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  1. https://freebeacon.com/politics/the-ron-paul-institute-for-putins-priorities/
  2. I'm not sure what you expect me to say to that because I'm not sure if Perkins goes into any detail in regards to who actually runs the West. It's not normal western folk though, at least in my opinion.
  3. The negatives outweigh the benefits with TIkTok in my opinion. It's a soft power weapon of war, and it has screwed with younger folks heads. It's full of Eurasianist anti-western propaganda, and full of debased bullshit. The algorithms are influenced by casino games, to keep developing minds hooked on that dopamine drip. I would rather young kids get their attention spans back, personally anyway. And China doesn't allow all this shit. They literally have a golden shield firewall. That being said, Kennedy pushes Eurasian propaganda, so I'm not surprised.
  4. >Kremlin suddenly stops using Orwellian language. It's no longer a "special operation" and it's now a war. >Then this happens and the Kremlin gets the pretext that they need. Feels bad man.
  5. U.S. Gaza ceasefire resolution vetoed by China, Russia at UN Security Council https://www.axios.com/2024/03/22/us-ceasefire-resolution-veto-un-security-council
  6. https://tass.ru/politika/20283597 I'm not sure if they have said that the West was involved yet but we'll see I guess.
  7. https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2024/03/23/asia-pacific/politics/philippines-china-south-china-sea-coast-guard/
  8. Moscow Terror Attack is Another KGB Operation to Fool the West http://www.usasurvival.org/blog/moscow-terror-attack-is-another-kgb-terrorist-operation Edit: Not my necessarily my opinion yet, just sharing.
  9. "Kremlin propaganda tells the Russian people that their living conditions are bad not because of the corrupt regime in Moscow but because of America, the destroyer of the former USSR." - Col Stanislav Lunev https://web.archive.org/web/20000229081011/http://www.newsmax.com/articles/?a=1999/12/13/35505
  10. American Airlines passenger seen in viral video yelled about ‘blue-eyed white devils’ and threatened to ‘take this plane down’: affidavit https://www.msn.com/en-us/travel/news/american-airlines-passenger-seen-in-viral-video-yelled-about-blue-eyed-white-devils-and-threatened-to-take-this-plane-down-affidavit/ar-BB1kmhMY
  11. Translation: https://espreso.tv/news/2018/11/17/quotidilquot_stvoryly_rosiyski_specsluzhby_dukhovne_upravlinnya_musulman_ukrayiny Ion Pacepa: "The Soviets direct all friendly Muslim states intelligence services" http://jrnyquist.com/cibulka_2004_0829.htm Anatoliy Golitsyn: "Under hidden Russian guidance, Muslims of the Soviet Union, will ally with Muslims in Iran/Arab states" The real terror paymasters: the KGB has long sponsored the Muslim fundamentalist groups that have now become a global terror network carrying out the Marxist-Leninist revolution in Muhammad's name. https://web.archive.org/web/20210721194515/https://thefreelibrary.com/The+real+terror+paymasters%3A+the+KGB+has+long+sponsored+the+Muslim...-a0168397212 https://www.vocaleurope.eu/iran-and-al-qaeda/
  12. Russian FSB Defector Reveals Kremlin Supports ISIS https://thenewamerican.com/world-news/europe/russian-fsb-defector-reveals-kremlin-supports-isis/ Putin’s Russia. Do traces of KGB, FSB and GRU lead to Islamic State? https://lithuaniatribune.com/putins-russia-do-traces-of-kgb-fsb-and-gru-lead-to-islamic-state/
  13. https://twitter.com/KremlinTrolls/status/1771324017200238938 Link because the tweet can't be embedded.
  14. False flags and scapegating put Putin in power, but I don't know who is responsible here because they also have a lot of enemies. Regarding Obama... Man recounts startling tale of first time he heard of Barack Obama—18 years ago in Russia https://www.americanfreepress.net/html/global_elite_picked_obama_171.html
  15. A lot of people are starting to notice the shenanigans in that thread. About time.
  16. Russia radicalizing Africans to turn them against Europeans. The Kremlin totally has our back, and they definitely don't hate us or anything. /s The problem is low IQ people will swallow this shit when it's just a guy looking at a damn map.
  17. New sportsball demoralization rituals dropped.
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