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  1. With the demographics in France, it seems like the coming holy war could pop off there. This happened shortly after they had the beheading: Two Muslim women are stabbed under the Eiffel Tower by white female attackers shouting 'Dirty Arabs' after argument about dogs amid rising tensions after teacher was beheaded for Mohammed cartoons https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8861799/Paris-attack-Two-Muslim-woman-stabbed-Eiffel-Tower.html I won't post the footage because it's too provocative, but over the last few days they have been projecting pictures of
  2. Up to a MILLION people from Hong Kong could arrive in UK in next years under new visa rules, Home Office says https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8868945/Up-MILLION-people-Hong-Kong-arrive-UK-years-new-visa-rules.html FFS. We have a responsibility to help those that are already here. They need jobs and cancer treatment etc.
  3. They will be persecuted for giving Christ's testimony once noahide time comes, shame they can't see it.
  4. Who does run things in your opinion? People could argue that there are Christian and Muslim zionists, but who benefits the most from zionism? When people describe zionism, they often just say it's about a right to a homeland. Is it really though? If it was just about a homeland then somewhere like Madagascar would have been fine, surely? The problem is there is no temple mount in Madagascar, which is needed to engineer prophecy. So it's not just about a homeland, is it? As a Christian, it sickens me that Christian zionists are falling for this nonsense. They
  5. Care to elaborate? It seems to me that things have got worse in the Western world with the decline of Christianity. Why do the subversive machinations constantly attack Christian values? One could argue that Christianity made the West too soft, and that is a fair point. We might not be in this state if we returned to our pagan roots. I guess that is a debate for another thread though. If there is no social cohesion because we no longer stand for anything as a group of people, then surely people shouldn't be surprised when we get destroyed?
  6. I think they may start controlling pets later down the road, but for now I think they're okay. Westerners would go apeshit if they started going after pets.
  7. The problem is, even if there wasn't a human element, people will think these fires are arson regardless thanks to this kind of rhetoric: sa.mp4
  8. Could just be wildfires, but if I wanted to create unrest I would attack the food supply. Rothschilds and the IMF seem to be on the side of the EFF too. The whole things seems suspect.
  9. It's not about murder, it's about burning crops though, isn't it? I guess people can debate the "race war" bit though.
  10. Milo Yiannopoulos says the same thing here too: https://archive.org/details/miloyiannopoulosontheantisemitism
  11. I thought orthodox Jewish people don't like vaccinations.
  12. If true then it's just commies creating more famines. Will SA be the next Zimbabwe?
  13. Imagine someone else doing this. I guess people could argue that they're just lampooning themselves, but it doesn't seem right.
  14. One can be a nationalist without being a supremacist that thinks they're superior to everyone else. All cultures should have self-determination.
  15. Mocks black culture with Ali G, mocks gays with Bruno, mocks muslims, mocks whites etc. How does he get away with it? Nevermind, its pretty obvious.
  16. Wouldn't surprise me at all. They know the public know the economy is dying and will be looking at other currencies. This could just be a way to fleece concerned people of their last fiat, then later on they crash the crypto too. I also thought eBay was doing a deal with another payment processor and that Paypal will only be a guaranteed payment option at the checkout until 2023. Perhaps this is just Paypal looking at a new market.
  17. Are they trying to relieve normies of their fiat?
  18. As a naive kid I thought 2020 would be amazing, but here we are talking about who can go through a menopause. Wake me up when people start to value sanity again.
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