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  1. One cannot "pass on" or "catch" something that does not exist. SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 do not exist.
  2. No one has suffered or died from COVID-19. COVID-19 does not exist. The test is bogus. The cases are fictional. It does not matter what causes someone to become unwell nowadays, they will unthinkingly believe that they have this imaginary disease called COVID-19 because people on television told them that there is a disease called COVID-19 and that symptoms of every kind are due to this disease. If you have a headache – COVID-19. Erectile dysfunction – COVID-19. Insomnia – COVID-19. Sore throat – COVID-19. Cough – COVID-19. Fatigue – COVID-19. Any symptom of any kind – COVID-19. If you die for any reason – COVID-19. It is all a scam.
  3. These blue-tick propaganda agents do not even try to make their propaganda convincing half of the time. They are literally mocking the public.
  4. Politicians do not demonstrate any urgency to feed or shelter the poor or rough-sleeping, or to protect them from being evicted from their homes for not being able to afford their bills, and they could not care less when police officers intimidate and brutalise the population for simply walking outside (in fact, they defend and thank the police and mock, threaten, and blame the victims), but apparently they want to "protect us" with their injection. Politicians have no credibility. They have continually revealed themselves to be sociopathic and deceitful. I will not get "vaccinated" or "change my mind". No means no.
  5. Boris Johnson is a deceiver – an actor – a deep state agent. And so is every other politician. They are all playing roles, according to a script. His messy hair and "clownish" and "incompetent" behaviour is all theatre.
  6. Yes, Boris Johnson is complicit in this fictitious pandemic. He is a deceiver – an actor, as is every other politician. Every politician is an agent for the deep state. Every politician is working according to a script. Boris Johnson will not "resign" or "get voted out" – political leaders are selected by the deep state, not "elected" or "voted in" by the general population. All of this talk in the news about "Rishi Sunak and Sajid Javid quit Boris Johnson's government" and "cabinet ministers demand that Boris Johnson quit No 10" is nothing but theatre – a deception. News broadcasters are propaganda facilities for the deep state.
  7. I have noticed that politicians, news reporters, and blue-tick shills in general, are ramping up the fear. "COVID-19 cases are rising", "There is a new wave of COVID-19". Based on their current statements, I would not be surprised if more restrictions are reintroduced sometime soon. The elitists will impose whatever restrictions that they think they can get away with. There is no reasoning with them. It is impossible to reason with those unwilling or unable to reason. It makes no difference who the prime minister is, the deep state agenda will continue. Every politician is a deceiver – every one of them is involved in this deception, and are following a script. No politician will come to our "rescue" or "lead the way forward". The population must rescue itself.
  8. Common "pandemic" propaganda phrases used by politicians, royalty, celebrities, news reporters, the NHS, and other "healthcare" services: "We are in a pandemic" "We are in a deadly pandemic" "We are in the middle of a pandemic" "I trust in the science" "I follow the science" "According to the science" "Thank you to science" "The science is clear" "The data says" "The data is clear" "The data shows" "Scientific studies show that SARS-CoV-2 has been isolated" "The virus has been isolated" "We are trying to protect the public" "Public health crisis" "Public health emergency" "The NHS is overwhelmed and at breaking point" "Save our NHS" "Clap for the NHS" "The restrictions are necessary to save lives" "Being unvaccinated puts you at risk of..." "Doctors and nurses are fighting to save lives from COVID-19" "The COVID-19 cases are rising" "A new wave of COVID-19" "The vaccine is safe and effective" "You must wear a mask" "Stay at home and protect the NHS" "You must stay at home" "Flatten the curve" "Just two more weeks to flatten the curve" "I am grateful to science for the vaccine" "Thank you to our NHS heroes" "Healthcare heroes" "The NHS are the best of us" "Thank you NHS" "Our NHS" "Frontline workers" "Essential workers" "I have tested positive for COVID-19" "Wearing a mask will reduce the spread of COVID-19" "Wearing a mask is not about protecting you, it is about protecting others" "We are all in this together" "The unvaccinated are selfish" "Anti-vaxxers are selfish" "This pandemic gives us an opportunity to build back better" "This pandemic gives us an opportunity to reset the way..." "We need a great reset" "I am vaccinated and boosted" "Please get vaccinated" "Please get vaccinated and boosted" "I have symptoms of..." "The unvaccinated are a risk" "Don't be selfish, wear a mask" "Don't be selfish, get vaccinated" "Get boosted NOW" "COVID-19 cases are on the rise. Should the Government bring in more restrictions?" "I have tested positive for COVID-19 for the second time" "I tested positive for COVID-19 this morning" "You must get tested" "Get tested now" "You must self isolate" "I am self isolating" "Mask up" "New world order" "The new normal" "Time for a global reset" "COVID-19 is real" "COVID-19 does exist"
  9. There are no COVID-19 cases, only a fraudulent test and fictional data. SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 do not exist. Face coverings, social distancing, lockdowns, travel bans, and vaccine passports are nothing but indoctrination tactics. I do not, and will not, comply with any of these restrictions.
  10. Another wave? There was not even a first wave. The data is completely fictitious. There is no COVID-19, only propaganda. If a pandemic existed, it would be observable.
  11. There are large numbers of politicians, celebrities, and others in positions of "authority" and "fame" on Twitter (and other social media platforms) – they often have blue ticks on their accounts – who continually make statements such as "I have tested positive for COVID-19", "I am self isolating", and "I am vaccinated and boosted". They are being deceitful. SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 do not exist. The restrictions are indoctrination tactics. No politician, royalty, or celebrity has had any vaccine (injection, jab – whatever term you use), and none of them abide by any of the restrictions when the cameras are off. They only abide by the restrictions (i.e. wear face coverings) when on camera – it is all staged to indoctrinate the population into believing that COVID-19 exists so that they accept and abide by the restrictions and get the vaccine.
  12. Face coverings, social distancing, and lockdowns are not about "controlling the virus" (there is no virus, only propaganda), but about controlling – manipulating – the population. Governments, religions, prisons, and schools have used face coverings and social distancing in various forms throughout the generations to control – manipulate – the population.
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