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  1. Apologies for the lateness of this one. I thought this one was in the thread. But it appears that i forgot to put this in; https://archive.is/IpLAD Police Cadet collapses in presence of Boris Johnson-Dybbuk. The date this happened was Thursday 5th Sep 2019. Oh look, its The Saturn Alignment! Thursday 5th September 2019 Moon in Sagittarius 3:08 am (GMT) Moon Octile (315 degrees) Saturn (retrograde) 1:27am (GMT) Mercury Trine (240 degrees) Saturn (retrograde) 12:37 pm (GMT) Moon Octile (315 degrees) Pluto (retrograde) 13:35pm (GMT) Observations 1: Note the lack of empathy. At no time does he think to stop the photo-op and call over a medic or doctor. In fact he merely turns back around and continues with his speech. At no point does he intervene or make an effort to help her. 2: The cadet would have been psychically sensitive to The Dybbuk's presence. She would have picked up on its presence & the repulsive energy coming from it. 3: First time on video of a Dybbuk feeding on the orgone/ life essence of a human being. The cadet would have felt weak & ill for the rest of that day. In many ways a vampiric technique. The Dybbuk is Hungry
  2. So today we had the surreal juxtaposition where we had the kids in England all dancing in nightclubs cheering, against Boris Johnson-Dybbuk's "murderous policy" of ensuring as many people as possible in the UK will die. In effect Boris Johnson-Dybbuk has said, "your all going to die". Note the lack of care or awareness from the UK media or the public over this issue. The Dybbuk has effectively cast an occult glamour on the majority of the UK public. 'Danger to the World': 1,200+ Scientists Denounce Boris Johnson's Plan to End UK Covid Restrictions https://www.cnbc.com/2021/07/16/englands-lifting-of-covid-lockdowns-a-danger-to-whole-world-experts.html 1: So we have Johnson-Dybbuk openly saying on national TV that many of the UK public are going to die due to his policy. Zero outrage from the public or the UK media. 2: This would be the perfect time to release an untested bioweapon on the UK public & blame COVID. ( They are thinking about it). 3: To any close protection officers who are assigned to protect Johnson, do not allow yourself to be left alone with your firearm. You might feel the need to "eat" the pistol. If any officers are feeling "down" do not go into your work or assignment on that day. The Dybbuk is Hungry
  3. So we come to Johnson's former Daily Telegraph Brussels deputy editor, Sonia Purnell. It was Purnell who wrote all of Johnson's scribe when he was in Brussels. (Either because he was too lazy or that he couldnt read & write). Purnell covered up a lot of nasty stuff that Johnson done in Brussels (even the rape). And she has been rewarded with a minor career as being Johnson's biographer of sorts. However... whenever a woman comes into contact with Johnson, a demonic attack isnt far behind. Here's Purnell talking about the time that her pregnancy almost killed her; https://archive.is/YIhVb Observations 1: So again we see something demonic attracted to the unborn child. 2: Again we see the need to stop the pregnancy & damage the mother. 3: Note the principle of the mouth here; vomit, water not staying down, food tasted like metal. 4: Note the heavy presence of the child killing entity Lillith. The Dybbuk is Hungry
  4. Rhetorical question, how many more people are going to die?! The Dybbuk is Hungry
  5. Edinburgh has a major issue with all its schools. Edinburgh is not a safe place to raise a child; https://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/news/politics/probe-demanded-into-claims-alleged-school-sex-victim-made-to-sign-gagging-order-3297358 Mr Curran seems to be pleased with himself doesnt he?! (link for photo; https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2014/06/12/headteacher-had-love-child-with-student_n_5488459.html)
  6. When you look closely at the face of the head of the Mesopotamian demon Pazuzu, what do you see?! And why do you think this particular demon/deity was given such prominence by Hollywood? From the British Museum collection;
  7. Everything that Boris Johnson-Dybbuk touches either turns to shit or dies. Point in case we come to Johnson's former boss at the Daily Telegraph Max Hastings. Hastings covered up a quite a lot of Johnson's repulsive behaviour from the public, including beating his first wife. (Coming back from Brussels, Johnson developed a blood lust & he wanted Max to make him the war correspondent for the Daily Telegraph. Hastings deduced that Johnson wasnt up to the job & couldn't be trusted with such a role.) And in response for helping to conceal Johnson's actions in London & Brussels, what happened?! His first son Charles committed suicide in Shanghai, China. He was 27. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Max_Hastings#Personal_life https://www.theguardian.com/uk/2000/may/26/6 The Dybbuk is Hungry
  8. Sleepynanas goes shopping. Asked if he wants the receipt he goes off rambling incoherently. "Leader of the Free World" folks.
  9. Another example of Edinburgh having the wrong priorities. Princess Anne allowed access to vulnerable children at Balerno in Edinburgh https://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/news/people/princess-anne-visits-balerno-pupils-with-complex-needs-during-edinburgh-trip-3294358 Observations In the week that saw Canadians pull down statues of Elizabeth II in anger of all the unmarked child graves, and that all the Ghislaine Maxwell court documents are to be released concerning Prince Andrew, here we have people who are supposed to protect children in a safe environment openly handing them over to a member of the British Crown/Six Ravens Family, for what exactly?! Even worse those bastards impressed upon the children that the visitor was to be seen as "important". Both Lord Provost Frank Ross and Jennifer Scott (Trustee at Harmeny's) are a disgrace to the city of Edinburgh and they should not be allowed near any children after this.
  10. Interesting piece in The Guardian. Boris Johnson-Dybbuk no longer has the mental capacity to sit down & read a book. Or even do basic research & take notes. So its suggestive that his ADHD & short term memory loss has become worse over the last year. Given this rate he will be like Joe Biden within the next two years. It took 20 years for Arundahti Roy to write her 2nd book. So who knows when it will be finished. If ever. https://archive.is/NFM6C
  11. As Canadian protestors pull down statues of Elizabeth II in rage at all the child graves being discovered it is good to recap some historical stuff. Somewhere the ghost of Canadian care home survivor William Coombes is smiling wryly. (https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/jul/02/queen-victoria-statue-toppled-in-canada-amid-anger-at-deaths-of-indigenous-children) Justin Trudeau has a private meeting with Elizabeth II at Holyrood Palace Edinburgh on 5th July 2017 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-40498757 Some points 1: The meeting wasnt official. It was behind closed doors with no media. No minutes exist of the meeting and what was said. So why was Trudeau there and why was he forced to meet Elizabeth II? We still dont know. 2: If we go back to 2012 Prince Charles made a very weird & unscheduled visit to Canadian tribal chiefs. This took place 23rd May 2012. Again the meeting was private and we dont why he was doing this. Did Charles have access to information about the child's graves beforehand?! A very weird meeting; (https://www.indianz.com/News/2012/005773.asp)
  12. Edinburgh is a freak zone this week. Elizabeth has taken up occupation of Holyrood Palace. so the city is going through what can only be described as a psychic-rape of its population. Heavy low base vibration energy coming from central Edinburgh. to make matters worse there was a fully active military aircraft doing low flyovers of central Edinburgh in the week leading up to her arrival; (https://old.reddit.com/r/Edinburgh/comments/o9mvft/c17a_globemaster_doing_touch_and_gos_now/). so they have been chemtrailing central Edinburgh in the run up to her arrival. Also whats disturbing is that there hasnt been a single protest at the palace gates concerning Prince Andrew/Epstein. Considering that Andrew still refuses to talk to the FBI you would think there would some sort of public protest. But no, nothing. Again Edinburghers have got their priorities wrong. Instead of spending their time shopping, they should on the streets protesting. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-57636746
  13. We will go through the dates of the Post Malone cursed accidents; Post Malone's plane "accident"; https://www.tmz.com/2018/08/21/post-malone-plane-crash-landing-blew-tires-mtv-vma/ Tuesday 21st August 2018 The Saturn Alignment Moon in Capricorn 00:00 (ETZ) Moon Octile (45') Jupiter 1:39am (ETZ) Moon Trine Neptune 5:01 am (ETZ) Moon in conjunction Saturn 5:33am (ETZ) Post Malone's Car Crash https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/newsbeat-45458880 Friday 7th September 2018 The Saturn Alignment Moon in Leo Mercury Trine Neptune 00:41am (PTZ) Mercury Trine Saturn 5:20am (PTZ) Moon Tir-Octile (215') Saturn 11:23am (PTZ) Sun opposition Pluto 11:27am (PTZ) Moon square Jupiter 12:21 pm (PTZ) Mercury Tri-Octile Pluto 22:45 pm (PTZ) Post Malone's former house broken into by thieves thinking he still lives there.... https://www.tmz.com/2018/09/10/post-malone-targeted-home-invasion-robbery-wrong-house-thieves/ Saturday 1st September 2018 Moon in Taurus Moon opposition Jupiter 2:06 am (PTZ) Moon Tri-Octile (135') Saturn 2:43am (PTZ) Moon Trine Pluto 5:15am (PTZ) Moon Square Mercury 12:07 (PTZ) Moon Trine Mars 22:56 (PTZ) All of this came after he done a publicity shoot in Las Vegas with the paranormal community's Zak Bagans (Ghost Adventures) who invited Malone along to touch an alleged cursed Dybbuk Box (no such box exists; possible scam) https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/newsbeat-45559534
  14. The Empty Hollow Eyes of Jackie Collins. ( I would contend that she has seen some serious nasty stuff in her heyday. Would argue she has attended illuminati type rituals too)
  15. Just a couple of days after Biden threatened to nuke the American public (no really it did happen; MSM ignored it) we have Sleepynanas doing an impression of the creepy preacher from Poltergeist II: The Other Side , at another bizarre press conference.......
  16. Here's the first photo from the irrelevant & chaotic G7 summit. The press conference was a shambles. They spoke for about 30 secs and then some staffer just openly shouted at all the journos to leave. Biden looked heavily medicated. His wife had to chaperone him to ensure he didnt fall down. Boris Johnson-Dybbuk just looked around the place surveying the chaos he created. More photos will follow but here's the first;
  17. Some things are beyond parody. 21st Century politics has become a tragedy. The idea that the U.S. deep state was willing to allow Biden to occupy office all so to spite Donald Trump has to be one of the most epic failures of the global deep state in the last 50 years. Looks like the CJD induced dementia has kicked in full flow. No amount of medication is going to fix that now;
  18. Not photoshopped. Taken from a press conference yesterday. Sleepynanas looks nothing like Joe Biden now. Non human entity?!
  19. Sleepynanas cannot even be trusted to take hold of a steering wheel in a car/4x4. His hand-eye coordination is gone;
  20. Edinburgh University's AI department destroyed in mysterious fire 9th Dec 2002 https://www.theguardian.com/education/2002/dec/09/highereducation.science
  21. And so we come to the repulsive & satanic Fettes College in Edinburgh........ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fettes_College Fettes College is the enclave that produced the war criminal & mass murderer Tony Blair. Fettes College helped in the fomation & morality (or lack of) of Blair. It should be noted that in the aftermath of all the deaths & misery of the Iraq War that no one in Edinburgh had the presence of mind to push to have Fettes shutdown & bulldozed into the ground. This is a stain & shame on all of Edinburgh and its people. It is a major Illuminati bio-programming hub and is full of disturbed & damaged children, who have been abandoned there by their psychopathic parents who have been subject to the same level of institutional child abuse. Fettes also as a large list of historical child abuse accusations levelled at it too. Even worse without any sort of public enquiry Fettes College was quietly turned into an MOD registered boarding school. This means they get almost £1 million a year in MOD grants to keep the school open. Question is what is the UK deep state doing to the children there to merit getting that amount of blood money?! Disgusting. (The only other boarding school in Scotland to share this same "privilege", is the grotesque & satanic MOD registered Queen Victoria School in Dunblane. The same school that used the services of Dunblane killer Thomas Hamilton.) If you get a chance to do so i would suggest taking a trip up to the school's surrounding area at Fettes in Edinburgh (do so during the school holidays when no children are there). There is a heavy repulsive, satanic morphic-resonance-field that emanates from that school & immediate area. If you are remotely sensitive or psychic you will feel something horrific coming from that building.
  22. As The Dybbuk remains inside Johnson and as time passes by he will become more incoherent & essentially lobotomized by The Dybbuk's presence. A key example is from last year when Johnson couldnt even recall & remember his actual own political policy. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/boris-johnson-didnt-know-his-own-brexit-policy-claims-michel-barnier-dkdfrf067 Observations 1: Barnier used a very specific term to describe Johnson, Baroque. Its a French word that over the years has taken on many meanings. But being ever the diplomat Barnier chose Baroque in its original meaning; "Irregularly shaped". Basically Barnier was saying in diplomatic-speak that Johnson was clumsy & stupid. 2: Interestingly Barnier uses the word repelled to describe Johnson. So Barnier would have picked up on the heavy repulsive energy that surrounds Boris Johnson-Dybbuk. So from that we can take, that The Dybbuk was present in the room during those negotiations. Nobody would have wanted to be near Johnson in that room. Including his own civil servants & staff. 3: Note that Johnson was sitting in his old hunting ground of Brussels. So The Dybbuk would have been making Johnson remember all the bad things he done there to his first wife and all the Satanic stuff that went on in Brussels during the early 1990's. So Johnson will have had a terrible rage inside him that he would have been trying to conceal during his time in Brussels. The Dybbuk is Hungry
  23. The Case of the Trinity Poltergeist of 1835 https://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/news/people/edinburgh-mysteries-the-chilling-case-of-the-trinity-poltergeist-3214271
  24. The mystery of the 'Caiy Stane'... https://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/heritage-and-retro/retro/forever-edinburgh-this-mysterious-edinburgh-standing-stone-is-thought-to-be-as-old-as-the-pyramids-3219928 0
  25. Joe Biden is sleepynanas. Edited video of Biden's bizarre rambling incoherent speech about Amtrak stuff
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