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  1. 9 minutes ago, FVCK BILLY G4TES said:



    Taiwan's geopolitical importance to the United States stands without question. Enjoying one of the world's freest societies, Taiwan's population of approximately 23 million is roughly the same as Australia's. Taiwan is a world leader in advanced technology, particularly in the semiconductor industry. CCP control of centers of technological excellence, such as Taiwan Semiconductor, would give China an enormous technological boost, potentially resulting in a strategic disaster for the United States.  


    No likes, but that's interesting. I have recommended people buy Taiwanese chips over the competitors on here before. I can definitely see why TPTB would want to get their tentacles all over Taiwan, but you have just added more context to my concerns. Thanks

  2. 15 hours ago, Macnamara said:

    On top of this we have trump contesting the election fraud in the US which could easily be falsely pinned on the Iranians


    Watch out for a big false flag attack eg a strike on an american ship that could then be used as an excuse to escalate a war against iran


    The timing is a very fitting. Whether they blame the election on outside forces is one thing, but America is a stone's throw away from civil war 2.0 already. It would only take China, Russia and Iran to finish them off, surely?


    The Chinese are probably ready to fight to the last Iranian too. Ground ops will be far more difficult than in occupied Iraq if the Chinese are involved. They will be able to bleed Americans directly by dropping loot on the iranians until they have more missiles than they started the war with.

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  3. 17 minutes ago, Bombadil said:

    Don’t know if this counts but


    All tech related news pieces and opinions are welcome.


    17 minutes ago, Bombadil said:

    Xbox, PlayStation rollout quite frankly pathetic. Plus Xbox series s miles under spec of series x. At least with ps is only driverless. Was really looking forward to release but can’t be bothered to be involved in a shit fight to get one. Probably wait until Easter. Plus no real new gen dedicated games at launch,


    Agreed, and I don't blame you.

  4. Funny thing is, as I have mentioned on here before, I was a bleeding heart liberal that also voted leave because of sovereignty, and because I didn't want so much power in the hands of so few. Then I saw the way libs started attacking white people for voting leave and it pushed me to the right. Working around cosmopolitans in the hip hop industry probably opened my eyes a lot too. Most minorities I worked with were okay, but the self-hating whites became too much and it became clear that my country would be doomed if they ever got in power.



  5. The Covid data spies paid to know ALL your secrets: Town halls harvest millions of highly personal details including if you're being unfaithful or having unsafe sex


    'A private firm inked deals with local authorities to gather data that can be used to predict who is likely to break lockdown, creating risk analyses for households'



  6. 17 hours ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

    Iranian nuclear scientist is 'injured in attempted assassination near Tehran' reports in Iran claim




    Iran accuses Israel of trying to 'create full-blown war' by assassinating scientist PM Netanyahu named as father of rogue nation's nuke programme

  7. 10 hours ago, numnuts said:

    I find this hard to believe. It sounds like, if not taking the piss completely, that he is exaggerating


    Maybe, hard to say as he deleted the tweets after backlash. The far-left are a bit unhinged in regards to people enjoying Thanksgiving though, and many of them don't think the covid bs goes far enough.

  8. To be honest, my outlook is pretty depressing so I can understand the lack of engagement. I only joined this site because I wanted to debate that Vancity dude, but he was gone once I arrived, but here I am a year later.


    Things haven't been the same since Muir has gone. Part of me just feels like retiring to Telegram with other shitlords, but I would just be stuck in an echo chamber.

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