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  1. Amazon Web Services Off topic, but I get pissed every time I see the arrow in the Amazon logo that points to A to Z. It's great branding, but it just makes me think about an Idiocracy style future where we are reliant on these soulless megacorps for everything.
  2. I wonder if that's a modern thing or if it goes back to fear of Barbary pirates enslaving people on the south coast. Maybe a bit of both.
  3. All the neet reddit bugmen simping over something so simple. Building a PC in 2020 is down there with tying your shoes and learning the alphabet on the intelligence scale, but somehow it warrants a photo op.
  4. From that to cubism. smh "Cubism is still the most important art movement for the same reason that John D. is still the most important Rockefeller." - Brad Holland What did Brad mean by that?
  5. Sorry, I should probably make a seperate thread about vampirism and European folk tales. I just thought it was common knowledge that we co-evolved with wolves and domesticated them into what we know as dogs. We feed and shelter them. They protect us and help us hunt. Simple. What nobody realizes is what they were protecting us from and helping us hunt, thanks to their sense of smell and the light-sensitive rods found in the retina that collect light to help them navigate in the dark. What comes out at night? Vamps. Sounds crazy, but tay-sachs and porphyria s
  6. Interesting thread. The Van Helsing bit is pretty apt because many don't get the esoteric meaning behind the Aryan werewolf vs the vampire.
  7. Regardless of my views on them, all those conspiracy lite folks like Polly getting censored the other day took the wind out of my sails. These folks tow the line big time, yet even they're not safe. These folks speak of half measures, and tell half truths. To speak of half measures, is to lose the war before truly fighting it. Our enemies fight a total war, so must we. Don't get too comfortable. Pain shapes a man, comfort festers like a wound. This "pandemic" has stripped the veil that has shrouded just how decadent the West has become. Tow the line long enough, and on
  8. Quite a bit of weird stuff there. The child eater of Bern comes to mind: I want to know if they really celebrate the death of Europeans.
  9. Not sure if it's just me but I feel like he doesn't appear on AJ's show as often as he once did. I have seen shows where Icke talks about Israel and Jones tries to change the subject too. He has to know that InfoWars is a neocon grift, surely? Maybe he is just trying to work within a broken system. at3.mp4
  10. I want the Overton window to shift, and I see Farage, Kurten and Batten as a stepping stone. Long-term we need somebody that we know only serves one master though.
  11. Or he's just not naive. Icke on Jones and Trump: at3.mp
  12. Jokes aside, we're a dead country living off the fumes of our ancestors. We stand for nothing. Demoralization is complete.
  13. Europe may suffer a different fate. Not saying there will be total war, but if there is then placing people in camps won't matter much. UK isn't that big so we're toast if something hits London. If NY gets hit then some parts of America may be fine though because of its size. It seems like the "far-right" have been pretty vocal against this bs too to be fair, unlike the Tory and Labour folks. Kind of ironic that the folks that the media label "nazi" are not the ones trying to bring in this surveillance state, the commie greens on the other hand...
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