102230038.html Tanzanian president softens stance on Covid-19 as he urges citizens to wear masks (22/02/2021) https://www.telegraph.co.uk/global-health/science-and-disease/tanzanian-president-softens-stance-covid-19as-urges-citizens/ Tanzania finally asks citizens to adhere to anti-Covid rules (22/02/2021) https://nation.africa/kenya/news/africa/tanzania-finally-asks-citizens-to-adhere-to-anti-covid-rules-3300518 You can view Tanzanian press sources here: https://www.newsnow.co.uk/h/World+News/Africa/Tanzania
  10. I just don't understand how people can look at these dinghies, which are mostly full of fighting aged men, and think it's completely normal. Even when I was a bleeding heart liberal I thought that was suspicious. The lack of women and children was probably one of the things that started waking me up a bit to be fair.
  11. Hey, you're only allowed to talk about that if it's aimed at white folks. We should just stop giving them free shit, that would be a start.
  12. I think in the early days the ancient Greeks had a more direct democracy, with harsh punishments for treachery, but your point definitely seems to be true today.
  13. And the weather is still cold. Think how many crossings there will be once things start warming up, while we're still in lockdowns.
  14. It's getting bloody ridiculous. My disdain for Priti grows larger every day.
  15. She isn't one of those "fellow whites" like Barbi Benton is she? Can't find much info on her.
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