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  1. This is our British Prime Minister at another school wanting access to children. Note there is no context or reason for him being there. So again he insisted in getting access to a school full of children. Really disturbing.
  2. "At the best of times Edinburgh is a strange & freakish city". From its disturbing atmosphere through to its connections to the occult & the Illuminati, and its Satanic overtones during the summer months, Edinburgh is a city of interest. And so it begins. Again. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Robison_(physicist) John Robison (4 February 1739 – 30 January 1805) In 1797 Robison revealed the existence of the Illuminati to the world when he published in Edinburgh "Proofs of a Conspiracy....." It should be noted that even after 223 years after the books publication that the city of Edinburgh refuses to celebrate this historical event. It was Edinburgh that helped to reveal the truth to the world. but yet the city & its residents refuse to even acknowledge this event or to have a dedicated day to celebrate its publication. Also you would think that the city would acknowledge the birthday of the man who revealed this to the world. but no. John Robison is persona non grata in Edinburgh. Considering this is Scottish history this is a historical injustice that needs looked at...........
  3. The Dybbuk likes its Shakespeare. Especially King Lear; “As flies to wanton boys are we to the gods. They kill us for their sport.” Since Dominic Cummings has left Downing Street Boris Johnson-Dybbuk has become isolated & paranoid. The Dybbuk is feeding off Johnson's orgone on a daily basis now. Add to this the insomnia, and his increasingly disturbed future wife Carrie nagging him night & day, it was ever thus that uneasy lies the heavy crown on furrowed brow........ https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9508881/Dominic-Cummings-blame-King-Lear-Boris-Johnson-personally-UKs-massive-Covid-death-toll.html Observations 1: The isolation & paranoia of Johnson comes from being attached to The Dybbuk for too long. This will continue as long as he remains in power at Downing Street. Under certain conditions when the human body is under a lot of stress it produces certain types of occult bio-chemicals unknown to science that demonic & non human entities can feed off like fast food. The Dybbuk is well fed at the moment. 2: The atmosphere that civil servants & aides at Downing Street are picking up on now is the morphic-resonance-field that The Dybbuk has been successful in "cementing" into the building. Political power ages people quite badly due to the stress. However multiply this by a million times to get an idea of the energy now emanating from 10 Downing Street. Anyone who works there will age biologically around 20 years quicker. Or they will have rapid illness and die very quickly. 3: To further show the effects of Downing Street energy field, Johnson-Dybbuk's main fixer & helper Lord Udnay-Lister has left government with immediate effect. He only took on the role early this year; https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-56868733 He only took up the government role on the 13th November 2020 last year. So he has been chewed up and spat back out by coming into contact with Johnson-Dybbuk. His life expectancy will have shortened by that contact. Some illness or ailment will have been accelerated by coming into contact with him/it. Friday 13th November 2020 The Saturn Alignment Moon in Scorpio 16:19 pm (GMT) Moon squares Pluto 05:00 am (GMT) Moon squares Jupiter 5:05 am (GMT) Moon squares Saturn 11:32am (GMT) Mercury Tri Octile Pluto 17:53pm (GMT) Moon Tri Octile Pluto 21:25pm (GMT) Moon conjunction Mercury 21:44pm (GMT) Udnay-Lister's appointment was doomed to fail. the impression i get was that his job was designed to fail. He was put there to distract from other stuff. so Udnay-Lister's time there would have been unproductive with very little way in communication or clear goals. The Dybbuk is Hungry
  4. So supposedly Joe Biden's carers & handlers think he is coming to the UK in June. Thats nice. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-56865812 Observations 1: Carbis Bay in St Ives is in the middle of nowhere down in Cornwall. Biden isnt mentally or physically fit enough to deal with travelling to central London. So they will take over a hotel and turn it into a militarized compound. They will turn the hotel into a hospital. The US Navy will quietly position a Naval hospital ship off the coast out of sight, on standby. 2: If i am correct we will see very little of Biden. We will get one interview with a BBC staffer. Probably Kuenssberg. It will be heavily moderated with very little to no content or substance. Kamala-Kamala. will do most of the grunt work at the official business meetings with Johnson, (If there is any business). If Johnson-Dybbuk is still PM in June he will probably try and get Kamala Harris alone in a room and rape her. I'm not kidding. 3: I am very curious to see how they are going to engineer a photo-op with Biden & Johnson doing a handshake. It will be one of the most disturbing handshakes in modern politics, if they pull it off. 4: There is only one reason why Biden is going to Belgium. The sick fuck will be wanting access to Chateau des Amerois for "fun".
  5. Addendum (C) pt 4 Gematria for 61 + 62= 123. (Quatrain numbers.) 123 :123; "Plague" (Nun,Gimel,Ayin.) :123; "War". We already have the artificial plague in the form of COVID 19. The war however is another matter. At the moment the Americans are looking for a fight on the global stage. Doesnt matter who it is. The current administration in Washington DC is under the control of non human entities. Probably Archons looking to feed. Biden has about 18 months of life left in him. So they have are trying to get the most out of him in public appearances. Very soon Biden will display symptoms very similar to CJD. Pay attention to his hands. His hands will start to shake. Where does Boris Johnson-Dybbuk fit in to all of this? Johnson will attempt to insert himself into a global dispute that doesnt concern him/it. He will say something or do something that will be taken out of context that will fast track a footing to war. A war that will lead to a global food shortage.
  6. The Empty Hollow Eyes of billionaire property developers Nick & Christian Candy;
  7. Addendum (D) Allegra Mostyn-Owen; Johnson's first wife (& survivor). https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7198623/Boris-Johnsons-wife-left-spent-force-divorce-1993.html Observations 1: Note she is childless. Her close proximity to Johnson, took away her ability to have children. There is a high probability that she miscarriaged during her marriage to Johnson and has kept it a secret. 2: Note it took her close to 17 years to trust another man enough to marry them. Johnson "done a number" on her. 3: Note again the same repulsive energy had affected Allegra. To the point she could not think straight and just ran away from him. 4: This might be just bad luck or synchronicity but both of them moved to Belgium at a time when the Belgian state was up to its neck in SRA , paedophilia, & child torture. Johnson would be sharing the same streets & social circles in Brussels as the people who used the services of Marc Dutroux. So Johnson would have attended the same type of social functions in Brussels as those Satanists. Over a year after Johnson finally left Brussels in 1994, Marc Dutroux was arrested on 6th December 1995. Brussels during that era had a heavy nasty Satanic feel to it. And Johnson and his first wife Allegra were in the thick of all that nastiness. 5: Note the psychological damage to her. Even now in spite of what he done to her she will not say anything negative about him in public. So there is a heavy mind control trauma going on there. Or she still fears him that strongly after all those years.
  8. Just to add to all the occult symbolism; Allegedly Phillips is being buried in a lead lined coffin....... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9465555/Prince-Philip-laid-rest-English-oak-coffin-lined-lead.html Note the nonsense of them trying to explain away the reason for the lead lined coffin. Nothing "usual" about it in anyway. Note the reason that they put Diana in a lead coffin was obscure. but the genuine reason was because nothing along the lines of ground sonar can penetrate lead. so even now we dont know if Diana is actually in that coffin or buried at Althorpe Park. So it raises the issue if Phillip's body is even present in that coffin. Also note this isnt an actual burial. So there is all sorts of weird stuff going on there at the Royal Vault. For occultists the metal that is lead corresponds with Saturn........ (https://www.skyscript.co.uk/metal6.html)
  9. Unprecedented. For the first time in modern British history a serving British Prime Minister has been refused entry to a Royal funeral. https://www.lbc.co.uk/news/boris-johnson-will-not-attend-prince-phillips-funeral-so-family-member-can-have/ 1: Interesting. Boris Johnson-Dybbuk was told in no uncertain terms that he would not be attending the funeral by the Queen's private secretary. They are scared & fearful of him/it. Its interesting to see how those with corporeal power react & behave when they come up against those with actual genuine occult capabilities. (You can't kill him Elizabeth can you?! To do so means you would be breaking your own occult pacts you made all those years ago) 2: The British Crown purposely announced the fake death on the 9th April so as they didnt have to deal with the side affects of the New Moon on Sun 11th April. (They actively avoid any activity on Full & New Moons.) 3: My best guess is that they dont know who or what The Dybbuk is, and dont want to engage it in-field. So they are not the skilled occultists that they think they are. 4: Another reason why the British Prime Minister is not attending the funeral, Saturn is in a really stressful alignment with Pluto on Sat 17th April. So it suggests that the British Crown didnt want to hold the funeral on that day and is being forced to do so through gritted teeth, due to a lack of choices available. The Dybbuk is Hungry
  10. Now thats all out of the way lets focus on some technical stuff; 1: The announcement announcing Phillip's fake "official" death had a particular synchronicity; At 9am on the 9th day of the month, 99th day of the year, at 99 years old. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/April_9). So it was the British Crown's attempt to weaponise the death for occult purposes. 2: The excessive UK media coverage of the "death" was an attempt to cast an occult glamour on the public, to make him appear more benevolent. The mental gymnastics of all those involved was quite something to behold. Never has so much ever been said about an entity who done so little. 3: Also note the use of specific national sites for ritual purposes. The 41 gun salutes were an occult message being sent to a particular tiny clique around the world. I will hold back on the rest until after the funeral service takes place on Saturday.
  11. This is just a photo of Boris Johnson-Dybbuk making another disturbing visit to a nursery to be very close to innocent children. This took place at the Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery in Greenford 3 days ago. Continuing the Dybbuk's torment of him, Johnson was compelled to look at a bunch of bananas & paint them (badly). Note the tranced-out sinister eyes. Johnson isnt present in that room. But The Dybbuk is. The Dybbuk is Hungry.
  12. The empty hollow eyes of former Radio 1 DJ & London media whore Jakki Brambles;
  13. Considering the historical actions taken by MI6 in the background of Boris Johnson's childhood & life & its effects on his father Stanley, i merely include the following information to highlight the synchronicity of The Saturn Alignment in the following death/tragedy; The untimely death of Sam Younger son of former MI6 chief Sir Alex Younger https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2019/apr/02/son-of-mi6-chief-alex-younger-dies-in-crash-on-stirlingshire-estate The death was reported on Tues 2nd April 2019 so three days after the death. So going by the official record the accident happened on Saturday 30th March 2019 Saturday 30th March 2019 The Saturn Alignment Moon in Aquarius 1:46am (GMT) Moon trines Mars 0:05am (GMT) Moon squares Uranus 4:10 am (GMT) Moon octile Mercury 4:13am (GMT) Moon octile Neptune 5:52am (GMT) Venus octile Saturn 19:02pm (GMT) Moon octile Jupiter 20:23pm (GMT) Sun sextile Sun 21:23 pm (GMT) For privacy & tactical purposes i am not revealing what the chart is relaying here. However the amount of octile alignments would have made for a very stressful environment. If what was reported in the news as time of death was false due to D Notice issues it wouldn't have made any difference due to the alignments on Friday 29th March 2019 ; Moon was in direct conjunction with Saturn at 4:59am (GMT) on Friday 29th. I provide this information as a professional courtesy. If you want answers, (if there are any) you will be looking through all your internal archives between 1966 up to 1980.
  14. This is just a video of senile Joe Biden openly calling Kamala Harris the President..... https://twitter.com/BreitbartNews/status/1372642015742152704
  15. Very good documentary on RT UK today; Money Machine. Its all about the Las Vegas massacre & all the weird stuff behind it. Includes a lot of previously unseen footage that the MSM ignored too.
  16. Just to be clear this photo is not photoshopped. To make it worse i think the girl is either one of Biden's daughters or a friend of his daughters;
  17. It just gets weirder & weirder; They have shutdown all the roads around the hospital that Prince Phillip is "allegedly" staying in. https://www.edinburghlive.co.uk/news/uk-world-news/duke-edinburgh-police-seal-roads-20182038 I am calling bullshit on this. He is already dead and they have postponed the announcement because of some occult alignment they are waiting to happen. I would question if his body is even there.
  18. I am setting up this thread to collect & collate all the stuff around senile Joe Biden. I have a hunch it will be needed over the forthcoming months..... What happened to his eyes?!
  19. Addendum (C) pt 3 when the comet will run. On Sun 28th Feb 2021 we got our omen from the quatrain; https://www.theguardian.com/science/2021/mar/01/uk-meteor-huge-flash-as-fireball-lights-up-skies The comet/meteor/omen was seen across England & Wales at night for maximum effect. The Dybbuk is Hungry.
  20. Addendum (C) pt 2. I went back to check the actual quatrains. It is as thus; https://sacred-texts.com/nos/cen2eng.htm Quantrain 2.61-62 Bravo, ye of Tamins, Gironde and La Rochelle: O Trojan blood! Mars at the port of the arrow Behind the river the ladder put to the fort, Points to fire great murder on the breach. 62 Mabus then will soon die, there will come Of people and beasts a horrible rout: Then suddenly one will see vengeance, Hundred, hand, thirst, hunger when the comet will run. Again i am not stating that Boris Johnson-Dybbuk is Mabus. But as you see the principle of hunger is quite apparent there. Gematria for verse 62. Unfortunately there is a connection between the number 100 & the word "hand" in Gematria; 100:- "Kaph; palm of the hand", "loa"; throat. "Hand":- "yod" (equates to 20 in gematria.) Whats 100 minus 20?! 80. Yes we know this number dont we?! 80 equates to the letter "Peh", which means mouth. And who is it that resides in the mouth? The Dybbuk.
  21. No one has picked up on all the technical stuff so i am just going to get stuck into it; 1: Meghan being suicidal at Buckingham Palace (whilst pregnant) At the 40 min mark of the interview Meghan reveals how she "felt" suicidal during her pregnancy at the palace. Meghan was exposed to the low bass vibration energy that permeates Buckingham Palace. Meghan was subject to a demonic attack. The attack was meant to siphon off her energy/orgone. A non human entity was trying to feed off the unborn child's essence & kill it. also what it reveals is that Buckingham Palace is being used for occult/"satanic" rituals. The morphic-resonance-field around Buckingham Palace at that time would have a heavy repulsive, negative Satanic feel to it. the only people at the palace who would have been able to do these rituals unhindered would have been senior members of the royal family & maybe their private secretary's. Meghan wouldnt know this. but she would have felt it. 2: The palace wouldnt let her leave the palace to go shopping & to meet friends at a restaurant. This reveals that it was intentional. They wanted Meghan to be exposed as long as possible to the low base vibration energy at the palace. The longer she is exposed to the negative energy the more she is fed upon & raises the probability that she will lose the baby/miscarriage. Security has nothing to do with this. In the interview she states that she was told that neither she nor her child would receive protection or security from the palace. So why did they insist that she remain at the palace?!...... 3: She told palace HR that she felt suicidal and that she needed help & support. Again we see that she isnt going to be helped. Even worse by her revealing that she felt suicidal to staff it would have revealed to the person who was doing the occult rituals at the palace, that their occult practices on Meghan were working. Again just to repeat this, they refused to help a vulnerable pregnant woman. 4: The issue of the child's skin colour being raised by a senior Royal. This has nothing to do with race. This is to do with the blood line. This is to do with one of the family not being able to be a vehicle for "them". Or not having the ability to phase/shapeshift. So Meghan's child will be protected from their occult practices by not being of any use to them due to not having the same bloodline. This is why she was told the child would not get a title or receive British state security or protection. 5: To make matters worse the occult entity was successful. Meghan revealed that she was subject to a miscarriage in 2019. She lost a baby in 2019. So again a pregnant Meghan and her child were subject to a demonic attack; https://www.entertainmentdaily.co.uk/news/meghan-markle-reveals-she-suffered-a-miscarriage/ 6: The low base vibration energy & the occult entity followed them on royal tour. Note the incredibly disturbing behaviour of the small child in the crowd. The child is freaking out & is seriously frightened. Its like the child has seen something horrific & evil , and cant put it into words. It neither has the life experience or reference point. Also how did such a small child manage to get apart from its parents?!; Note the video's title downplays what happens here. The child appears at around the 2min 36 sec mark. ; To make a comparison here is video footage from Dec 2018, where a young boy freaks out in the presence of Elizabeth II. The boy is so repulsed by her presence that he runs away and hides from her. This would have been around 7 months before Meghan's miscarriage; Now the world knows that the British Crown / Six Ravens family are engaged in repulsive & Satanic magickal practices.
  22. To add to the fake narrative around Prince Phillip, we have this bizarre photo where hospital staff are forced to play along with the charade and use a bunch of umbrellas to hide & conceal "allegedly" Prince Phillip "leaving" hospital. Was he even there in the first place?! Fake. All of it.
  23. For close to four years this thread has been maintained in one form or another. And during that time no one has had the courage or presence of mind to ask the right questions of the OP or myself. What this says about the public out there now i dont know. It suggests a fear of asking. A fear of knowing a horrible truth that they want to go away.(Even the global security services never had the nerve to ask in an open forum) THE question remains unasked. However lets ask another question...... Why is The Dybbuk Hungry? This stems from the Chronos/Saturn connection. Chronos had/has a constant hunger. A constant need to feed & consume (into the mouth). Unfortunately this hunger now consumes Boris Johnson-Dybbuk. You see for the body to function with a non human entity inside it, causes the body to need lots of energy & fuel to keep the body ticking over. This leads to binge eating and obsessing over food all the time. Oh dears. Din-dins for Boris. So While Boris Johnson-Dybbuk refused to give free school meals to vulnerable British School children, Boris Johnson-Dybbuk was feasting on food hampers to the cost of £12,500. Thats correct £12,500 worth of goodies. https://theworldnews.net/uk-news/takeaways-for-boris-johnson-and-carrie-symonds-from-uk-s-poshest-farm-shop-for-ps12-500 The Dybbuk is Hungry.
  24. Here are the Empty Hollow Eyes of former pr guru Gordon Beattie founder of Beattie Communications;
  25. Addendum (C) Quantrain 2.61-62 "Mars at the port of the arrow. Behind the river the ladder put to the fort, Points to fire great murder on the breach. Mabus then will soon die, there will come Of people and beasts a horrible rout Let go back to the day of the attack on Theresa May-Dybbuk 4th Oct 2017 Moon in Ares (Mars) 20:40 pm (GMT) ; Mars at the port of the arrow Moon squares Saturn (Binah; the great sea/waters) 7:19 am (GMT); Behind the river the ladder put to the fort Points to fire great murder on the breach; at least 120,000 dead from "COVID" (allegedly) Mabus then will soon die, there will come Of people and beasts a horrible rout; Boris Johnson-Dybbuk faked his own illness from COVID and hid away on a hospital floor by himself. He pretended/faked that he was dying. Note the term "will soon die". doesnt state Mabus would die. He faked the illness to manipulate the outcome. The horrible rout in question is the subduing of the people using artificial means (COVID, restricted travel, martial law "welcomed"). Let me be clear i am not stating that Boris Johnson-Dybbuk is Mabus. What i am showing is that there is clear synchronicity between the astrological points in the quatrain, and the Saturn alignment on the day of the occult attack on Theresa May.
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