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  1. I did see the news about Zizek, but I don't really know enough about him. I'm off to Barcelona for a couple of nights, but I'll have a look into him and give my opinion when I get back.
  2. Internationally or just in the West? If enough westerners wake up to what they're doing then they'll probably just set their eastern attack dogs on us. We need the societies of all superpower nations to wake up, surely? And how can we find common ground with the Chinese when they have a Golden Shield firewall?
  3. Taking in Israel's enemies is giving Israel what they want.
  4. Agreed. We're in real danger because both sides can use cyberwarfare as an excuse to tighten up security in both the East and West, and bring in things like internet ID. I guess my concern is that because of demoralization, the Eusrasianists are at a point where they can do whatever they want to the West and westerners will just think it's our governments that are responsible. Not that I think we should give our governments a free pass either though, they're both bad cops.
  5. Yup. The Kremlin directs the anti-Zionist movement https://fitzinfo.net/2019/01/14/the-kremlin-directs-the-anti-zionist-movement-on-behalf-of-israel/
  6. Listen at 1:12:00 for context on possible Eurasianist bot farms boosting people like Hinkle.
  7. Musk's boosted Eurasianist accounts glow. Green and Martinez recently did a good talk about this. > "Let me tell you how bad your country is" > "Now look at these nice subways in Moscow and St Petersburg that we show tourists that are naive about the rest of Russia"
  8. I don't have enough info to make a judgment on the other two, but Cheong and Wall Street Silver are sus accounts for sure.
  9. Archaeologists excavate medieval timber hall at historic Skipsea site https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/archaeologists-excavate-medieval-timber-hall-at-historic-skipsea-site/ar-BB1mnsO9
  10. Civil society under increasing threats from ‘malicious’ state cyber actors, US warns https://therecord.media/civil-society-under-threat-nation-state-hacking "Russia, China, Iran and North Korea are increasingly targeting civil society organizations across the world, according to U.S. cybersecurity agencies."
  11. ‘Anglo-Saxon’ isn’t racist. It’s a source of English pride https://www.yahoo.com/news/anglo-saxon-isn-t-racist-170608912.html "For if we dispense with the Anglo-Saxons, what happens to the name of England, the country of the Angles, or Essex and Sussex, territories of the Saxons? Can we talk any longer of the Anglophone countries? It is telling that even today Russian propaganda mockingly refers to us Britons as Anglosaksy, thinking it a term of derision. Such an insult makes one quite proud." Cambridge journal ‘pandering to mad Americans’ by ditching Anglo-Saxon from title https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/world/cambridge-journal-pandering-to-mad-americans-by-ditching-anglo-saxon-from-title/ar-BB1m64mt
  12. https://twitter.com/xumas_iq/status/1789706129498403128 Archive: https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1789706129498403128.html
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