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  1. I can relate, but not just because of boredom. I know my time is coming to an end, so it's hard to justify wasting my limited time on vidya, other pop culture, and sportsball. Trying to survive is my game now. Edit: Rust is ok because it can be productive if you play high pop servers. Just post a bunch of redpills on signs and have them featured on streams. What's not to like?
  2. Three teenage girls sexually assaulted by a dozen men in Nantes kebab shop https://rmx.news/crime/three-teenage-girls-sexually-assaulted-by-a-dozen-men-in-nantes-kebab-shop/
  3. We live in a generation of lazy shitmunchers. They'll eat any old anti-western shit that propagandists feed them, then smile at you with shit in their teeth, and we have to treat these fragile golems with kid gloves so they don't sperg out and seethe. What happened to the conspiracy theory community? When did they stop caring about foreign information warfare? Same goes to the supposed anti-war folks. They're not anti-war, because they only criticize the actions of one side. The bias is why I now focus on Russia and international Communism, because shills refuse to cover certain things, and somebody needs to bring balance.
  4. Holy shit, I had to check and it appears to be true. Degenerates.
  5. Documented hatred of Rome/West/Edom, but apparently I'm a bot for pointing this shit out. It's all so tiresome. https://twitter.com/Know_More_News/status/1664103734270623749 Observe how the rhetoric is similar to that of the glowies that blame everything on muh Nazis and Rome, the same glowies that ignore facts about who really runs the West. W E S E E Y O U E S E E Y O U Eventually you'll become tired of mliquetoast folks that complain about things but never look at the root of the issues.
  6. Translation: Are the authorities pushing people to divorce in order to receive payments for children in poverty? 'In absolute terms, it's even more beautiful: for the first time in the history of Russia (and in world history) there are more divorces than marriages. That is, the countdown has begun. The causal relationship here is very simple: social payments (benefits and social contracts) and benefits ( mortgages) are made on the basis of a means test and assistance to single mothers. Accordingly, it is more profitable for families to dissolve a marriage in order to obtain the correct means test," the expert wrote.' https://www.nakanune.ru/articles/120843/
  7. "Russian medicine is controlled by the WHO" https://edwardslavsquat.substack.com/p/russian-medicine-is-controlled-by
  8. What do you folks have against intelligence gathering anyway? I post shit from democrats too, they're just old school democrats that are actually patriotic, not people that hate their countries. I left the dissident right and alt right bubbles ages ago because they're Kremlinist glow ops. Maybe debate me on it before accusing me of being a damn bot. What's your opinion about this whole conflict and who benefits? How about letting me know so we can actually look at the facts and debate. I have hardly ever spoke to you, you have some android bottish logo, then call me a bot to deflect, etc. You don't know mine and others history with Bam, his debating tactics, or lack of I should say. I'm not the only one that has had this issue. You're expected to talk, but he isn't. He can just get away with never adding anything except 'daddy Fitz', 'TDS', Never Trumper (as if I would care I if was), etc. It's just character assassination bullshit because you don't like the information.
  9. There is no negative bias towards Ruskies because I don't think they have self-determination either, and I think the Russian volunteers fighting for Ukraine are based. You would know my opinion if you paid attention, stop being dense. I'm just a legit anti-communist. I'm not brainwashed. I still care about threats that are both foreign and domestic.
  10. I have already posted Icke content about Putin and Kissinger.
  11. Seems to be be a lot of folk waking up to the anti-Edom crap though if you search certain keywords on social media, and I'm not even sure if Bam is a true Englishman. No true Englishman with self-respect would support the Kremlin when Vlad scapegoats Anglos, let's be real. We're being replaced and dispossesed as a people, and we still get the blame for the world's ills. Any Anglos that are in positions of power are usually Zios, so it's not an Anglo problem. There's no way that Putin doesn't know this, he's just keeping Berel happy.
  12. I don't know who is winning or losing, but 'western fake news' media sound like the words of a programmed robot. Imagine thinking the Kremlin or the CCP are any different when it comes to honesty. Try questioning WW2 history in Russia, the future of Slav demographics, paedo Kremlinists, or certain apartment bombings.
  13. Italy police arrest 40 ‘Ndrangheta mafia suspects for drug smuggling via Chinese money brokers https://www.scmp.com/news/world/europe/article/3222349/italy-police-arrest-40-ndrangheta-mafia-suspects-drug-smuggling-chinese-money-brokers
  14. Staying in shape does help, but streets smarts are also important. I'm not condoning petty fights, but there's young dudes from my old ends that would rock that soft lad's jaw. Dude looks like a sheltered dork. Not that that's an issue, but he shouldn't be making enemies.
  15. Interesting Twitter thread. She was ahead of the game. I need to listen to intelligence analysts like Garland more.
  16. How are they threats to Biden when they're all controlled by the same mob? It's all theatre for golems dude. I'm not trying to be mean, it's just blatant.
  17. "so if you're a natural pattern recognizer" "of any sort" Sounds cool, not gonna lie. lmao
  18. Their controllers were subversives. It's as simple as that.
  19. Has Kylie got Kabbalah? https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/andrewbrown/2010/jun/15/kylie-kabbalah-red-bracelet
  20. Not necessarily if you look into how tucks are done. The only logical explanation I can see for a switcharoo is him having a double, but if that's the case, what does that change politically? Nothing in my opinion. All it means is that it's hard to get close to Biden.
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