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  1. What makes me laugh with all this, especially in supermarkets is that (mask-wearing) people completely ignore the rules when it comes to getting what they want. They will move in right next to you and take stuff from the shelves and many will put it back again and then take something else, or realise that they didn't want it and leave it elsewhere. The worst though, are those with the mobile phones. Either they're on their phones saying "Oh the haven't got the 300 gram size, only the bigger one", or they're working from a list on a mobile phone which they cannot read properly. A lot of my frie
  2. I have friends in Manchester who would be very quick to tell me if there were tanks on the streets or track and trace marshals or students on the streets. If that day ever comes, which I doubt, I shall be the first to apologise.
  3. I think that's the first time I've ever seen Stalin's name misspelt!
  4. So here we are on Friday 23rd October. Any sign of the tanks yet, following the 'click bait' headline, worthy of a red top scandal sheet? No, thought not!
  5. Haha - good luck with that! Apart from hotel bills, I never paid for anything with a card in India. And it's them - and their neighbours over there (amongst others), who perpetuate the 'cash only' system.
  6. I live in the East Midlands and loads of shops only take cash. The biggest perpetrators of this are takeaways. Many traders will tell you that they only take cash. It will be a long time before we become a cashless society, whatever the government would like to think.
  7. Well personally, I see America and it's rotten to the core TV as something almost alien, so I never watch even YouTube stuff that originates from there, but I suppose you're right. Of course the British media, as America's poodle, think it's a great idea to copy any idea they come up with, no matter how sick it may be.
  8. The only thing these so-called parents are interested in is making money out of the child. In any other country, this would not be allowed on TV and the fact that a mainstream TV is glorifying it in this way without any apparent sanction from the authorities. is a warning to us all.
  9. Interesting comment. I gather there have been 'problems' with the contractors who were supposed to be building on the old base...
  10. I could maybe believe a little (but not much) of that if the captioning was spelt correctly. Why is it that some many of these people seem unable to spell basic English? As to the caller, well I'm not surprised they cut him off. I mean if you've got serious evidence of anything like that, you surely just don't call your local radio station. Over the years there have been numerous people who claim to have worked at 'Area 51' and then left and claimed all sorts of stories, without a shred of evidence. This is just another one to add to the list.
  11. rofl! Well, people don't exactly go around killing one another in Europe - generally - so why choose the UK? As has been said many times, these people go to the trouble of crossing the whole of Europe to get to the UK. Is this because they already have family/contacts in the UK where they can hide?
  12. Had a very strange incident at home yesterday. I live alone and I have an automatic waste bin in the kitchen. Automatic in the sense that there is a sensor on the top and the lid opens when your hand is near it. It's powered by batteries and works with a quite distinctive noise. When I had my stray cat Poppy, I always knew when she was in the kitchen, because she'd set it off when she jumped up onto the kitchen units. Last night I was watching TV when I heard it go off. Thinking that one of the local cats might have got in (the patio door was open, but there was a net across the door),
  13. 18 months ago, my son died in a tragic accident. I have always had an interest in the afterlife and prior to his death, I had visited a spiritualist. In the course of the reading, she suddenly said, "Who's Janet?" Janet was my paternal grandmother and I was something of a favourite. The spiritualist then went on to describe, in some detail, the house she had lived in and how she kept chocolate biscuits in a cupboard. Coincidence? Standard responses? Well I'm not easily convinced about anything I don't understand, but I found this very illuminating. Last year, on what would have been his b
  14. The so-called Bermuda Triangle has long been an area well-known to aviators and mariners for a very rapidly changing and unpredictable weather picture, which has caught many of them out. I won't bore readers with the reasons why; the fact that the warm Caribbean Sea meets the Atlantic in that area will do for starters. UFOs? Maybe, but I've never been sure why UFOs seem to been in North America more than anywhere else in the rest of the world. USOs? Well for about 15 years it was one of the major drug-smuggling routes between Colombia, Venezuela and the US. The waters around the Bahamas are f
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