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  1. The thing that struck me most about this 'assassination attempt' was that they bundled him into a car afterwards. Do they not have ambulances in Slovakia? If someone's just been shot, the last thing you would want to do is to bundle them into a car. You have no idea how badly injured they are and what additional damage could be caused by moving them in such a way. The whole thing seems suspicious to me, but then it is Eastern Europe after all...
  2. A simple thumbnail sketch of what the man is like in reality. Expect more of the same.
  3. What a load of tosh! All of this has been known from day one. Typical of Americans to use any excuse to get in on the act! Perhaps Piers Morgan should do a similar 'expose' on a few ot the American presidents.
  4. https://www.itv.com/news/anglia/2022-07-05/new-image-shows-extent-of-gas-explosion-which-destroyed-bedford-block-of-flats The official narrative on this currently is that it was probably casued by a camping stove - really? (There is only electricity supplied to the properties and the suggestion is that someone was trying to save money by using a camping stove to cook food). A camping stove would do this much damage? One person is dead and a few injured. OK, so they probably can't check all the rubble because the buildings are in such a dangerous condition. It just seems remarkable (to me at least) that so few people have died, given the destruction. Anyone got any thoughts on this - false flag?
  5. OK, so here's another angle on the story. If indeed JPM did die, then whoever took over from him had a hell of a lot to learn, not least the accent. There are very few non-Scousers who can get the accent right and even fewer who know proper Scouse slang. And reconstructive surgey in 1966 - really? There would surely have been a gap between the 'death' of McCartney and the reappearnce of his subsitute, unless the car crash was planned, Lady Di style. I haven't read the book, nor have I any intention of putting money into the pockets of the author. The fact that Mr Unharriet is American and lives in Utah immeditaely raises my suspicions. Writing a book based on the premise that JPM died and was replaced by a lookilikey is a very easy way of making money. It's like the ghost-hunting programmes they do on the TV. They're always in America and dramatised to a ridiculous degree, with lots of special effects, to fit the narrative rather than to produce a convincing study. Anyway, I digress. I was at school with JPM and I have met him a number of times since. Our school had a special vocabulary all it's own, which no-one outside the school would understand, and on one occasion around the time when it was about to become LIPA, we got to chatting about schooldays. If that's not the real JPM, then whoever it is deserves an Oscar and could certainly outdo Leslie Welch. (For younger members, there is a brief insertion on Wiki about him). Forum members on here tend to believe what they want to believe, and that's their inalienable right. However, we should always consider an alternative point of view, especially when there is useful evidence to back it up.
  6. Just a couple of points: The naval activity elsewhere in Europe is nothing unusual. NATO has to find games to play with their $billion toys. They can't go to the Black Sea for the moment (a big favourite in the past), so Scandinaiva is a good bet. Helps them with their shoo-in to NATO, too!. Anyone heard of Castlemartin? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Castlemartin_Training_Area A bit south of the area, but it's a huge place and could something unpleasant have been fired off from there and gone the wrong way? FWIW, my guess is that something which is very unpleasnt has fallen off a ship or aircraft, and they need to locate it and get it up ASAP. 'Weapon safety Traces' says it all to me. This is by no means a standard exercise. Such things are planned many months in advance and the MoD would not normally interfere with civil shipping, be it commercial or private. Whatever it is, I reckon it's quite serious, but as always with these things, we'll never find out the truth. There is form for missiles potentially going astray in the area: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aer_Lingus_Flight_712 I had friends who worked for Aer Lingus at the time and the firm belief was that the aircraft was hit by a stray missile. The aircraft was 11 years old, hed formerly been owned by KLM, and Aer Lingus' maintenance was excellent, so structural failure seems exceedingly unlikely.
  7. None of the Infogram stuff surprises me, though quite why they pitch their info at the level of seven-year-olds, is beyond me. I have had dealings with a number of large charities, not from choice, but necessity. None were in the UK, though several of the charities were British-based. They would send six or eight people to meetings, where two would have been plenty. I found them arrogant and the fact that they always turned up mob-handed meant that they invariably ended up arguing with each other. In most of them, there is fat too much unaccounted-for money swilling around, and everyone seems to have a grand title and no doubt a similar salary to go with it. I am sure there are genuine ones out there, but the bad ones outweigh them. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8900805/Labour-Foreign-Secretary-David-rakes-1-million-year-mega-salary.html The perfect definition of a sinecure...
  8. I understand your point, Danny. No need for the bad language though. I thought you would have articulated your argument without the need to resort to bad language, and I had hoped that you had a better vocabulary. Most of the other posts have little to do with Ukraine, so the original statement is lost in the miasma. On that basis, I'm dropping out from this thread.
  9. Are you amused by this development, Danny? And if you are, can you tell me what is the source of your amusement?
  10. You see what you want to see Messiah, but I have one question to the group: Why does this stuff always originate in the US? I never hear of any of this stuff originating in Malaysia or Denmark or South Africa, so what's the deal with the US? I suppose it all started with Roswell and then Area 51, but all I see as evidence in these cases are very distorted images and clouds which are just like those which pass over my house every day. Yes, sometimes they make interesting patterns, but then so does the sea when it washes up on a beach. It's just like the paranormal hocus-pocus they put on TV in the UK - all made in the US and not far from the Disney studios I suspect. I've had numerous paranormal experiences, but I don't go shouting to the world about them.
  11. No idea what you're on about Pierre-Luc, but it's strange how these items appear in the media when the organisation needs a bit more funding. Reminds of the Madeleine McCann case where, when they're about to run out of funding, articles suddenly appear in the media saying how close they are to catching the perp. Personally, I think that we'd be better concentrating on more earthly matters. Given that there is no firm evidence of extra terrestrial visitors for the last 2000 years at least, I'd say it was time to give up and concentrate their knowledge on finding an alternative to plastic, which eventually will destroy the earth.
  12. I wouldn't put too much store by the information on FR24. From personal experience, (incorrect aircraft details, incorrect routings etc), I know that it is often inaccurate. I agree that they can 'amend' their transponders so that FR24 can't pick them up, but the military (and usually civil) air traffic controllers know where they are, because they have to. There is no doubt that the US is conducting additional military manoeuvres at preset. I live not a million miles from Mildenhall and the Ospreys which are based there have been flying very low (+/- 3000 feet) late at night and in the early hours, to the point where there have been lots of comments on the local Facebook page. I imagine Akrotiri must be quite busy these days...
  13. I wouldn't trust a report on a football match in the Daily Express. I'm surprised that they didn't manage to get a mention of Diana into that article. The only reason we're hearing about tsunamis is because of the potential treat to the US. If the threat was to India for example, no-one would care.
  14. Well, talk about paranoia! I think the US has reached new levels with this one!
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