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  1. This is really shocking and sad. A J6 protestor who committed no violent crime and didn't enter the building has been jailed for 7 years 3 months because his son baited him in to debates at home to record him talking about how the government needs to be overthrown. The government tried to get an even greater sentence by using terrorism legislation. His own son recorded him, testified against him and asked for the maximum sentence for him in court. Real disturbing Orwellian stuff. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/08/guy-reffitt-sentenced-seven-years-3-months-january-6th-prosecutions-request-terrorism-upwards-departure-denied-son-jackson-asked-maximum-sentence-dad-letter-t/
  2. Well, if he really believes in the deep state, he should've stood up and opposed it while he was in power. I know he gave some resistance, which he was punished for. For his resistance to lockdowns and vax mandates he was punished by that entire wallpaper-gate nonsense. I can read that between the lines, but he should've stood up and said so. He shouldn't have filled his ranks with the people 'they' wanted, as they would surely topple him for going in the wrong direction. Finally, he absolutely shouldn't have been arming that awful regime in Ukraine. He made his bed.
  3. You remember what those project veritas CNN leaks said. After the pandemic the next big issue will be global warming.
  4. Zelenskyy is 'the man'. The bit part Ukrainian actor worth 650m. His is tied in deep with Biden. Hence their prior corruption and the release of that phone call to try and get Trump out. America and the west fully intends to continue escalating with Russia. It won't quickly burst in to nuclear war. It will be a long, draining slog that's gonna make people miserable.
  5. Wow wow wow wow wow. I just got perma banned from Reddit for daring to say that sodomy is disgusting. That's what I came here to make an account to see if I can still say reasonable things anywhere online. (and because people need to leave reddit and empower diverse forums, because reddit is an echo chamber that most people don't know is an echo chamber) Your comment gives me some hope.
  6. Gotta be an example of what TPTB would like all men to behave like.
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