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  1. https://euromaidanpress.com/2024/04/06/russian-church-stirs-echoes-of-nazism-in-decree-declaring-ukraine-war-holy/
  2. How would the royals factor into this? "...but I think that eventually the great sea serpent (Britain) will have its head crushed and the skin of the Northern Bear (Russia) will be pulled over its ears." - Robert H. Williams, The Ultimate World Order
  3. Agreed, although it depends on who you think the death cult are. I'm not defending the royals by the way, I just don't think they're the greatest evil. I think they're allowing themselves and the Anglosphere to be scapegoated to self-fulfil Abrahamic prophecies. Most royals are going to be gone, or they will bow to the world monarch that will rule from Jerusalem. Can you really see a British royal ruling from Jerusalem? Zionism is just a tool, and it's the production of international powers. Eurasianist Noahidism is the endgame. Do you think they care about your dollar store anti-zio rhetoric? I doubt it, because you're scapegoating Edom. I'm not even going even going to bother quoting and responding to the rest of your post because it's just full of anti-British sentiment. It's a waste of my time, especially when the people that you're moaning about literally say that it's the Anglos that need to be undermined. I appreciate you talking to me without arguing though.
  4. https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1776311311720169893.html
  5. I'm positive I've heard of that too, but I don't ignore everything else because of that document. lmao What's so shit about what I shared? Don't want to touch the elephant in the room? Fair enough.
  6. Are you sure that you have all the facts? Didn't Britain abstain from voting for the partition plan? Don't Soviets exist??? Socialist-in-Chief: a History of the UN Secretaries General https://thenewamerican.com/opinion/socialist-in-chief-a-history-of-the-un-secretaries-general/ "The Jewish people will have Palestine only when British Imperialism is broken." pp. 376 - 378 https://archive.org/details/worldatcrossroad00brasrich/page/378/mode/2up "Without Soviet aid at the critical moment in the late 1940s, it would have been very difficult for the State of Israel to have been born." https://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4737624,00.html https://www.rt.com/news/561709-125-years-of-zionism/ Translation: "Firstly, almost all the founders of the main directions of Zionist thought were born on the territory of the Russian Empire" https://lechaim.ru/ARHIV/193/epshteyn.htm https://twitter.com/tomlacovara/status/1072910237831593984 Soviets founded state of Israel and Zionism; Balfour declaration a decoy https://fitzinfo.net/2024/03/08/soviets-founded-state-of-israel-and-zionism-balfour-declaration-a-decoy/
  7. Israel offers a glimpse into the terrifying world of military AI https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/2024/04/05/israel-idf-lavender-ai-militarytarget/ https://archive.is/x7Hq5
  8. Longer video: High energy zoomer university presentation on the great replacement https://www.bitchute.com/video/dvmYG8yMgPXj/
  9. Well, that has always been my point, that the clownish western cultural marxists woke brigade (globohomo) are there to demoralize and undermine the West, to make people look at gulaghomo as a better alternative. I don't like either system though.
  10. This is probably the most logical view if you don't follow an Abrahamic religion. If I wasn't Christian, I would still worry about an anti-Christ figure, because the people that are trying usher him in don't view a messiah like we view a messiah. "For the messiah to arrive, you can't think of him like we think of messiah. We think of messiah after the model of Jesus. He's the son of God, divine birth, all of that. That's not how the Jews look at the messiah. They're looking for a king. They are looking for a political leader. And so a matter of fact, messiah to them means the anointed one, and it goes back to the ancient days when they would anoint a king and recognize him as this is the man that God sent," - Tom Horn If Tom is right then that's entirely possible, and the world will get worse for a lot of people regardless of whether they follow an Abrahamic religion.
  11. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-13274255/WiFi-went-LA-cash-storage-facility-record-breaking-30M-Easter-Sunday-heist-unfolded-neighbors-say-one-local-hearing-explosion-crooks-busted-in.html
  12. https://www.amazon.com/intelligence-Ukraine-Russias-future-superpower/dp/B0CZPBN8JK
  13. I dunno who runs them to be fair, but I never trusted them, and I don't doubt that they're slimeballs like most alt-media.
  14. >Sachs Jeez, I wonder why he's an anti-Edomist. It's a real head scratcher. What's your ethnicity? Edit: I still don't think you get it. I don't believe our governments are on our side either. Just because we're ruled by some arseholes, that doesn't mean I'm going to trust other mugs that hate us. Some of us have principles.
  15. The people that want to usher in the anti-Christ are anti-Anglosphere and they believe America and Britain should fall. As bad as the British royals are, it makes no sense that one would be the anti-Christ, especially when most people are supposed to fall for the deciever. British royals are hated too much. Also, why would Israelis allow someone from a nation they hate to rule from Jerusalem? They literally attacked Brits to get the state of Israel, and said that British imperialism must be destroyed so they could get Israel. The agenda is anti-Edom, Alexa. LIterally just listen to what they say.
  16. CALL TO ACTION: DEMAND THAT INTEL CORPORATION CANCEL THEIR PLANNED $25 BILLION FACTORY IN ISRAEL! https://actionnetwork.org/letters/call-to-action-demand-that-intel-corporation-cancel-their-planned-25-billion-factory-in-israel
  17. Agreed. People in developed nations that live/lived in high trust societies shouldn't be trusting governments, at least not any superpower as none seem to care about us. It would also make sense for Europeans, South Koreans, and the Japanese to work together as we all face a similar threat, in my opinion.
  18. It's almost as if normal western folk aren't actually responsible for the cartoonishly negative image of the West. This is why I don't buy the West is the Great Satan narrative because it's artifical and cartoonish. The Great Satan will be the false light solution.
  19. Boy, if I knew the America first movement would lead to simping for Stalin and Neo-Bolshevism I could have saved a lot of time by never listening.
  20. https://insidethevatican.com/news/newsflash/letter-59-2022-tues-mar-29-nikodim/
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