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  1. https://insidethevatican.com/news/newsflash/letter-59-2022-tues-mar-29-nikodim/
  2. I'm so tired of the vague muh globalist deep state crap. It's weasel language, at least when it's used by people that should know better.
  3. Yeah, but there's only one issue that we should have a myopic concern about, which is the LGBT agenda, and Putin is against LGBT, even though Moscow money has literally pushed LGBT in the West. I don't know how dissident rightoids sleep at night.
  4. Yeah, because they're probably progressive Marxists. That doesn't mean right-wingers haven't been brainwashed into spewing communist talking points. The bit that you quoted literally says "to appeal to the far-right". Are you telling me that nothing sus is going on? Edit: On another note, I wondered where the hell Greg Johnson's Twitter account went. Seems like Musk doesn't like people looking into who runs Russia.
  5. Probably. It's obvious that the English aren't allowed to be as patriotic as the Irish, Scots, and Welsh. The establishment and outside influences love to pit them against us to weaken these isles. Oppressed people with little discernment often end up falling into the arms of reds. Same in the States. LeBron pushes propaganda for Red China to weaken America, and that fucker also invested in LFC. Typical.
  6. I have written about LFC quite a bit before and didn't feel the need to repeat myself. And please don't think that my gripe is with the people of Liverpool, I'm talking about LFC. I'm not saying that Liverpudlians haven't got legitimate reasons to be mad at the City of London, but I will never understand the "Im not English, I'm Scouse" stuff (not saying all scousers are like that). Liverpudlians will always share my blood, no matter how much they try to deracinate themselves like pawns in an elite game. It's okay to be mad at the PTB, just don't become a fifth column for folks that hate us and wish to undermine us, that's all. It's unfortunate, but the hardcore socialist Shankly brigade types will never accept me because I haven't let the actions of elites turn me against my country and countrymen. When native Liverpudlians are backed into a corner in future, they'll be forced to take the tribal pill and remember who they are then. Trust me.
  7. Yes, like the FA, LFC's origin is freemasonic. Houlding was part of the Orange order.
  8. Ex LFC fan and I agree, although I didn't really understand political ideology when I started supporting them as a kid. I was duped by the "you'll never walk alone" crap, but these days I would rather walk alone than walk with anti-English socialists/commie LFC idiots.
  9. Try to Wrap Your Head Around ‘MAGA Communism’ http://www.spider-and-the-fly.com/maga-communism.html
  10. Ukrainian esports team NAVI become first-ever CS2 champions https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/other/ukrainian-esports-team-navi-become-first-ever-cs2-champions/ar-BB1kQGpe Russian CS community must be pissed.
  11. Moscow vs the WHO: This time for real? https://edwardslavsquat.substack.com/p/moscow-vs-the-who-this-time-for-real
  12. "with reports that the sacrifice is planned to take place as early as April 2024"
  13. Lukashenko contradicts Putin, says Moscow terrorists were fleeing to Belarus, not Ukraine https://www.politico.eu/article/alexander-lukashenko-vladimir-putin-crocus-attack-moscow-terrorists-to-belarus-not-ukraine/
  14. https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1773749122161426554.html
  15. I'm not even sure at this point. Depends if it makes us stronger or weaker.
  16. Absolutely. My nation and people are not perfect, but they're my people and I want to protect them, so I refuse to become a useful idiot for anyone that wishes us harm, domestic or foreign.
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