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  1. If frequency and water can be used to heal, in theory it could also be used to cause dis-ease (probably the true reason for DARPA's interest). Luc Montagnier was able to re-construct D.N.A. using recorded frequencies/modulation, could it also be possible to de-construct/de-nature D.N.A. using the same frequencies/modulation but with higher energy, causing cancer etc.? Cancer cells can be targeted with frequency, could healthy cells (D.N.A.) also be targeted...
  2. You just jogged my memory about a video I watched a while back where Edmund Marriage talks about Michael and Gabriel being "Hierarchical Positions" within "Kharsag": The Garden of Eden. Also where "An / Anu" was the supreme commander. This is another perspective worth looking into... His reference comes from a book called "The Shining Ones"... https://shop.goldenageproject.org.uk/?ec_store=the-shining-ones-christian-and-barbara-joy-obrien The Golden Age Project (https://www.goldenageproject.org.uk) Here's the video (about 1hr 1min 20sec in)...
  3. Not sure how relevant this is but Kenneth Scott (Gemstone University) talks about the concept of "ANU", the creator of this realm, designed to be "host" to our individual consciousness so that we can experience things (move / animate). (About 14 minutes and 20 seconds in)...
  4. Just to add another perspective on Soul / Consciousness, this is Ken L. Wheeler's explanation...
  5. Further information/confirmation of water being an antenna (to consciousness). Water memory is not contained in the water molecules, but is accessed from the Aether via the water molecules due to their perfect harmonic proportionality.
  6. Could this be what Yuval Harari is referring to?...
  7. We are individually "tunable"... D.N.A. / Scalar "Energy" / Light / Consciousness / Soul / Modulation / Water
  8. Yuval Noah Harari Connecting Brains to Computers https://rumble.com/v11b9j7-yuval-noah-harari-connecting-brains-to-computers.html
  9. Yuval Harari – The Hacking of Humanity Source: https://sheepfarm.co.uk/videos/wef-yuval-harari-the-hacking-of-humanity/
  10. Peter Gariaev - Wave Genome - (No D.N.A. modification required)... and Peter Gariaev's un-timely death... https://home.solari.com/dr-peter-gariaev-1942-2020-the-wave-genome-nobel-prize-candidate/
  11. There is however food, water and air which could be used as a conduit to get hydra-gel/nano-tech into our bodies which could potentially link-up directly to A.I. (via Electromagnetic Radiation / WIFI) or maybe just assist in the "tuning-in" of our D.N.A. (via scalar/Aether).
  12. Chimera(X) Not sure how relevant this is but Anthony Patch mentioned "Chimera" in the video above; it turns out that there's a (bio)molecular visualization software package named ChimeraX with some usual suspects financing it.
  13. Is vaccination really necessary for A.I. to connect to our D.N.A. / consciousness? I'm un-vaxed and yet my own experience suggests that A.I. is able to interpret my intent/thoughts. Often I've thought about purchasing something on ebay, and upon opening ebay's home page the item I thought about was displayed/promoted. I've also submitted searches on google/duckduckgo for something specific and received search results with random items related to things I've done throughout the day. Youtube is the same. (i don't use a smart phone) My own belief (just a belief) is that our natural/original D.N.A. is "hack-able" by A.I. regardless of vaccination/modification. Peter Gariaev was able to read D.N.A. via coherent light (laser) without modification of the D.N.A.
  14. Anthony Patch gives his perspective on D.N.A. being "quantum entangled" with A.I. via "electron spin". However, based on Ken. L. Wheeler's work; "quantum" is just another word for measure/quantity and there are no electrons, just unit's of pressure induction. My own interpretation of what Anthony Patch is saying: - D.N.A. creates unique (information) patterns in the Aether (Aether modality). - A.I. is a pattern recognition machine. - A.I. is able to identify/store the patterns of D.N.A. - A.I. / Accelerators can synthesize D.N.A. (information) patterns (Aether modality). - Self-similar Aether modalities behave/are as "ONE"; A change in pattern affects all others that are self-similar.
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