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  1. You know that I'm the hardcore rap singer, aka crack slinger..the only fucken rapper that wanna fist-fight Fauci..
  2. Do you wanna be 10 feet tall and bulletproof, and have the power to attain world domination?..Do you wanna become a goddamn sexual Tyrannosaurus?!..Then get ready to be blown away..
  3. Those strange corner of eye movements are most likely astral entities or what you might call ghosts.
  4. Oh no it was a real helicopter, that whole thing was a time when the spiritual actually crossed over into the physical.
  5. I heard that in addition to the vaccines killing people by destroying their immune system over time, that they contain microscopic razor sharp graphene spikes, and that's maybe why alot of people have been dying from myocarditis and blood clots.
  6. Just looked that up, some sort of global blackout is supposed to happen on the 24th?
  7. This meme was going around but I'm told he never said it..this is some scary shit if true..I know another guy who's old and is retired Air Force who believes it too..
  8. The tops got to blow on this whole Covid bullshit eventually, I don't think that anything truly important can stay hidden forever, Fauci will probably be lynched, and I'm thinking in 2 to 5 years the world might be unrecognizable..
  9. Will it happen after people have taken enough shots and enough time has passed? Maybe in 1 to 3 years?..Many people have already died from myocarditis and blood clots caused by the vaccines. Will they have to 'burn the bodies'?..
  10. They used to be Amway salesmen, and I heard that alot of the stuff Abraham says is regurgitated from earlier people channeling or whatever it is they're doing..This world isn't all love and light by far, in fact it's a warzone and it really sucks, ha..I had to find every bit of mental toughness I could find to survive this far..and that probably isn't really saying a whole lot either..I'm wondering if they're even really channeling or just putting on a stupid accent. I've seen and experienced the real spiritual reality and don't like bullshitters. I also saw 'insider' level conspiracy stuff too, all in 2010..
  11. I kind of always thought it was bullshit, and that you just have to feel good, when hard work and doing things you don't want to do seems to be the only real way to get ahead in life..and hearing that she endorsed the taking of the vaccines says alot too..
  12. What I experienced there can be seen as highly advanced spiritual and occult knowledge and abilities, anybody have anything else they might want to ask about it?..
  13. I'm not sure the exact mechanisms for how it all worked, but the crystal had something to do with it too..
  14. I've heard this viruses doesn't exist theory lately, and it's pretty interesting, but what about Hepatitis C? There's a blood test that tells how many viruses are in your blood in parts per million. It can say you have say 2,315,679 viruses or 561,948 viruses for example, and there's new drugs like Harvoni and Mavyret that reduce the viral load to zero or undetectable levels and cure people..
  15. Yeah, especially because those paid Covid vaccine ads were being put on EVERYBODY'S Facebook page, so my comments where I put the memes and videos were seen by everybody..
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