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  1. "Donald Sterling think he a slavemaster, turn my Clippers Jersey inside out" - Tony Yayo https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Donald_Sterling#Early_life
  2. When you're not sure if you should laugh or be impressed.
  3. True, although I will keep an open mind on him. If he was part of the club and is now exposing them then that's good, but there is a little part of me that thinks why would they let him get away breaking his oaths by speaking out. I guess he is one to keep an eye on.
  4. 'Childs had a high school band called Over the Top and, less than two years after graduating from high school, he formed a band called Masonia' https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Altiyan_Childs https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Masonia He isn't an ex-builder himself is he, as in the temple building mason sense?
  5. Some anon said he talks about them forcing Noahide laws on everyone, not sure how true that is. Anyone got to that bit? Not sure if I want to dedicate 5 hours to things I already know, like celebs covering their eyes and stuff, but fair play if he brought the endgame up.
  6. I pray that I don't live to see such abominations, but yep.
  7. Where will the corporate seats be, among the vaccinated or unvaccinated?
  8. Can you be fired for refusing to get a COVID-19 vaccine? America is about to find out https://www.marketwatch.com/story/can-you-be-fired-for-refusing-to-get-a-covid-19-vaccine-america-is-about-to-find-out-11620237075 'Some workers are suing to get their job back, according to lawsuits reviewed by MarketWatch, but all these cases want judges to block employers from making vaccination requirements.'
  9. Yep, right at the turn of the millennium too. Nutters trying to reshape man into their image.
  10. They would feel like they have been stabbed in the back. It's so depressing.
  11. Don't really feel comfortable talking about my views on a lot of things back then in the current climate, but no I don't believe Israel is like NatSoc Germany. Too many paedos and swindlers there that don't respect real diversity of peoples. It's not a case of how bad they are, it's a case of who they are. Bad shouldn't automatically = nazi, there are other ideologies that exist. I understand that the western mind has had atrocity propaganda shoved down their throats since birth, so I get that they're conditioned to think everything is nazi, but things won't get better if we lie to
  12. I have said on here a couple of times that I don't want my country's main export to become liveleak videos as a joke, but now even that is out of the picture. lol
  13. They rode to their holy land on the back of a lion with a dragon in it's mouth. Old Britain was that dragon. We have been used and abused.
  14. Yep, it's meet the new puppet, same as the old puppet, and the masses will celebrate the end of an old pawn, while the King and Queen are still in play.
  15. Yeah, it's very sad. I don't want to dox myself by giving details, but I have a close friend that was signed to Warner, and now has his own label, and he is ready to pack it all in too. I would rather eat dirt than cave in to these demonic people.
  16. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grant_Shapps#Family_and_early_life
  17. A lot my pals won't even need to lie. We're mostly Christians or Muslims who are ready for whatever they throw at us. We won't be turning on innocent people. Not sure how the Godless will react though.
  18. Will be a while before that happens, they still have their bread and circuses.
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