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  1. All it takes is the right societal conditions and a master orator to come along. People still have it too good though,
  2. I guess will have to see if he recovers from a mortal wound, and if something happens to his right eye and one of his arms.
  3. https://www.fdesouche.com/2023/02/05/on-est-en-guerre-la-delinquance-a-pris-le-dessus-la-peur-des-habitants-des-quartiers-prioritaires-de-valence-26-face-a-linsecurite-je-vois-des-trucs-sur-lukraine-et-je/
  4. https://www.berliner-zeitung.de/news/sexuelle-belaestigung-an-der-fu-asta-raet-davon-ab-die-polizei-zu-rufen-li.313819 https://www.morgenpost.de/berlin/article237534947/Sexuelle-Belaestigung-AStA-warnt-die-Polizei-zu-rufen.html
  5. "Converting the existing U.S. car fleet to electric vehicles would require more lithium than the world currently produces, showing the need to move away from private cars as a primary means of travel" https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/making-the-entire-u-s-car-fleet-electric-could-cause-lithium-shortages/
  6. >"That is why, apart from the German original, there are very few English translations." >"There is a history channel on youtube, translated into Japanese" I can see why elites want to replace the Japanese now.
  7. The Metal Gear Solid strategy was pretty funny. It seems to be a case of not needing to worry too much yet, but learning algorithms will get better as they learn from their mistakes.
  8. Missing Ancient Greek Inscriptions Solved by Artificial Intelligence https://greekreporter.com/2023/01/28/greek-inscriptions-ai-deep-neural-networks/ Not sure how I feel about this.
  9. Russia Today shills for African refugees into Europe, says not accepting them is racist https://odysee.com/@martinezperspective:2/EU-welcomes-Ukrainian-refugees,-but-refuses-African:8 Marxist RT strikes again.
  10. Who promised him? If the NWO is Abrahamic in nature, and they want a moschiac ruling from the holy land, does this guy fit the bill? https://www.newsweek.com/prince-charles-middle-east-conflict-blames-jews-709365 Who was bombing British hotels so we would give them a nation in the Middle East? What's the biggest non-official language there? Who uses Epstein paedo islands to blackmail our leaders, and why does fake alternative media ignore the blackmailers links to the Kremlin, as well as the 9/11 links? Who took a long march through our institutions? Communists that hate the West. He could be bluffing though, and you might be right because the elites in Britain have a weird obsession with British Israelism. Edit: Personally I think the Anglosphere is the scapegoat though. >blame Anglos for all the worlds ills >normies take the bait and accept the new system, without realizing that the people behind the old world order are the same as those behind the new one Charles' role will probably just be to sit idly by and watch us Anglos get wrecked. >conquered by the Normans and their money lenders in 1066 >scapegoated and left as a hated minority in our own homelands by 2066 >elites flee with the wealth that they gained by using our island as a base of operations to loot the world Ever wonder why Putin and other Kremlinists blame Anglos? The merchants literally brag about how much control they have over the Kremlin. And why do so many of our politicians have links to the usual suspects and Moscow? Connect the dots.
  11. “We’re in the process of being declared traitors in our own country for defending it” "We cannot see inside the Russian security system. Any close attempt will encounter old Soviet structures underlying the whole." - Jeff Nyquist
  12. Hitchens has a lot of Kremlinist takes, and has admitted that he was a Bolshevik.
  13. Agreed. Love for the in-group doesn't mean hatred of the out-group.
  14. It doesn't matter if we share his religious views because the elites religious views still affect us regardless. I don't like Big Tech either, but we still need voices on those platforms so they're not just NPC echo chambers. I can't remember the last TV show I watched, and the only films that I have watched in recent years have been childrens films that I took my niece to see at the cinema. You can't escape everything though because others will share TV content on social media. There are plenty of us that don't own a TV license like me, or don't even own a TV, but we still look into what kind of subversive poison is messing with peoples heads.
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