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  1. I believe that God IS Consciousness, and we all are a small part of that Consciousness. It was and is always. The universe was created by It. We have consciousness that is only a very small part of a collective complete Consciousness. It is all that exists in true reality. OUR reality is a construct of our imagination that we create at a speed that precedes our thoughts. We, as human creations, are not able to easily understand these ideations fully until you have found Self. It can be done.To find Self and be closer to understanding It/Consciousness/God, try meditating. People have raised their vibration before to gain more understanding as to what is so profound and yet so simple. I want to be one of those people who can get closer to God Consciousness while in their physical form, so I've been practicing a lot. I want to find self... soon I hope. There is a great sight for topics like this. It's at Actualized.org created by a guy named Leo. You should really check it out!
  2. I saw a movie with similar elements. Demi Moore stars in it, where she has two lives, one awake and one asleep. The movie rolls around the choice she must make... which lover and life to choose to exist with. It's pretty good. It didn't do well at the box office, but it is a good watch none the less.
  3. Complete Consciousness/God is perfect and always was. We are just a teeny part of It throughout our physical incarnation.
  4. After we complete our physical incarnation, the answers will be there. Your past lives, your questions about the universe, and how you are a part of complete Consciousness. Be patient. In the meantime, you can meditate to expand your consciousness and understand more about what you are and why.
  5. When that happened to you, It was you being conscious of Consciousness. It happened to me when I was about five, and the feeling is profound. You CAN get that feeling back through meditation.
  6. No one made God. God is Consciousness and it has always been.
  7. I believe we are all connected by Consciousness/God and our reality was imagined by God/Consciousness.
  8. God has ultimate knowledge beyond anything we can imagine ourselves. Consciousness/God simply has to use Its imagination and creates the illusion of reality for us all. We are just parts of Its consciousness and we are also imagining our reality. Why It did this, I believe, was out of loneliness.... I don't know why I feel this way. Or maybe It did this simply because It could.
  9. I would love to know what happens to matter after it is sucked in a black hole. I think that may hold some answers.
  10. My beliefs are that God IS Consciousness. It is nothing that can do anything through imagination. This is how we, first as spirits, collectively choose our next incarnation if need be for further spiritual ascension. Or, we have already learned what was needed, then we are permitted by Godhead/Consciousness/Nothing/Everything to move upward toward the higher fields of spirituality. God=Self=Universe. It is all a collective process which ultimately falling into its proper palces. Consciousness is perfect. God is perfect. You will be perfect... eventually after lots of ascensions.
  11. I would like to hear more on your views about God vs. Consciousness. What is your opinion?
  12. We all begin as spirits of consciousness. As a small part of the infinite God Consciousness. then, we choose, with approval, the next incarnation or not you may choose to exist in the human world. If you choose another incarnation, is only for experience and learning. When your physical body perishes, you return to spirit. If you have been a terrible person and have made terrible decisions based on selfishness, greed, and an ego that is vain or sloth, Consciousness is aware. It is everything, including you. In those cases, rather than ascending to higher planes of existence in the cosmos, with Godhead, you will be kept at a lower vibrational realm for a indeterminate period, until you have purged your demons and wrongdoings and are humble and grateful for the chance at moving upward. This is how life works. It is solipsist view I will not lie, but this is my belief. So, try to be good in this life. You are only hurting yourself if you turn to evil and darkness. It is so much better when you ascend to higher planes, until eventually you become one with Godhead, which may take a very long time, but it is so worth it.
  13. Consciousness. Consciousness has always existed and will never cease to exist. If you would rather call it God, fine. Consciousness=Spirit Self=Universe. You are consciousness and you are the universe. Everything is interconnected. Our human lives are finite, but our spirits are infinite. Before you were born, your spirit chose you and your life's challenges to learn as a spirit advance at a higher spiritual ascension. It is all about learning. Consciousness IS and will always be. There is nothing more except the constructs of reality we create as reality in fast time before you create it. Your whole life is an imagination that you created instants before you perceive them as a human being. You are only one part of the collective consciousness and you are infinite. Just have fun with your human life and try to make good decisions. We have the free will to make decisions for ourselves, but at the same time, your destiny is predestined, and will take place no matter which small decisions you make. So we have both- free will and non-free will. Oh yes, I did want to add that we are all made of vibrations initially, and that is created from yourself as well. You take I specific vibrational sequence, and you create things for your reality. You just don't know you are doing this yet, and will come to find out it all after you die, when you are deciding your next incarnation, if approved my Consciousness/God/Your spirit.
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