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  1. “You know all these abductions performed by tall greys, Nebu . . . since the 1950s? These agreements that have been made with MJ-12? They’ve been abducting millions of people every year, breeding hybrids from them—hybrid humans. These hybrids, they are legions.” Elena Danaan “These abductions performed by the Nebu concerned hybridization. They mass-produced hybrids . . . And the plan was that these hybrids would take over the humans of Earth by coming into this society. They never could attack Earth by force because the Galactic Federation would have stopped them, so they bred themselves in.” Elena Danaan The abductions will probably never end, because the reasons why people get abducted are so diverse. You’ve got ETs who own DNA down here; you’ve got ET corporations who own people down here through, like, banks and medical facilities, and everything else. There is a certain web site where you actually can type in your social security number and it will tell you what companies own you. And at first I thought this was a fraud, and I typed in five people’s social security numbers, and some of them I just made up. And some of the corporations were the same. But the one that freaks me out the most is when I typed mine in—it actually gave the name of my grandfather’s great-grandfather. Like, their line before they changed their last name was on there, and that completely convinced me that this thing was real. – Apollymi Mandylion, in a recent interview with James Rink The Great Replacement https://inscribedonthebelievingmind.blog/2022/08/04/the-great-replacement/
  2. Military forces and their predatory alien partners have been abducting humans and performing genetic experiments on them for more than 70 years. This is not a secret. Read Lone Wolf, by James Rink, and Agent Buried Alive by James Casbolt. https://rumble.com/vmknxx-super-soldier-talk-with-apollymi-project-crest-carbon-section-13-32-c.html
  3. Update from Commander Val Nek through Megan Rose, March 27, 2022 And then I’m being brought to a room, and these computers—I’ll call them computers but they’re like satellite computers. Remember, this is ET technology; that’s the best way I can describe it. And I’m being brought to a room, and it’s like several of these computer things in a row, and they’re all like solid matter but then they have this frequency radiating off of it and it’s in the fourth [frequency]. This is not 3-D technology; he’s saying 4-D, not 3-D. And they look like they’re not as large as the one in Area 51, but there’s a lot more of them. Um, he’s saying, “we found them! This is good news!” And he keeps underlying, “Big tech companies: their internet is being dismantled.” Um, he’s bringing me back to the Starlink satellites. He’s saying they are good and he’s saying, "We made we made these in the Jupiter Agreements"; or "This is technology from the Jupiter Agreements." I keep being brought back to these computers, though; the ones in California, these private tech companies. And I’m seeing people with implants, with brain implants. He’s saying, “This is gray technology and it is a lot of people.” Okay, and I’m seeing on actual computers that we use lists and lists of people, of all the people that three-letter agencies have put these implants in. Okay. Um, he’s saying, “Connected to Washington three-letter agencies.” So, these are like, I don’t know, these are all kinds of different people, but for example, I’m seeing a woman with an implant in her in her mind and it’s the quantum resonance to this computer. Um, he’s saying, “Mind-control technology, gray technology. The Alliance is undoing,” is what he’s saying. Um, he’s again talking about reverse-engineering and then I’m seeing um, and then I’m seeing over the computer, it’s like, how do i describe it? These scientists, but these are non-human scientists around the computer. This is–- there are several of them, but I’m just seeing one right now around them, non-human. They’re blonde Nordic-alien-looking, like, “From the Federation,” he says, and “Member of the Alliance.” Because I’m seeing men in military uniforms, and he’s saying, um, this looks like the U.S. Navy. He’s saying, “Yes it is U.S. Navy,” and he’s talking about “Cracking the code, cracking the code.” https://inscribedonthebelievingmind.blog/2022/06/20/mind-control-technology-silicon-valley/
  4. Regarding Australia, there are three great sources of information on what is really going on down under. Australia's DUMBs have been successfully destroyed by the U.S. Navy, reports Commander Val Nek, of the Galactic Federation of Worlds. This was a necessary precondition for taking out "the queen." May and June updates concerning Australia: https://inscribedonthebelievingmind.blog/2022/06/22/england-australia-mind-control-tech/ https://inscribedonthebelievingmind.blog/2022/06/22/megan-rose-australia-dumbs/ Riccardo Bosi, national leader of a political party called AustraliaOne, is working with the so-called "white hats," formally called the Earth Alliance. The party has drawn up detailed plans to reform the country, making Australia the leader among industrialized nations in readiness for the new Earth. (Cuba did all of this since its revolution in 1959, making Cuba the first nation to free itself of the tyrant lizard king.) https://rumble.com/c/AustraliaOneParty Voice of Freedom, Carl Liebold, has a lot of interesting guests and information on Earth's war against the lizards. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTqH3BqhOzSmfVprHaMVmeA/videos
  5. "The Infiltration of Terran Governments by Extraterrestrials" "To inhabit a Terran vessel, the extraterrestrials install a technology into the brain, specifically the cerebral cortex, which allows the vessel to be operated remotely. There are several locations where this was done, two of them being Dulce, New Mexico, and Area 51 in Nevada. There are operators, you can call them, who operate these vessels remotely. Some are operated in CIA facilities above the ground." Commander Val Nek "He’s bringing up the Royal Family again, and he’s talking about the elites in England. He’s saying this is a process. He’s saying, “It’s a very big process; please be patient.” He’s bringing me back to this person, or this— like, I don’t know. It’s like this person was almost like a clone, like they weren’t born. He’s saying, “Yes, this is correct.” He’s saying they have many, many of these facilities underground, and he’s also bringing up in, uh, Canada. He says, “Yes, this is correct. There are many still there.” He keeps bringing my mind back to this person though this man. He’s talking about a network of control, so that person can be controlled remotely from another country. So you basically have all of these countries, [and they are] controlling things through technology underground." Megan Rose The Infiltration of Terran Governments by Extraterrestrials https://inscribedonthebelievingmind.blog/2022/07/06/infiltration-of-terran-governments/
  6. "At the time of the last intel drop on October 24, 2021, Val Nek did not want me to disclose the Killy Tokurt’s connection to the government, specifically the CIA. This species, part of the Orion Alliance, are experts in a practice called soul scalping. They offered this service to the CIA, which was partnered also with the Ciahahrr Empire, to replace government leaders in positions of power. In other words, this service was to infiltrate the Terran government with extraterrestrial presence and further estabish tyrannical control over the Terran people." - Megan Rose, "The Infiltration and Impersonation of Terran Leaders by Malevolent Extraterrestrials." https://inscribedonthebelievingmind.blog/2022/07/05/dulce-and-area-51-cleared-october-2021/ The Killy Tokurt are from the Vela constellation and are sometimes referred to as tall whites. They can shapeshift and their genetics are reptilian. They had an active hybridization program, implanting human women with hybrid embryos and removing them before the babies were born. These hybrid babies have black eyes.
  7. The vast majority of the positions of power and influence in the West are occupied by grey-human hybrids. Greys in DUMBs began to abduct humans and produce hybrids in the 1950s: today they number in the millions. Not only are they world leaders, health ministers, judges, legislators, law enforcement, businessmen, media executives and professionals, they are also migrants and common criminals. The takeover of our planet has been going on right under our noses for forty years. https://inscribedonthebelievingmind.blog/2022/05/31/grey-human-hybrid-you-be-the-judge/
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