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  1. Looks like something has touched Google's nerve...
  2. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2023/may/29/cabinet-office-may-take-legal-action-to-deny-covid-inquiry-lady-hallett-boris-johnson-material#:~:text=Cabinet Office may take legal action to deny Covid inquiry Boris Johnson material,-Such a challenge&text=The Cabinet Office could take,the Guardian had been told.
  3. wingwang


    On the subject of cars...
  4. Wouldn't mind a woman like that myself, the closest I got was Lilo Lil from Dollis Hill... Have a watch of this richplanet episode: https://www.richplanet.net/richp_genre.php?ref=299&part=1&gen=99
  5. This is how it will play out, imho.... Be careful who you reproduce with, very careful... Image courtesy of richplanet.net
  6. Well, I'd certainly like to see the original source...
  7. Wasn't Sean Adl a mod on the old forum who kicked up a stink?
  8. There's a theory going around that the W.H.O. ended the Covid pandemic to bookend it. To start afresh with something new...
  9. Indeed, it is possible she was jabbed. I got offered the jab early doors as I've got a heart condition and I'm mid-forties. Told 'em where to go, of course!
  10. https://www.justgiving.com/campaign/sadhvisharmamemorialfund "This scholarship fund is in honor of Sadhvi Sharma who died in March 2021 aged just 39." She was probably not vaxxed given her age and how the elderly got jabbed first...
  11. Not sure if the procession will pass Tyburn (now Marble Arch)... https://englishhistory.net/tyburn/
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