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  1. Some black folks support it, but I wouldn't say they're behind it. There's too much poison that gets pushed on black people, especially agendas that have damaged their nuclear families, so I can't believe they're pulling the strings. You'll get folks like Ilhan Omar, her fam is from some brutal Somalian Marxian clique that left the nation divided, but Somalians didn't create Marxism. Some black folks are just pawns like some white folks.
  2. Record wheat prices fuel fears about food inflation https://archive.ph/OEgGG War shows the folly of ignoring farmers’ role as food producers https://web.archive.org/web/20220307221953/https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2022/03/07/war-shows-folly-ignoring-farmers-role-food-producers/ Rewilding must wait: we need farms set to all systems grow https://archive.ph/TUCYM
  3. *knock, knock* Special delivery for Spain!! Biden announces new plan to deport migrants to SPAIN as he blasts 'dangerous' migration https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/1624018/joe-biden-immigration-spain-honduras-summit-of-americas-us-politics-latest If it's not Trump telling Europeans to take back ISIS fighters, it's Biden sending us a special delivery. smh
  4. High alert means nothing, it's just to make it look like they care that the public is turning on them. >get conquered in 1066 >get land taken >money lenders start taking the piss >use Britain to loot the world >leave the natives that you conquered in 2066 as a hated minority They don't give a damn about this island or it's people. They will leave us hanging. This idea that the press licks their arse is not true. The subversive press knows Zion is the future. Look how Charles is moaning about the Rwanda crap at the moment. His family is more responsible for colonialism than regular British people, yet he is fine with British taking the burden of mass immigration, turning our streets into dumping grounds while he lives in luxury. All they do is serve the anti-white agenda like eveyone else at this point, and stupid normies probably associate those cretinous bastards with us normal Europeans. I'm nearly convinced that the royals are fine with looking like scumbags if it makes us Euros look bad in the process.
  5. Royal Family on high alert over polls showing worrying support drop 'Alarm bells ringing!' https://www.express.co.uk/news/royal/1623776/Royal-Family-latest-Queen-popularity-polls-latest-support-for-British-monarchy-vn The elites can't have an NWO if they don't scapegoat the old system. Youngsters need to be rabidly anti-colonialist and anti-monarchy so the next set of slavemasters can takeover.
  6. A lot of DALL-E posts about on social media and alternative social media at the moment. I wonder if they're data mining.
  7. Read this earlier on rmx.news: 08/062022 Corporations use wokeism to sell products to young people, but in China or North Africa, the woke tropes disappear, says French journalist https://rmx.news/france/corporations-use-wokeism-to-sell-products-to-young-people-but-in-china-or-north-africa-the-woke-tropes-disappear-says-french-journalist/ "She said she believes, however, that the company is not really woke, but that it is looking to better sell its product by embracing an ideology that is in-demand." "De Guigné said she believes that much of the ideological transformation seen in the corporate world is influenced by what young people want." I hate the excuse that it's just about money, or just what young westerners want. It ignores the fact that youngsters in the West have been culturally subverted. The double standards are true though. If progressives have any principles then they should be banging on about countries that treat gays and minorities the worst, and that's obviously not western nations.
  8. Has Hugo pushed any sus talking points? I don't keep up with all of his vids, but the stuff I have watched seems okay.
  9. 06/07/2022 The first Russian museum officially registered in the register of museums of the State of Israel will open in Jerusalem on June 12, 2022. It will work on the territory of the Sergievsky Compound of the Imperial Orthodox Palestinian Society (IOPS). This was announced by the Chairman of the Council of the IOPS in Israel, Igor Ashurbeyli, in a speech dedicated to the 140th anniversary of the society. For the first time in the history of Israel, state signs with an inscription in Russian will be opened at six IOPS facilities. Previously, official inscriptions on the historical monuments of Israel were made only in English and Hebrew, sometimes in Arabic. Israel handed over the building of the Sergievsky Compound to Russia in 2008, after the visit of Vladimir Putin. Five years ago, the building, erected at the end of the 19th century at the expense of Grand Duke Sergiy Alexandrovich, the founder and first head of the IOPS, was opened after restoration. Repair work was carried out at the expense of the budget of the Russian Federation. Illumination of the facade of the courtyard and parking for tourist buses were equipped at the expense of the Jerusalem Mayor's Office, which also paid off the company's tax debts in the amount of 350 thousand dollars. Source: https://jewish.ru/ru/news/articles/199716/
  10. My bad, I can't remember where I saw 96%. It's 94%, but it's early and I think it needs the paralyzed person to imagine writing. Let's hope it doesn't eventually work on just an internal monologue.
  11. Maybe them as well, I don't know. I'm talking about "greatest ally".
  12. I don't know about controlling minds, just surveilling minds, which doesn't seem so difficult unless you're one of the rare people without an internal monologue. Most people think in words, and they can already translate thoughts into text with 96% accuracy. What happens if they add that tech to an implant or a wearable device? I don't know, just something to think about.
  13. Off the top of my head, look into Mao's relationship with folks like Sidney Shapiro, Israel Epstein, and Henry Kissinger. And even today, look into who gives China the Wests tech and state secrets. Edit: Sorry, I forgot a URL. I don't have anything on me at the moment, but it's just stuff I have picked up on over the years. There is a thread on here about that topic, but it doesn't go into much detail, just breadcrumbs.
  14. A western creation, or a creation of those that also control the West? Some of those surnames that helped Mao were not your average western names, let's just say that.
  15. They can say that it's "marxism with chinese characteristics" that has made them strong all day long, but it's opening up their society to elements of Capitalism that made them powerful. You can't redistribute the wealth if you have no wealth to redistribute, hence why I think they had to go back and allow Capitalist elements in their society, and now they're dropping their mask and going back to Marxian rhetoric. Obviously I don't think they really will redistribute wealth, but I'm saying if they're going to keep up the pretense.
  16. I wouldn't be surprised if there is truth in that, but do you think it's possible that they have seeded certain talking points into western political discourse to make the West look totally satanic, and to have Trumpers and SJWs at each others throats? I only say that because the 33k BleachBit emails story is weird, same with Assange's ties to folks like Israel Shamir. Not saying they're spreading lies, no, just the truths that they want us to be aware of while they leave out other truths that would give people the entire picture.
  17. Just watched it. All the election stuff makes no difference to me. I think the election was shady AF, but I also think it was supposed to be, to light the powder keg in America. It all stinks of orchestrated shenanigans that I would pull if I wanted to divide America. Same with the Capitol building stuff, folks like Golitsyn warned about an "insurrection" on the Capitol before an attack on America. I put that in quotations as I know it wasn't a literal insurrection like the media claims. As for Q candidates getting in office, I have no opinion on them unless I look into who those candidates are and what motivates them, but fool me once... Another clip in the vid is just some guy using Christian sentiment to dupe Christians. Anything specific in the vid that I missed out that you wnat me to address?
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