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  1. I've seen this as well. People all of a sudden start wearing masks when they didn't before! Weird.
  2. “The greatest victory is that which requires no battle.” ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War
  3. I'm an optimist and would like to think O'Keefe is looking to win the war and not the battle. A lot of incriminating evidence got recorded and I'd like to think O'Keefe was happy with what was achieved. Having Pfizer guy nicked on low level charges really is neither here or there compared to the bigger things going on. Just my thoughts...
  4. Sorry to quote you out of context, but what you said in the quote made me think of this...
  5. "The unvaxxed didn't warn us, so we closed the comment section because all the comments are from the unvaxxed." Nice bit of gaslighting. Comments are open on a temporary basis, as a trial! A bit like the vax!
  6. Nah, It certainly isn't Nelson Mandela or Isabella... Deffo the Special Brew...! Checkout what the Stella does to ya, maaaaan...!
  7. Lemmingials? Just a word that sprung into my mind after reading your post! Not sure where it came from? Shoved over a cliff with the great Attenborough playing Pied Piper?! Sorry if I'm being a bit cryptic... Special Brew and spliffs...! hiccup...
  8. Out of the frying pan and into the fire????
  9. Thoughtful responses as well...
  10. Yeah, well let me twist your melon here... https://tcpa.org.uk/collection/the-20-minute-neighbourhood/
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