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  1. Just now, Tinfoil Hat said:

    Hmmm...does that mean people will be able to invade & find bank details do you think? I'm not very tech savvy.


    Not sure, I would think they would need passwords for the email accounts for that. Although they could try and hack the email addresses too I guess. Probably best to change email passwords if people are worried and activate 2-step verification is possible.

  2. Just now, Finder said:


    Wow. I too could only view the activity feed, but couldn't access any of the posts from there. Everything else was just a blank page with a heading.


    Yeah me neither. Just saw an odd name in the feed with porn in their avatar and clicked on their profile which also had it.

  3. 1 minute ago, Tinfoil Hat said:


    Yep, it was Jeff's multiverse and Seekers that had been hit. There was also an announcement on the front page insulting Jeff's multiverse.


    I messaged Jamie Icke, & got an abusive reply so assume it was the hacker.


    Damn. That post on that gab account is pretty concerning too. Although I don't suggest viewing it without a VPN.

  4. Just now, Finder said:


    Thank goodness, haven't seen any of this.


    When I woke up I couldn't access the forum, but could see the activity feed. It was in the feed that I saw them and I checked their profile and noticed the porn.

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