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  1. Its all about risk and reducing the risk. The continual wearing of masks all the time has some drawbacks and side effects, both mental and physical. However that’s not what the thread is about. It’s about wearing them on public transport. Most journeys are an hour or less, and wearing a mask isn’t too much to ask. As for our freedoms and civil liberties re masks and transport give me a break. I’ll do the right thing on public transport, wear the mask, and fight the elite elsewhere.
  2. Dosent exist? So, for example, all the microscopic images out there are fake. And all the microbiologists are bought and paid for. And all the labs working on a vaccine are working with something that doesn’t exist. Perhaps you should visit all the intensive care units around the world, observe the common symptoms and suffering, talk with the medical staff. I mean the world’s doctors and nurses aren’t all coming out and saying there’s nothing going on here, nothing new, now are they. Sure you can read a few maverick doctors’ and scientists‘ essays on the virus who oppose consensus view, but they are a tiny minority. They are not the majority of independent medical free thinkers. David has taught me over the years to look to the independent scientists. To gauge their overall viewpoint. This I have done. It takes ages to get to understand some of the parlance and further ages to read all the research and opinions. Once done the inevitable conclusion is that the virus exists and it’s worth wearing facemasks on public transport.
  3. So here’s me acknowledging the independent scientific consensus that says the full workings of the coronavirus are yet to be understood. Therefore mask wearing on public transport is a sensible precaution. But you however seem to think you know everything there is to know about the virus, and consequently advise against mask wearing from your lofty tower. You don’t work for Bill Gates do you? Choose what you resist against wisely.
  4. There’s shed loads of scientific data to support the spread of cold viruses through droplets taken in through the body via eyes, nose and mouth. It doesn’t always mean the virus develops however. The cold virus however is not the coronavirus. I respect your opinion but your statement that mask wearing saves no one is ridiculous. It absolutely dismisses, and that is a huge mistake to make when the science on all the ins and outs of the spread of the coronavirus are still not fully understood and proven. And when the science is uncertain it’s prudent to air on the side of caution, which I shall be doing by wearing a facemask on public transport. Tis noble to reduce a possible risk.
  5. I didn’t say you would get the cold. I said there was a fair chance. Of course the coronavirus is not the same animal as a cold or flu virus and scientists are still trying to understand all the ways it transmits from person to person. Until then caution is the key word, anything else is taking a chance with other people’s lives, and that’s a chance I’m not prepared to take. As for stress, are you really going to be under the same amount of stress by wearing a facemask for a short while? As opposed to sitting two metres away from someone who is not. Really?
  6. Sound advice for the balanced individual. Unfortunately the real world isn’t made up entirely of responsible persons. And that’s why mask wearing on public transport has to be compulsory.
  7. Mask wearing on public transport is about risk reduction, not risk elimination. And that risk reduction is to reduce the risk of passing the virus on to someone else. If a person with the virus and not wearing a mask sneezes over you, you have no protection, even if you’re wearing a mask. However if the sneezer had been wearing a mask, the risk would have been reduced. That is why sane people are choosing to wear the mask. For the sake of others. I read the science and I make my choice. I look at all the different scientific sources, who funds them, and draw my own conclusion. I will be wearing a mask on public transport and not signing the petition. Each to their own.
  8. If a barman has a cold coming on for example and sneezes unexpectedly into the face of a customer across the counter, there’s a fair chance the customer will get the cold. Had the barman been wearing a mask however and sneezed, the risk to the customer would have been reduced. Pretty obvious to even a one brain celler. It’s all about risk reduction, while the uncompromised scientists out there continue to learn more about the virus. Perhaps you’re right and wearing a mask does no good at all, but in case you’re not, it’s worth putting up with a little bit of annoyance to save suffering and lives among the weak and vulnerable, even if it’s just one life. There is currently an overwhelming amount of conflicting scientific instruction out there regarding the virus. This allows anyone to spin the science as they wish. Face masks good. Face masks bad. The truth is always somewhere in the middle. So we err on the side of caution and wear the mask. Not wearing a face mask will also cause extra unnecessary stress to the majority of people on public transport, especially a bus driver, so for that reason alone I’ll be wearing mine - just in case.
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