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  1. https://www.lemonde.fr/en/international/article/2023/09/03/yuri-felshtinsky-nothing-will-change-in-russia-until-the-security-services-are-dismantled_6122181_4.html
  2. I don't think MAGA is bad to be fair, but it should be truly America first, not driven by/for foreign interests. As for the farmer protests in Europe, I don't have any issue with them. My issue is that reds on the left push enviro-communism, then reds on the right use the opposition for their own goals to destabilize. Edit: Genuine dissident farmers will be lumped in with foreign agents. I fear that much of the right will fall into this trap as well.
  3. German companies are pouring a record amount of investments in the U.S. as Germany’s tight economic relationship with China wobbles https://fortune.com/europe/2024/02/19/german-companies-pouring-record-investments-us-germany-tight-economic-relationship-china-wobbles/
  4. Opposition to Ukrainian nuclear disarmament was denied a voice at then Senator Joe Biden's subcommittee. https://centerforsecuritypolicy.org/what-strobe-talbott-wont-tell-the-senate-today-insisting-on-a-nuclear-free-ukraine-is-folly-2/
  5. >Tucker Carlson and MAGA Communism >Trump >right-wing Leninists
  6. That's not racism. Racism would be forcing or shaming people into mixing when studies show that people clearly have in-group preferences. Will you shame other groups for their in-group biases or just white folks? And in regards to your other naive MLK-like statement about people being judged by their skin, well, it's the left that mostly does that. If skin colour was the only thing that made us different then the world would probably be a better place, but it's not. Is it racist to not want to live around 13 do 60 levels of violence? No, that's just common sense (or it should be) and wanting better for your loved ones. It's not my fault if certain people disproportionately commit more violent crime and are more rapey. I can't do anything about that. They made it clear that they don't want any white saviours, remember? Start with the cultural rot in society. Who is overrepresented in dressing young minorities up like thugs, putting drugs and guns in their hands, and then parading them on TV like they're minstrels? No need to answer as I understand the forum rules, but I'm sure you get my point. And I dare you to try to gaslight me on this, as this is why I got out of the hip hop industry.
  7. Speaking of DuckDuckGo, the funny thing is that their search results became significantly worse once they adopted that globohomo Alegria art style. lol
  8. Ok, Vlad. My shock is imagined once again. I get on with a lot of TradCaths, but I'm not Catholic. That being said, I would post infographics on the Noahide nutcases in muh Vatican that have been doing the bidding of Jacob, but something tells me that you wouldn't even be interested, and my days are numbered here. You win this one because censorship is on your side, even in the so-called alt media. *proceeds to read Death and Legacy of Kautsky* Bloody hell, I think I'm going to noooootice!
  9. Jeffrey Epstein’s Russian Connection: Billionaire's ties with FSB Academy graduate revealed https://dossier.center/jeffreyepsteinrusconnect-en/
  10. Can't be arsed to argue, just here to share recent pieces. https://www.eurosiberia.net/p/maga-communism Interview With Lude and Tucker Carlson’s Interview With Putin https://jrnyquist.blog/2024/02/09/interview-with-lude-and-tucker-carlsons-interview-with-putin/
  11. After five years of war, Donbass anti-fascists ‘do not intend to retreat’ https://www.struggle-la-lucha.org/2019/05/30/after-five-years-of-war-donbass-anti-fascists-do-not-intend-to-retreat
  12. "...but you know, I think that the first stage must be mainly political and psychological. We we have to to to destroy the image of enemy." - Georgi Arbatov
  13. But muh denazification! Never mind the fact that they often create them for casus bellis. Someone needs to put a useful idiot tattoo on Tucker's head.
  14. A certain people that call us Edom, who are trying to self-fulfil a prophecy where they need to undermine the West to bring about their messianic age. They use your nations for their goals, then once they have what they want and the negative image of your nation has been created, they abandon and scapegaot you. Their ideology came from the East, not from tribes from Germania, never forget this.
  15. Laying it on thick if he actually said that. Anglos, it's time for philia. Start working together or you're finished because of this genocidal maniac. Any Englishman that supports this golem needs his head checked.
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