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  1. I watched the first 3 hours of the first video and I couldn't bring myself to watch anymore. The only interesting parts to me were when they mentioned that the venethi, illeryans, dracians, goths etc were all generally the same ethnically. Other than that, it really just barely touches any history of eastern Europe (my primary interest), and seems to just be regurgitating a general history of the world (mainly Rome, Judea, and western Europe) except with added demonizing of knightly orders, noble families, and Pannonia. On a personal note I descend from eastern European nobility my
  2. The "official" history of Eastern Europe that is regurgitated to us by the system is essentially an incomprehensible amount of loosely correlating lies, most of which were rewritten during the latter half of the 17th century and throughout the early 18th century. I want to be very clear this post is not intended to talk badly of the house of Rurik in any way, I myself descend from the house of Rurik from various lines of my family. I only wish to help find the truth of the history of Eastern Europe. Why do millions of people in the region all speak the same "slav-ic" (sleif-ic/slaf
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