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  1. Things we need to keep an eye on; 1: The UK is now out of the EU. This includes all European human rights act's. The British security intelligence service's have been waiting years for this to happen. Now they have the go ahead to do what they want. Expect a LOT of mysterious deaths & bad shit to follow now. 2: Priti Patel has been putting out for legal papers on bringing back the death penalty. She is looking to fact track this through the next sitting of parliament. Why? The MP's in the Conservative Party are now all conscious that the public blames them for the deaths & the crappy existence that the UK now has. the UK is now close to being a borderline third world country. 111,000 dead from the fake DWP "reforms" that were designed to kill off the weak & vulnerable. Pus the 60,000 dead from the alleged "COVID". All those dead had loved ones and people who cared for them. We are going to see a lot of politicians at Westminster be killed & assassinated. And the Conservative Party knows this now. This is why we are seeing the death penalty being fast tracked. They know what is coming. There are some things that cant be fixed. They will never be held to account. 3: We will see uniformed military personnel issued with live ammo deployed on the British mainland within the next 10 years. The seeds to this happening will be planted over the next 12 months. 4: Stay away from London.
  2. At Enigmaticworld, thanks for that video link. so it was the 20th September 2017 when they met (officially) Just checking my astrological aspectarian; that day was a New Moon. Wednesday 20th September 2017. Moon in Libra 10:06 am (GMT) New Moon at 5:30am (GMT) Mercury in opposition to Pluto 3:49am (GMT) Mercury Tri Octile (135') Uranus 6:50am (GMT) Overview. 20th September 2017 is the day that Johnson was educated on what is really running the world behind the scenes. "Lynn Forrester" would have revealed "her" true nature to Johnson & would have explained his place in the world. Mercury in opposition to Pluto suggests a horrible nasty truth being revealed to Johnson that he would have difficulty accepting. The Tri Octile with Uranus was the moment that the curtain was pulled back to reveal what he had signed up for. Johnson wouldnt have know but that day was chosen specifically for the New Moon. In occult tradition the New Moon is used for cathartic workings & rituals. Johnson would have suffered on that day for the amusement of Lynn Forrester. Of course all of this is before The Dybbuk got its hands on Boris Johnson. "Lynn Forrester's" plans have been turned to ashes now.....
  3. @ Golden Retriever, very good thread my friend. Good stuff here. Kudos. On the point of the photo of Boris Johnson with Lynn Forester de Rothschild, do we have a timestamp for that photo? Can i get a time & date for that photo/when they met?
  4. Addendum (B) The Dead children & abortions of Boris Johnson-Dybbuk; The Lillith Connection Johnson has the blood of dead children on his hands. Unborn children. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2004/nov/14/uk.conservatives It was actually one abortion. the second was an actual miscarriage. (Link; https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6145051/Ex-mistress-Petronella-Wyatt-reveals-rare-insight-Boris-Johnson.html) Also it should be noted that every wife of a British Prime Minister since Tony Blair has had a child miscarriage. (It even affected opposition leaders too; William Hague's "wife" Fifon Hague had a miscarriage too) Then we come to his ex wife Marina Wheeler. she was diagnosed with cervical cancer; https://www.theguardian.com/society/2019/aug/11/marina-wheeler-tells-of-cervical-cancer-diagnosis-boris-johnson Wheeler underwent painful surgery. Twice. It should be noted that she got the diagnosis exactly 9 months ( 9 months gestation fvor a pregnancy) after officially separating from Boris Johnson in 2018. Very heavy Lillith presence.
  5. The Dybbuk/Saturn saga pt 16 When Boris Johnson-Dybbuk met Benjamin Netanyahu (posted Aug 4th 2020) There is a context to all the national protests in Tel Aviv at the moment. In his arrogance Benjamin Netanyahu made a "surprise" visit to London in 2019 to have a "meeting" with Boris Johnson-Dybbuk. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/sep/04/benjamin-netanyahu-to-meet-boris-johnson-on-surprise-visit-to-london The meeting took place on Thursday 5th September 2019 Oh look its the Saturn alignment. The Saturn Alignment Thursday 5th September 2019 Moon in Sagittarius 3:08am Moon Octile Saturn (retrograde) (315' degrees waning) 1:21am (GMT) Mercury trine (240') Saturn (retrograde) 12:37pm (GMT) Moon Octile Pluto 13:35pm (GMT) Moon in Sagittarius at best would have made for an awkward abrupt meeting. The moon octile Saturn would have increased a sense of tension & stress. the trine between Mercury & Saturn would have made any fluid communication near impossible. Imagine two egotistical men breaking wind on each others faces, and you get the idea of how the meeting went. The Pluto conjunction in the chart is The Dybbuk hiding in the room and observing them like a hungry lion eyeing up its next meal..... Pay attention to Netanyahu's behaviour over the next few months. Its going to be epic. When Boris Johnson-Dybbuk shook his hand there was a transfer of...occult pheromones between them. At that moment The Dybbuk had access.....
  6. The Dybbuk/Saturn saga pt 14: Side effects of the Dybbuk's presence are physically destroying the British Prime Minster now.
  7. The Dybbuk/Saturn saga pt 12: Boris Johnson visited the cursed Western Wall in Jerusalem 11th Nov 2015. To add to the intrigue of why The Dybbuk chose Boris Johnson as its vehicle, here is a curious piece about Boris Johnson having to make the mandatory visit to Jerusalem to visit the western wall all so he can be on the good side of Jacob Rothschild. So its suggestive that Johnson had a long term plan to be PM even as far back as 2015; https://www.theguardian.com/politics/video/2015/nov/11/boris-johnson-jerusalem-western-wall-video There is a heavy repulsive morphic-resonance-field around the Western Wall/Wailing Wall. Keep in mind its the area where Solomons Temple was built by non human entities/"demons" controlled by Solomon's ally Ashmodai. The resonance & vibration from that time still remains. It is a heavy repulsive energy that acts as a catalyst to destroy people who use the wall knowingly. Also not the use of the term "Wailing". Wailing; to utter a prolonged, inarticulate, mournful cry, usually high-pitched or clear-sounding, as in grief or suffering: to wail with pain. to make mournful sounds, as music or the wind. Wailing comes from the mouth. And who resides in Boris Johnson's mouth? Thats right The Dybbuk. On that day Johnson's presence at the wall woke something up...... Wednesday 11th Nov 2015 New Moon 5:47pm (UT) Moon in Libra (UT 00:00) Sun sextile Jupiter (2:16am UT)
  8. The Dybbuk/Saturn saga pt 11: The sins of the father.
  9. The Dybbuk/Saturn Saga pt 10; A school shuts down days after Boris Johnson-Dybbuk visited.
  10. The Dybbuk/Saturn saga pt 9; When Boris Johnson met Jacob Rothschild
  11. The Dybbuk/Saturn saga pt 8 Boris Johnson-Dybbuk's "need" to be near children....
  12. The Dybbuk/Saturn saga pt7 : The "Suicide" of Conservative Party activist Jade Smith 29th September 2019. Was Jade Smith killed to cover up a terrible crime'? Was Jade Smith raped by a senior member of the Conservative Party? Did Jade Smith find herself alone in a room with Boris Johnson-Dybbuk and saw & experienced his true nature?! Oh look here is a photo of Jade Smith with Boris Johnson-Dybbuk; https://i.dailymail.co.uk/1s/2020/08/17/11/32041162-8634889-image-a-14_1597660828783.jpgJPG And then we come to the date of the suicide; Sunday 29th September 2019. Oh look its the Saturn Alignment. The Saturn Alignment. Sunday 29th September 2019 Moon in Libra Moon square Saturn 8:09am (GMT) Moon sextile (300') Jupiter 14:27pm (GMT) Moon conjunction Mercury 15:38pm (GMT) Moon square Pluto (Pluto in retrograde) 18:40pm (GMT)
  13. The Dybbuk/Saturn saga pt 6: Somewhere Over The Rainbow.
  14. The Dybbuk/Saturn Saga pt 5: The suicide of the demonic John Zurick on the land of the childhood home of Boris Johnson. 22nd Feb 2020 When you look into the background of the demonic John Zurick everything seems off & wrong about him. We are given the story that he bred & trained dogs. We are told that he got access to Princess Anne. Also why did he "choose" to buy a house on land that was the childhood home of Boris Johnson?! https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8094973/Princess-Annes-gun-dog-trainer-died-shotgun-wound-head-inquest-hears.html#:~:text=Princess%20Anne's%20gun%20dog%20trainer%20died%20from%20a%20shotgun%20wound,estate%2C%20an%20inquest%20heard%20yesterday.&text=John%20Frederick%20Zurick%20was%20taken,the%20incident%20on%20February%2022. Zurick was so repulsive that his son from his first marriage killed himself when he was 17. Zurick was so repulsive that his estranged wife was dying from cancer. But yet he wouldnt allow her to die with diginity. So demonic was he he had to kill her with a shotgun at point blank range. A cancer patient. More insane, Zurick tried to blow his own brains out with a shotgun. But he survived initially. Notice again the Dybbuk wouldnt allow a quick death. Again this was a slow drawn out painful death. The police found their bodies on the afternoon of the Saturday 22nd Feb. But the murder was already decided when his estranged wife decided to travel over from Ireland on the Thursday 20th Feb 2020.... . The Saturn Conjunction Thursday 20th Feb 2020 Moon in Cancer 19:42pm (GMT) Moon in conjunction with Pluto 8:07am (GMT) Moon Octile (waning 315') Mercury 13:34pm (GMT) Moon in conjunction Saturn 14:18pm (GMT) Jupiter sextile ( waning 300')) Neptune 15:56pm (GMT) . The land and area where the death happened is surrounded with a heavy repulsive Satanic feel to it. There is a high probability that Stanley Johnson used that area for occult practices when was Boris was a child. What those practices might have been i dont know. But they wouldnt have been pleasant. 0 comments ...
  15. The Dybbuk/Saturn saga pt 4: Side effects of The Dybbuk's presence in 10 Downing Street. Yes you read that correct Anderson taught, Prince Charles, Tony Blair, David Cameron & Boris Johnson. Anderson was THE point man for identifying future leaders within the British Establishment, MI6 & the illuminati. However Anderson exposed Johnson to something occult & demonic that fucked him up bad in his formative years at Eton College. Anderson exposed Johnson to occult practices. The British Prime Minster doesnt know this. The Dybbuk knows. Has fitting for someone who exposed vulnerable children to occult practices, Anderson's death was drawn out & very very painful . The Saturn Conjunction Wednesday 22nd April 2020 Moon in Taurus 19:36pm (GMT) Moon square Pluto 9:31am (GMT Moon square Jupiter 12:32pm (GMT) Moon Octile (waning 315') Mercury 19:14pm (GMT) Moon square Saturn 22:59pm (GMT) Anderson's death was painful and difficult due to the moon squaring Saturn. Saturn's presence would have purposely drawn out the pain & misery for as long as possible. Befitting of a man who exposed children to occult practices. The Dybbuk knew the exact time to inflict pain and when to let him die a miserable death that he was owed. The Dybbuk is Hungry.
  16. The Dybbuk/Saturn Saga pt 3: Ascendancy of the Dybbuk; Boris Johnson elected British Prime Minister Friday 13th December 2019
  17. The Dybbuk/Saturn Saga pt 2: The resignation of British Prime Minister Theresa May (24th May 2019) However the Dybbuk forced her hand on the 23rd May 2019. . The Saturn Conjunction Thursday 23rd May 2019 Moon in Aquarius 17:49pm (GMT) Moon in conjunction with Pluto (Pluto retrograde) 3:58am (GMT) Mercury in Tri Octile (135'degree alignment) with Saturn 18:22pm (GMT) Moon trines Sun 22:49pm (GMT) . The Tri Octile between Mercury & Saturn represented a breakdown in communication. (Like a mouth that was blocked from speaking.....) The moons conjunction with Pluto relayed a sense of being left with nothing. Notice also in her farewell speech the Dybbuk made her cry. (Part 3 will follow soon) Reference points; 1: Lord Price resigned 3rd Sep 2017; Moon in Aquarius. Moon Octile Saturn (45' waxing) 8:17am (GMT). Mercury in conjunction with Mars 9:38am (GMT). Moon in opposition Venus 15:49pm (GMT) 2: Sir Michael Fallon MP resigned 1st November 2017. Moon in Aries 6:43am (GMT). Moon opposition Mars 17:43pm (GMT). Moon Octile (waning 315') Saturn 22:37pm (GMT). Moon Tri Octile (215' waning) Mercury 22:58pm (GMT). (Sexual allegations) 3: Priti Patel; carrier of the Dybbuk over from Israel to the UK; 5th November 2017. (sacked for lying to a serving British Prime Minister over security issues) 4: Damian Green MP. Sacked 20th December 2017. Office computer found to have extensive amount of extreme pornography involving use of the mouth . Moon in Capricorn. Capricorn Moon void course with Saturn 4:49am (GMT). Moon in conjunction Pluto 2:54am (GMT) 5: Amber Rudd MP sacked 29th April 2018. Misled (lied to) Select Committee. Moon in Scorpio 7:11am (GMT) Moon opposition Neptune 5:32am (GMT). Moon Tri Octile (waning) Neptune 8:41am (GMT). Moon trines Saturn (retrograde) 10:04am (GMT). Venus Tri Octile (135' waning) Pluto 20:38pm (GMT). Moon sextile Saturn(retrograde) 23:50pm (GMT) 6: Boris Johnson MP sacked from Foreign Office 9th July 2018. Moon in Gemini 16:58pm(GMT). Moon Tri Octile Saturn (retrograde) 0:03am (GMT). Moon trines Pluto 0:11am (GMT). Mercury squares Jupiter (9:14am (GMT). Moon squares Venus 16:10pm (GMT) Sun Octile (315' waning) Moon 21:20 (GMT). (Note; Steve Baker MP, Conor Burns MP, Chris Green MP, also all of them sacked too on 9th July) 7: Robert Courts MP sacked 15th July 2018. Moon in Virgo 17:31 pm (GMT). Moon Tri Octile Saturn (retrograde) 0:42am (GMT). Moon trine Uranus 21:21pm(GMT) 8: Scott Mann & Gutto Bebb MP's sacked 16th July 2018. Moon in Virgo. Moon trine Saturn 0:55am (GMT). Mercury Tri Octile Saturn 2:21am (GMT) 9: Tracey Crouch MP resigns. 1st November 2018. Moon in Leo. Moon Tri Octile Saturn 12:44pm (GMT). Moon opposition Mars 15:22pm (GMT) 10 : Jo Johnson (Boris Johnson's brother) resigns. 9th November 2018. Note repulsive energy pushing him away. This list is not exhaustive but gives you an idea of the influence of The Dybbuk & Saturn throughout that period.
  18. Voat.co is being shutdown on Christmas Day 2020 at 12 noon. Any stuff that has been posted on there will be lost forever after 12 noon. Hence this; The Dybbuk/Saturn saga pt 1: (The fall of British Prime Minister Theresa May 4th Oct 2017)
  19. Just a heads up to everyone that Sky Arts is giving the Illuminati whore Marina Abramovic a whole night to broadcast her shit on British TV. Its on Freeview so you should be able to observe & monitor it. Its about 6 hrs long. If you have the means to record it please do. There will be a lot of MK Ultra stuff in it. Also there is a high probability that Marina will not be able to help herself, and will attempt to do a live Satanic ritual live on air under the guise of "art". (Think along the lines of "Videodrome" meets "Halloween III: Season of the Witch")
  20. Why does 10 Downing Street attract dysfunctional freaks? What is it about British politics that those who seem to be able to get access to Downing Street are the most disturbing damaged freaks who cant function in everyday life? Would you let them walk your dog? Would you let them babysit your kids?! No you wouldnt, but yet there they are wielding political power & destroying the country. We need some sort of competency test or psychometric testing to evaluate any and all people who get access to 10 Downing Street. If they fail the test then they dont get access to political power. This includes any & all future Prime Ministers.
  21. So the repulsive & satanic Fettes College is in the news again today; https://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/news/people/dehumanised-former-fettes-college-pupils-tell-mock-slave-auctions-and-discrimination-teachers-and-students-fresh-racism-claims-3028449
  22. @allymisfit Dating apps have helped to dehumanise relationships to the level of an acquisition. Also Dating apps make the user more psychopathic in their behaviour towards other people. There is a strong argument for banning dating apps. They hold no social value in any capacity.
  23. Can we assume that the legacy forum has been lost? I am presuming that the legacy forum was destroyed during the hack attack. It would have been nice to have the old forum around in some capacity for reference & research. Thats 10 years worth of history just gone :(
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