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  1. Didn't realise Mullins was so short. There's got to be some small man syndrome going on there to boot. Yes, let's not make this into a shrine to the dick! Someone change the course, ffs!
  2. He's certainly the Groom of the Stool! I'll give you that! Freemason sycophant wannabe at best! "The Groom of the Stool was a male servant in the household of the English monarch who was responsible for assisting the king in his toileting needs."
  3. He's probably just being a bit controversial to get free publicity, like how Michael O'Leary does with Ryanair and the £1 to use the toilet story.
  4. They could have the jab at the same time they get their botox done...
  5. @zarkov I've not come across Dr David Martin before. Here's another video of interest:
  6. Good on you for saving that. 1 min 28 sec is epic! Recently I tried to find this stuff on YouTube and couldn't find it, of course. You hold that file tight.
  7. Must admit, my spidey senses got piqued at that. Like when politicians use non-sequiturs.
  8. Tell you what, that guy in the video could become a professional footballer...
  9. During the period when restaurants were allowed to open, June or July(?), I went to a cafe and there was a newspaper from March that had stayed in the cafe. The only time I read newspapers is when I'm in a cafe on my own! Anyway, the propaganda in that newspaper was ridiculous... Pictures of people keeling over and dying in the streets of Wuhan. Remember that? Did it transpire here? No! The scene was set, the fear instilled. That's what the powers that be are still playing with, the fictional propaganda. Yes, I too sat on the fence for a bit at the start but then the critical think
  10. https://www.bmj.com/company/newsroom/covid-19-vaccine-trials-cannot-tell-us-if-they-will-save-lives/
  11. Had a quick look at the comments to see if they're biased! They are! Learned a couple of phrases: 'Nose-pig'; someone whose mask doesn't cover their nose. 'Chinwarmer'; someone whose mask only covers their chin. Militant bunch, aren't they?! I read the comments while seeing how long I could tolerate listening to James O'Brien on LBC debating whether Boris was wrong for going on a bike ride! I can be a sadistic bastard sometimes! And breathe...
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