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  1. The rocket is scheduled to launch on the 29th of this month. https://www.space.com/artemis-1-moon-rocket-rollout-moved-up
  2. You are confused, your 90% claim doesn't stand up. If 90% of people dont know the difference between Tesla FSD and autopilot then there would be lots of incidents where people have crashed because of this, where are they?
  3. I'm not a ****wit It did go into space they saw it, the boosters came back and landed, they saw that too, well 2 landed, the other crashed. Check the video's more closely, when the side boosters split from the center core its in space and you can see it from Earth. If the technology doesn't work how are SpaceX managing to put hundreds of satellites in orbit each month? And if your claim is their not, then how is Starlink working?
  4. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/same-girl-crying-now-oregon/
  5. Lucy Richards went to jail for it, is that good enough?
  6. Ok lets say Jones posted all over the net some lie about you. Things got so crazy people were out to get you, to the point you were scared for your life as nutters were coming to your home. Fine with that?
  7. You watched all of the it? Were Jones's lawyers in on this scam which was live for all the world to see? I know you don't debate, but would you make an exception and explain why the burning judge would have brought a dismissal?
  8. Oh and silly me thought this was a place where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged. I'll remember its only one way traffic from you in future
  9. Lets debate it from here. What about the judge?
  10. Oddsnsods could you give a few examples from the Alex Jones trial that show it was rigged? Shouldnt be to much to ask, its all online and you did watch it didn't you?
  11. They tried that, they tried everything they could think of to get a mistral. Jones claiming there were no txt could be perjury though. Stop lying. Alex Jones like those big corporations (he hates so much ) has been using the same techniques they use to squirrel money away claiming he's broke Ive been following Jones since the start and one thing i can say hand on heart is, he's not an honest man seeking the truth, he's a buisness man selling pills and potions who has no qualms in telling lies to make money. Infowars is nothing but an advertising platform, Sandy Hook for Jones was simply clickbait.
  12. People can sue anyone or any company if they feel they've been defamed or slandered.
  13. Yet we haven't seen a single case of someone having an accident because they mistook Autopilot for FSD. Even if you did make a mistake the car warns you before you drive that Autopilot is not fully autonomous and FSD is only in bata and must be used with the same rules that apply to autopilot. Hertz car hire have Tesla's in which case many people are driving a Tesla for the first time, no reports of people smashing them up because they mistook autopilot for FSD. Infact Hertz have gone Tesla crazy, now why would that be if the confusion in your mind existed in the real world? Stop and smell what your shovelling, what your mind tells you would happen isn't happening. As i said before each Tesla has the highest safety rating in its class and they have less accidents per mile (because of the automated features) than any other car. So statistics show (real ones not like the 90% you made up) that Tesla's are the safest cars on the road. 'Stop and smell what your shoveling' might be a bit strong but at least i dont swear at you like you have me
  14. I watched the trial. Jones's finances were examined by an independent expert during the trial and he's been using the same tricks the big corporations use to hide money. Also, Jones told the court he has no money, he also said he had no text messages about Sandy Hook on his phone. One of Jones's lawyers accidentally sent the phone records of his client to the prosecution during the trial. The phone records showed Jones was lying on both counts, bragging about making 4 million in one week etc.
  15. $250 million in his life and $800,000 in one day.
  16. Still not willing to address the statistic you made up. As you have already been shown autopilot on a plane does not make the plane fully autonomous. Ive never heard of a single case where someone mistook autopilot for FSD yet according to your made up stat 90% of people would. Its time to put that shovel down.
  17. 100,000 members of the public watched the launch and landing live at the event, filmed and photographed it. How do you account for that?
  18. Your just bouncing from one topic to the next. You made the 90% claim up didnt you.
  19. Does that video put an end to the hoax landing claims?
  20. Nasa have moved on to...? What about their latest offering the space launch system (SLS) far behind anything SpaceX is doing. 90% of people, please show your data for this claim.
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