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  1. I love me some Survive The Jive! That guy deserves a bigger following.
  2. I had to look it up myself and unfortunately it seems to be very real. How to do CPR on an adult: COVID-19 update https://www.sja.org.uk/get-advice/first-aid-advice/unresponsive-casualty/how-to-do-cpr-on-an-adult/
  3. Edit: Just want to add that this isn't a dig at anyone here. My Dad is a gardener and I used to work a Saturday job with him as a youngster, but even I can't identify many leaves.
  4. By elephant in the room I mean exactly what you're saying in regards to people like Silverstein and his pals. Most normies don't talk about that stuff, they just post jet fuel can't melt steel beam memes and stuff. Obviously most of us here understand that the attack on those buildings was to drum up support from Western people to attack and destabilize Middle Eastern nations, which then created a vacuum where terror cells could grow, and it also created resentment for Westerners amongst those cells. Then they push those people into the West and feed them anti-Western propaganda to create a conflict on our doorstep. If normies haven't figured that out yet then they probably never will. Edit: Also a pretext for more mass surveillance, although that was one of the more obvious consequences.
  5. It's cool, I'm not talking about people on fringe forums like this, I'm talking about the general public.
  6. Turkish general ordered snipers to kill Syrian gov’t troops without provocation to deepen conflict https://www.nordicmonitor.com/2020/08/turkish-general-ordered-snipers-to-kill-syrian-govt-troops-unprovoked-to-deepen-conflict/
  7. The fact that many people seem to spend ages debating how the buildings came down and not why or who benefits seems to be the real psyop to me. I can kind of understand it though as many are scared to address the elephant in the room details.
  8. When you see mask wearers everywhere.
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