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  1. It took me a month to finally get this book. I live in a small city in China. It is difficult for Chinese people to awaken because this is the incubation pool of cults.
  2. On summer nights, when you turn on the flashlight in the wild, you will see countless insects flying towards the light. Is this light a friend or family member of an insect? If the torches were replaced with candles, the insects would burn to death. Humans need bait to capture prey, and they also need bait to capture souls. You want to tell the difference between true and false, and your heart will tell you, provided you stay awake when you are out of your body
  3. The official explanation has been given, but savers do not believe the official explanation. So the depositors decided to protest, but they were forcibly suppressed by the police.
  4. The video of people rallying to protest was taken on a cell phone, and it's real. But the videos are banned from being distributed on the Chinese internet. Health codes are evil inventions that are used to control everyone's travel. For real estate projects in many cities, the construction site has been suspended due to the broken capital chain of developers, and houses cannot be handed over on time. The owners decided to stop making repayments to the bank, estimated to be in the billions of dollars.
  5. 你好!At least not being deceived by the media
  6. I share with you a method, this method is from the East, it is very simple and I use it often. When you decide to do something, no matter what it is, travel, go to school, work, find someone, run for president, take a plane, etc. As long as you decide to do it can be predicted. When you start doing this, your intuition will use the good or bad of a small thing to predict the success or failure of the thing you are trying to do. For example, I was going to withdraw money today, and after I went out I saw a dog urinating on my shoes, which made me feel really bad. This means that you will have trouble getting your money out, or you won't get it at all. The frequency of small things will directly affect the success or failure of big things, which is called the butterfly effect. The butterfly effect can be a thing, or hearing a word. In short, if you have a bad feeling, things will fail, if you have a good feeling, things will be done very smoothly.
  7. The Henan Bank incident is the scene where depositors protest and are suppressed at the beginning of the video. Small regional banks took deposits from depositors, all deposits were misappropriated, depositors were unable to withdraw money, and they were beaten by triad members during protests. The amount that was misappropriated was over $3 billion, which happened last month.
  8. Thanks for your message. I watched the video you recommended, and yes, the content of the video is true. David is right. China is a huge incubation pool, a template for controlling people. This template will be used as a blueprint to roll out to the world. I know that Italy is starting to learn this template, with lockdowns and health passports. The Henan Bank incident mentioned in the video, the news was blocked, people could not know what happened, and the government deliberately created another news incident to cover it up. Yesterday, more than 80,000 tourists were blocked in Sanya and could not go home. The official reason was the emergence of the new Corona virus in Sanya. I know that is fake. China is an incubator of negative emotions. People living here cannot get information freely, only fake news that keeps repeating. Humanity needs a revolution, not a demonstration, but a revolution of the mind. Everyone does not hand over their rights to others, the game is over.
  9. Hello everyone. I live in a small city in China. I don't speak English, but I use VPN and Google Translate to browse the world every day. I have watched most of David's videos and they have inspired me a lot. People living in China are very difficult and cannot freely choose the world's information, because there is a firewall here. Chinese society is a blueprint that will be extended to the world, David is right. David talked about European history, Sumerian civilization, and African history, all of which can be found in Chinese mythology, including the Free Stonemasons. Yesterday, I have purchased David's new book and mailed it to China. I think there are not many people who can read this book in China. In the material world, there are countless difficulties preventing me from finding my true self, and I have no fears because I know they are false. The real me is an infinite, eternal, omniscient being. When the real me leaves the earth prison and goes to the real free universe, we share it together.
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