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  1. Ukrainian esports team NAVI become first-ever CS2 champions https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/other/ukrainian-esports-team-navi-become-first-ever-cs2-champions/ar-BB1kQGpe Russian CS community must be pissed.
  2. Moscow vs the WHO: This time for real? https://edwardslavsquat.substack.com/p/moscow-vs-the-who-this-time-for-real
  3. "with reports that the sacrifice is planned to take place as early as April 2024"
  4. Lukashenko contradicts Putin, says Moscow terrorists were fleeing to Belarus, not Ukraine https://www.politico.eu/article/alexander-lukashenko-vladimir-putin-crocus-attack-moscow-terrorists-to-belarus-not-ukraine/
  5. https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1773749122161426554.html
  6. I'm not even sure at this point. Depends if it makes us stronger or weaker.
  7. Absolutely. My nation and people are not perfect, but they're my people and I want to protect them, so I refuse to become a useful idiot for anyone that wishes us harm, domestic or foreign.
  8. How many actual real patriots are there? Most are fake these days. A patriot, at least in my eyes, would support their nation regardless of the actions of their leaders, instead of being malleable demoralized golems that simp for hostile foreign regimes because they have been brainwashed with anti-westernism/anti-Edomism.
  9. Deep Dive: The Problematic Rise of the Woke Right https://www.gummibear737.com/p/deep-dive-the-problematic-rise-of Yes cartoonishly evil to the point where it often looks stupid and artificial, so people will embrace some kind of false light solution. Good to see contrarianism at the top.
  10. Russia’s spy chief visited North Korea for security talks: KCNA https://insiderpaper.com/russias-spy-chief-visited-north-korea-for-security-talks-kcna/
  11. The Truth behind the Myth of Russia ‘Threatened’ by NATO https://balkaninsight.com/2022/06/22/the-truth-behind-the-myth-of-russia-threatened-by-nato/
  12. I don't endorse Vice's spin, just posting for the facts: Millions of Leftists Are Reposting Kremlin Misinformation by Mistake https://www.vice.com/en/article/wxdb5z/redfish-media-russia-propaganda-misinformation ‘Grassroots’ Media Startup Redfish Is Supported by the Kremlin https://www.thedailybeast.com/grassroots-media-startup-redfish-is-supported-by-the-kremlin
  13. Not sure if it's a legit accident or an attack on American infrastructure, but it's concerning if it did happen to be the latter. Sounds a bit like Suvorov's pink terror statement.
  14. Does the film go into any detail about him spying for the Soviets? He believed Stalin would create an autonomous republic for a certain people in Crimea.
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