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  1. Yeah, I'm still not convinced that it's not just surgery and aging ears etc. I just can't believe that some expert in anatomy wouldn't be calling fake Joey out. This meme makes more sense every day. Nationalists and patriots should distance themselves from people that focus on bullshit that doesn't help us.
  2. Doesn't surprise me. Someone said to me recently that they're the biggest bullshitters on Earth, and if they say they're putting a curse on you it just means they're ordering a hit job. It's some mafia crap, and it makes you wonder how bad things must be today in the entertainment industry now that they have advanced surveillance tech on their side to watch their puppets.
  3. Translation: "Ah yes, the classic student celebration with Kurdish flags and hostility to Sweden." I don't get people that hate Europeans yet want to live with us. I appreciate the fact that they're being honest though, it makes it easier to wake my folk up.
  4. For those that might be wondering why the Obamas might be deliberately trying to look weak so reactionaries start supporting the Kremlin. Man recounts startling tale of first time he heard of Barack Obama—18 years ago in Russia https://www.americanfreepress.net/html/global_elite_picked_obama_171.html
  5. Sailed to where? To the same place as Clinton's "Russia reset button"? If they switched up Biden, why do you you think they did it? Not being argumentative, just curious, because old Biden acted like a Soviet agent too, to my knowledge.
  6. Maybe, but that's more reason to call them out if they're deliberately poisoning the well to make patriots look stupid.
  7. Okay, if we're going to stay on topic, speaking of comrades: Time to drop some redpills in Simon's feeds. Posting about Zelensky being a liar doesn't bother people on my part of the political spectrum, because we think he is a demoralization agent. All this stuff does is show that westerners are failing the litmus test. Elites now know that all they have to do is put woke fools like Zelensky in power and idiots will stop caring about defending their nations.
  8. How does one manage to get BTFO'd by cringe NAFO posters. I'm not against blocking if someone is being annoying and subversive, but doing it to hide certain narratives is wack.
  9. 'Russian media are circulating a video purporting to show the torching of an Orthodox Church belonging to the Moscow Patriarchate in the Mykolaiv region by Ukrainian “radicals”. The video was actually taken in Russia ten years ago, in 2013. ' https://www.stopfake.org/en/fake-radicals-burn-down-moscow-patriarchate-orthodox-church-in-mykolaiv-province/
  10. I don't believe that Russia is behind everything, we have plenty of commies in the West too. I don't need Icke to back my views up dude, so I don't know why you're bringing him into this.
  11. Ukrainian hacktivists acquired first-ever photo of the GRU hacker unit commander wanted by the FBI for meddling in the U.S. election https://informnapalm.org/en/ukrainian-hacktivists-acquired-first-ever-photo-of-the-gru-hacker-unit-commander/
  12. Just noticed Robert F. Kennedy Jr. with that Vera Sharav person. It's all so tiresome. Not that it should surprise anyone with eyes. In 1964, shortly after announcing his intention to run for a U.S. Senate seat from NY, RFK headed to Eastern Parkway to meet Schneerson. Seems like Jr is just following his footsteps.
  13. You clearly have reading issues then. Some is obviously opinion, and some is fact. You're in the cultish echochamber, not me. Maybe have a look into some of Fitz' earlier writing and you'll notice that he didn't even talk about Russia that much years ago. We didn't start out with preconceived opinions. Is a clique that brags about their control over Russia not evidence? Is Putin's support for building the temple not evidence of him being anti-white? What about the fact that he is allying himself with red thirdworldists? What kind of sand do you have your head in?
  14. My bad for being a ghost. I need to catch up with a couple of folks on here. I was up north last weekend, and have been a bit tired this week since getting back. My view from my apartment in Salford Quays. It's okay there to be honest. Stay away from Piccadilly Gardens if you don't want to be demoralized though, or if you're a vulnerable young white girl or woman. I was up there with a pal that's not as right-wing as me, and even he couldn't believe what he was seeing. Just type "Piccadilly Gardens third world" on Twitter or something if you don't know what I'm on about. Edit: Also, if you want to eat out in Manchester, be aware that of the cashless shite up there. I went to about 6 places that didn't take cash. And manny folk, what happened at Old Trafford? They have metal detectors at the door for the club store.
  15. Proving my point that you don't have an argument. Maybe say what you disagree with Fitz about before seething. I can't help it if a lot of evidence points towards Moscow.
  16. That being said, fools will just say whatever suits their agenda. One minute they're calling the West globohomo trannies, the next minute they're calling people muh Nazis. Make up your minds. >"if i ever start talking geopolitics" >"they don't want to know" A comment that I actually read on here. Let's be real, cowards won't talk geopolitics with people that aren't low hanging fruit. Don't kid yourself, son.
  17. So you don't know your own anti-western ideology? It's your lot that call the West globohomo, you ignorant fool.
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