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  1. https://t.me/thuletide/4852 Eurasianist shills like BAP think people are stupid.
  2. NWO: A Rave New World https://odysee.com/@Fitzinfo:c/NWO_-A-:9
  3. Feels bad man. Bad Company 2 was my introduction to Battelfield, and I made some good friends in that game that I still speak to today. I hate planned obsolescence. They should let the community take over the game, we can cover server costs.
  4. I don't have an account at the moment but I can still view pages and use Twitter search. It might depend on the browser or the device though. https://twitter.com/21stCMindWars It's that guy's page, but I'll screenshot some of the posts about Ehret and post them shortly.
  5. I think they created a lot of regulations in China for online vape sales, at least the flavoured stuff.
  6. It's okay, I grew up on rough council estates around drugs so I'm not trying to be judgy. I spent years smoking weed, cigarettes, and drinking a lot alcohol, but fortunately I never tried any hard drugs even though that stuff was in my environment. I only smoke every now and then now when I'm socializing these days, and I'm still okay with vices in moderation. I know plenty of conseravtive people that dabble with vices but they don't do it in others faces, and they're not the obnoxious "dudeweedbro" types that base their entire personality around stoner culture. I'm totally fine with responsible adults doing things in a respectable manner.
  7. How This Chinese Vaping Billionaire Became One Of The World’s Richest Women In Three Years https://www.forbes.com/sites/giacomotognini/2021/04/12/rlx-relx-chinese-vaping-billionaire-kate-wang-one-of-the-worlds-richest-women-in-three-years/
  8. Mostly true, but saying that they control both sides is a bit of a stretch. People that have a vested interest in weakening and destabilizing the West to fulfil some "prophetic" world domination script definitely have a lot of power over both sides though.
  9. "But it wasn't until Chinese inventor Hon Lik invented his e-cigarette in 2003 that modern vaping was born." https://www.insider.com/history-of-vaping-who-invented-e-cigs-2019-10 Anyone looked to see if there is a CCP connection, because I'm getting strange vibes after reading some of that Red Cocaine book and listening to one of authors lectures? Might be worth investigating.
  10. Anyone find it strange that these are supposed to be our role models? It's almost as if we're supplied with the role models that they want us to have.
  11. Possibly but I live in a pretty affluent area. And I would if I didn't care about the youth, but this vape stuff is just paving the way to a transhumanist druggy dystopia in my opinion. Not having a dig at adults here because I'm sure we're old enough to understand the risks and damage that things do, I'm just concerned about younger folks. My niece says she often feels like she can't breathe properly when she goes into the toilets at school because they all vape in them, and this is at one of the best public schools in the country. It's getting out of hand.
  12. Often when I go into town these days I have to tell school kids to piss off because they surround you and try and get you to buy them vapes. They're like fashion accessories to these kids. I guess all they see is their favourite obnoxious streamers online sucking on these things and feel like they should copy. It doesn't help that vapes are bright and colourful like sweets either.
  13. US unveils its own hypersonic ‘carrier killer’ missile in bid to match Chinese & Russian weapons as arms race hots up https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/21882988/us-hypersonic-carrier-killer-missile-match-chinese-russian/ Sounds good, but what's the point in this stuff if "greatest ally" has their fingers all over the US? It's like having a Trojan horse in your country that passes state secrets to your enemies. The West will not be able to defend itself until the elephant in the room is confronted. >planned >in service no later than 2028. We'll be screwed before the first one even ships.
  14. The wall was a pretty big plot point in the Truman Show, a movie by Scott Rudin Productions. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scott_Rudin#Early_life
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