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  1. 3 minutes ago, Orange Alert said:


    Your new retailer for those essential non-essential items.




    Out of reactions, but it will no doubt happen. A cashless surveillance society will stop the black market eventually though.

  2. 6 hours ago, HistoryIsComplex said:



    And they have the cheek to open the parks and public spaces when needed. They took railings down for the war effort, but I think most went back up.




    “I see that the railings are returning—only wooden ones, it is true, but still railings—in one London square after another. So the lawful denizens of the squares can make use of their treasured keys again, and the children of the poor can be kept out.

    “When the railings round the parks and squares were removed, the object was partly to accumulate scrap-iron, but the removal was also felt to be a democratic gesture. Many more green spaces were now open to the public, and you could stay in the parks till all hours instead of being hounded out at closing times by grim-faced keepers. It was also discovered that these railings were not only unnecessary but hideously ugly. The parks were improved out of recognition by being laid open, acquiring a friendly, almost rural look that they had never had before. And had the railings vanished permanently, another improvement would probably have followed. The dreary shrubberies of laurel and privet—plants not suited to England and always dusty, at any rate in London—would probably have been grubbed up and replaced by flower beds. Like the railings, they were merely put there to keep the populace out. However, the higher-ups managed to avert this reform, like so many others, and everywhere the wooden palisades are going up, regardless of the wastage of labour and timber."

    - George Orwell

  3. @Lord Humungus


    We have strayed so far from Athenian style democracy where officials were more accountable for their actions. A time when the function of the government was to guarantee justice to the people of Athens. Too many governments around the world just look like they're against their people these days. Society needs more cohesion for democracy to function in my opinion. I would feel better in a constitutional republic, but even that doesn't seem perfect.

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  4. 5 hours ago, alexa said:


    Didn't the Tartarians have something to do with Chicago world fair ?

    Plus didn't they construct some of Russia's most beautiful buildings ?

    Sorry if this has been posted about before, I haven't had time to go through the whole thread yet.



    a russia.PNG

    a russiom.PNG


    Not sure. Tartary is an interesting subject, but I worry that people attribute too much to Tartarians. The Chicago World Fair looks neoclassical to me. The Russian buildings have an Eastern aesthetic and some could likely be Tartarian, or influenced by Tartarian tradition, but who knows really?


    I often watch a lot of those youtubers that talk about Tartary, but I mostly just watch for the interesting images from the past, I don't really have much of an opinion beyond that.

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