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  1. Well, the color's right. But the face is a bit more menacing than the one I saw. Of course, I had the strong feeling that it was female, so maybe that's why the features were softer, rounder.
  2. Well, so much for finding any answers here. I'd hoped at least one person had seen such a being.
  3. Well, I looked up Andromedans and if the drawings are accurate, that's not what I saw. I was laying on my couch around two in the morning, having just woke up from falling asleep while watching TV. I was staring up blankly, wondering if it was worth the effort of getting up and going to bed when I noticed a face staring down at me from the area where the far wall met the ceiling. It looks similar to an E.T. type face, but was teal-colored, like a blude-green with just a touch more green than blue and closer to human looking. I can't describe where it was watching me from. Actually, I almost felt as if I knew it was a "she." It seemed to be pushing its face through some barrier I couldn't see into my livingroom. It was watching me sleep for some reason. Then, it suddenly realized I was looking back and I swear to God, it got this "Oh, shit!" look and instantly popped out of sight to somewhere. Not through anything overtly physical like my wall or ceiling. It was some invisible barrier and I don't know what was on the other side. But that look. Man, that was funny. I sat up and shouted, "Hey, get back here!" Never saw it again while awake, but dreamed about small, teal-colored beings many times afterward. Seemed as if I knew them well in my dreams, but not in my waking life. I was never afraid, though. Just mildly curious and then a bit annoyed that "she" left so abruptly.
  4. Hmm. So, I'm the only one who's seen one? That's weird. There has to be someone else, surely.
  5. Has anyone ever heard of or had an experience involving teal-colored aliens? I have tried to find information about them, if there is any information to be found, and have not been successful.
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