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  1. Hi folks


    Please bare with me as I explain this experience and I would love to hear if anyone else has a similar experience? 


    I was watching a tonne of DI videos recently - like about 3 hours worth- I was procrastinating from work and went down the rabbit hole! Not long after - I went and had a nap in my bedroom. I turned on the industrial fan next to my bed and got comfy and had a nanna nap. I 'awoke' from the nap (not sure if i was wide awake or dreaming awake) and next to my bed is a cupboard that I had left the doors open. Inside the cupboard there were 2 little aliens (yes, I know, this is starting to sound like crackpot central). They were lying on the shelf of the cupboard 'mimicking' how I was laying on my side, one arm out front, and one leg raised, bent at the knee. they were about the size of a pineapple and were the colour of green slime with pointed little ears. Yes, please laugh now if you didn't earlier.  I must not have been disturbed by this, as I fell back 'asleep'.


    I 'woke' up again and this time one of the little aliens was mimicking my fan and blowing air out of its mouth which was wide open. It's friend was just hovering in the air watching me. this time I sat up, I wasn't scared - but, I sat up just staring around my room and saw nothing unusual. ok - it has stopped me watching any more DI videos and I moved the cupboard out of my room!! But, to this day I am not 'terrified' but more - perplexed?  


    Any insight would be appreciated, or is it time I took a long holiday? XD



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  2. In Australia - Scomo is placing all his bets on 80% vax to have no more lockdowns. During his public address he said that people who have had the jab are not considered public health risks. So, if you haven't had the jab is this insinuating that we are the new 'public health risk'?  That's a harmful term to start throwing around :(   

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