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  1. Ok so you hate white folks and dickride kabbalists. Not sure how I didn't notice this. Do you rub your hands when he says "unleash Afro American racists on white America"? Seriously though, why do you try to sell anti-whites to whites?
  2. I haven't really looked into this much, but a friend asked me to share this: The End of April: A Time of Human Sacrifice https://vigilantcitizen.com/latestnews/the-end-of-april-the-most-magickal-time-of-the-year/
  3. That's just nuance. I'm no fan of Bjerknes, I just agree with some of his takes because I'm not a contrarian NPC. If you followed my crowd you would know this, but its' cool. As for Putin and the West, they both pushed the war on terror. The problem is internationalism, and the clique that run both the East and the West. Edit: I have also shared some geopolitical takes from Liberals. Does that mean that mean I'm a big fan of liberals? Obviously not. One can agree with certain facts without agreeing someone's spin. At the end of the day. I'm white, and I'm not joining the third-worldist alliance against the West. It glows and is anti-white. I'm pro-white and pro-West first and foremost. If I believed that Putin would be good for my people or that he would let Anglos and Celts take our ancestral homeland back then I might think differently, but that would never happen because Putin speaks the language of the enemy. A demoralized third-wordist brain ends up following all kinds of slimy Eurasianist demoralization agents like Andrew Tate, that call white men cucks for not having enough kids, and they imply that we should just give up and convert to Islam. It's bullshit. Nobody asked to be in a breeding contest. We should be deporting people instead.
  4. Israeli envoy to Russia attends Putin's inauguration while many other countries boycott event https://www.ynetnews.com/article/bkinb6dma
  5. There are no good guys. Edit: I believe that there are probably certain individuals within intel agencie that might have the right intentions, but not enough with any significant power. French civil servants keep warning about a possible civil war in France, and some of them are reading Golitsyn, so they must be aware that civil unrest in the West could be used to further Russian geopolitical strategy. This is the issue for westerners though, because we need new governments, but I don't think that we should let hostile nations take advantage of that.
  6. China’s Chilling Cognitive Warfare Plans https://thediplomat.com/2024/05/chinas-chilling-cognitive-warfare-plans/
  7. Australian Authorities Push for Encryption Backdoors After Internet Censorship Attempt https://reclaimthenet.org/australian-authorities-push-for-encryption-backdoors-after-internet-censorship-attempt Australia’s Digital ID Push Is Undermined by Data Leak Disaster https://reclaimthenet.org/australias-digital-id-push-is-undermined-by-data-leak-disaster Australian PM Pushes for Crackdown on “Misogynistic” Speech Amid Fears Free Speech Is Fading https://reclaimthenet.org/australian-pm-pushes-for-crackdown-on-misogynistic-speech-amid-fears-free-speech-is-fading
  8. China hacked Ministry of Defence, Sky News learns https://news.sky.com/story/china-hacked-ministry-of-defence-sky-news-learns-13130757
  9. https://twitter.com/onetallorfour/status/1787215401157267807 https://archive.is/EGmUy
  10. "Trey Parker - *** Brian Graden - *** Matt Stone - ***" https://twitter.com/Very_0wn/status/1514868275997380610 Do these chosenite Snowdenists believe the same about Russians living under the boot, or do they just promote fifth columnist activty in America? I dunno, I haven't watched enough episodes.
  11. "Mercouris regularly comments on foreign affairs for RT and Sputnik, and writes extensively for online publication Russia Insider. However, what neither outlet has seen fit to publish is the fact that his legal experience in London ended with him being struck off for multiple counts of professional misconduct, including deceiving a client, faking the signature of one High Court judge and claiming that another had him abducted" .pdf: https://committees.parliament.uk/writtenevidence/65511/pdf/
  12. https://twitter.com/seethroughit2/status/1784810396026556470
  13. Internet Archive Files Final Appeal Brief in Book Scanning Case https://www.publishersweekly.com/pw/by-topic/industry-news/libraries/article/94880-internet-archive-files-final-appeal-brief-in-book-scanning-case.html AI-Generated Reviews Fool Humans and Detectors, Threatening Trust in Online Platforms 'A new study finds that AI-generated restaurant reviews can pass the Turing test, fooling both human readers and AI detectors.' https://suchscience.net/ai-generated-reviews-fool-humans-and-detectors/ DARPA unleashes 20-foot autonomous robo-tank with glowing green eyes 'It rolls through rough terrain like it's asphalt' https://www.techspot.com/news/102769-darpa-unleashes-20-foot-autonomous-robo-tank-glowing.html
  14. "We need to find a way to archive the internet archive, as crazy as that sounds."
  15. I don't think the blame should be put on China, not soley anyway. I don't even think it's fair to point at Russia too much either, even if Moscow still is the head of the comintern. I don't like people always blaming the West, but I should be careful because I don't want people thinking that I think the East is the problem. I think the problem is not necessarily the West or the East, I think it's internationalism, but I believe that the internationalists want to pivot towards the East at some point. As for China, there is a running joke about how Dems rarely criticize China, and how Republicans rarely criticize Russia. I think there's quite a bit of truth in that. I don't trust China at all, but I am suspicious of people that just point at "muh ChiComs". China sends out mixed messages in regards to Israel and Palestine, but if there is a war, I would expect them to take Russia and Iran's side. A rabbi has spoken about some three roosters prophecy though, where China will turn on Russia after the West and Russia fight it out. I see China as the new golden calf for the elites because they're like a factory nation of worker drones, and they're easily controlled. This is surely why it's such a dog eat dog society out there. That's the irony really. Now that Xi Jinping needs to rally the people for war, he has to adopt some racial socialism in an attempt to put blood before economics, like Nazism. So you have China now banging the war drums and disseminating Han supremacy propaganda, because it just so happens that it's hard to sell normal economic socialism when you want people to fight.
  16. I don't deny what some western leaders have done to be fair. As a Brit, there's no doubt that people like Tony Blair's actions were terrible for the Middle East, but people like that have also been terrible for us. Western leaders are definitely not saints, but the question for me is whether the current hatred for the western world is by design, in the sense that TBTB have a new golden calf in China. That might be why a lot of people in positions of power talk about moving towards the Chinese model, and some kind of western decline would fulfil the anti-Edom agenda. The western world is more affected by woke politics, we are deindustrializing more because of the climate agenda, and our military isn't what it was, at least in Britain.
  17. What do Europeans get out of it, and why do we have the least power to talk about it? Jacob scapegoats Esau with deception. You speak of orthordox within that group that refute Israel, but that's only before moschiac. How are they much different if they still believe in a lot of the same supremacist beliefs, like owning the world, having 2600 slaves each, etc? Where are there Europeans within any significant power trying to make a world for Europeans? We're not even allowed a country. The wars are for "greatest ally", and they have the added bonus of making people in the Middle East resent westerners. Then we open up our nations for people that resent us because of wars that never even benefitted us, bringing the war to our doorstep. All because TPTB believe in undermining Edom.
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