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  1. Just now, Tinfoil Hat said:

    Hmmm...does that mean people will be able to invade & find bank details do you think? I'm not very tech savvy.


    Not sure, I would think they would need passwords for the email accounts for that. Although they could try and hack the email addresses too I guess. Probably best to change email passwords if people are worried and activate 2-step verification is possible.

  2. Just now, Finder said:


    Wow. I too could only view the activity feed, but couldn't access any of the posts from there. Everything else was just a blank page with a heading.


    Yeah me neither. Just saw an odd name in the feed with porn in their avatar and clicked on their profile which also had it.

  3. 1 minute ago, Tinfoil Hat said:


    Yep, it was Jeff's multiverse and Seekers that had been hit. There was also an announcement on the front page insulting Jeff's multiverse.


    I messaged Jamie Icke, & got an abusive reply so assume it was the hacker.


    Damn. That post on that gab account is pretty concerning too. Although I don't suggest viewing it without a VPN.

  4. Just now, Finder said:


    Thank goodness, haven't seen any of this.


    When I woke up I couldn't access the forum, but could see the activity feed. It was in the feed that I saw them and I checked their profile and noticed the porn.

  5. Bloody hell. Did anyone else see that account with porn in their avatar earlier and on their cover photo? They're now gone so maybe an admin or mod is about if they got deleted?

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