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  1. As if to add credibility to the "Biden shat himself at The Vatican" story, we now learn that Biden supposedly broke wind in the company of Camilla Duchess of Cornwall; https://archive.md/4TmEq So there is a high probability it wasnt wind and he just shat himself. He would have been wearing incontinence pads. The smell would probably be soiled underwear. Also it is a medical fact that those who have late-stage alzheimers have major issues with bodily functions & control of the body; https://www.alzheimers.org.uk/get-support/daily-living/toilet-problems-continence Once bodily functions start to go there is a very quick decline in the patient, and death soon follows. The body simply shuts down. So at this rate i reckon Biden will be gone by Feb 2022 at the latest. The U.S. deep state should be making plans for a transfer of power to Harris right now. Yes Harris isnt up to the job, but its the lesser evil compared to having a corpse in a wheelchair pretending to be POTUS.
  2. Again the art collective WeFail has hit the nail on the head with its portrayal of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson-Dybbuk; https://wefail.art/collections/a3-limited-edition/products/shark-ltd-edition-a3 The Dybbuk is Hungry
  3. Just Sleepynanas at COP26 in Glasgow yesterday. Being sleepy.
  4. About two years back someone over on the now defunct voat website starting collecting & collating all the stuff around what they perceived to be Archon activity on this planet. (EG; example; https://searchvoat.co/v/occult/3005031) Now one of those posts focused on Bosnia. Bosnia has an ongoing Archon Psyop at the moment in the town of Medjugorje. There have been numerous fake Blessed Virgin Mary sightings. These BVM apparitions are all Archon manipulations. Whenever an Archon appears in a town or area, war & conflict follows within a 10 year window (ish) of its first appearance. Its my assertion that there have been BVM apparitions appearing in Bosnia over the last 5 years that the MSM has purposely ignored. Why? We come to this; Bosnia is in danger of serious collapse & war; https://archive.md/VfqIZ Observations 1: There is a very high probability that Bosnia is about to be turned into a feeding plate for the regional Archon in the area based at Medjugorje. I cannot emphasise how strongly the level of misery & suffering will follow if a conflict breaks out there. It will keep that Archon fed for years to come. 2: there will be fake BVM apparitions in Medjugorje at the moment feeding off of children's orgnone & blood as we speak. 3: If there is any rich occultists out there seeking to flex their skill set i would suggest you travel to Medjugorje now (discreetly), and try to engage the creature embedded there. The church & the hill are good starting points. 4: The only way to be sure of getting rid of that Archon would be to induce a total evacuation of Medjugorje and carpet bomb it from a high altitude. Of course this will never be agreed to. But that is the level of force that will be needed to dislodge it from that area.
  5. I dont know if David knows of Rick Strassman MD. Strassman done a clinical double bind study on DMT to study the side effects of it. What happened is that the participants in the study all came into contact with reptilian creatures. Also interestingly they all had the same experience of being subjected to a change in their vibrational frequency before perceiving & seeing the reptilians. So this backs up Icke's assertion from his video the other week, concerning the reptilians and their use of vibrational frequencies to restrict human consciousness; https://downthechupacabrahole.com/2021/11/02/reptilians-beings-emerged-during-government-funded-psychedelic-studies/ Observations 1: Note the change & shift in the vibrational frequency in the volunteers. So the DMT raises the vibration to such an extent that the physical limitations of the body are bypassed and they can see & perceive the reptilians. 2: Note the reptilians use of fear as a weapon in an attempt to lower the vibration. They used fear as a means to try to feed on the participants. But the DMT must have blocked that or protected them with a higher form of vibration 3: Note that the study showed that 50% of volunteers all had the same experience with the reptilians. So statistically that is impossible given the odds. 4: David should hunt down all the research from the study & maybe put in a FOI request to The University of New Mexico.
  6. @marillion thanks for posting that photo. That is seriously scary stuff. You are correct the eyes nose & chin are identical in almost everyway.
  7. Just an article about Sleepynanas calling the Pope that 'Famous African-American Baseball Player In America! https://www.rightjournalism.com/video-joe-biden-after-75-mins-of-meeting-with-pope-youre-the-famous-african-american-base-ball-player-in-america/ (If anyone can copy that EWTN video of him saying it that would be good. the video is halfway down the article page). Going by the rapid decline in Sleepynanas mental abilities, expect very little of him in public at COP26 in Glasgow.
  8. The Empty Hollow Eyes of former STV News presenter Sarah Heaney. Somehow she managed to get access to the former owner of Rangers FC David Murray & manipulated him into marrying her. I have seen her in person and she is a very repulsive person with very bizarre behaviour;
  9. Boris Johnson-Dybbuk again gets access to a group of young children. But this time he is so fucked in the head that he makes the disturbing statement that we should "feed people to the animals". Yes thats what he said; https://archive.md/UPPRh Observations 1: Again note Johnson's obsession with food seems to be consuming his thought process all the time now. 2: Note the symbolism of the mouth being present. 3: Note how Boris Johnson-Dybbuk seems to be zoning in on the children at the press conference. Notice his/its eyes....... The Dybbuk is Hungry
  10. The Empty Hollow Eyes of JPMorgan Chase CEO, Jamie Dimon;
  11. @CosmoGenesis thanks for that photoshop. Good stuff. Would you be able to find a photo of Johnson face that would be close to Saville's face from the 1970's?
  12. To get the ball rolling here is a photo of Johnson before he was PM. Note the eyes, the nose and the facial configuration, totally Jimmy Saville;
  13. I thought this was important enough to post here;; https://old.reddit.com/r/conspiracyUK/comments/qc8w42/the_spiking_by_injection_reports_a_dummy_run_for/ The London media is portraying this as women being "spiked". however from the above submission when you look deeper into it, it highly suggestive of state sector involvement due to the level of knowledge needed & the level of skill needed to pull it off. There is a possibility of a custom made syringe gun/ drug deliver device being used that can be hid & dismantled. Should be noted that neither Russian or China are attending the COP 26 Summit. So they have no confidence in the security set up in Glasgow.
  14. Heres a link to a very interesting long form article in Harpers magazine that got access to 10 Downing Street; https://archive.md/vcTHI Observations 1: Carrie cant be physically near The Dybbuk at the moment. The heavy repulsive, low base vibration energy coming from him/it just now, is strong enough to make her miscarriage. They are not sleeping in the same bed anymore. 2: Johnson will be struggling with the heavy atmosphere at 10 Downing Street. There will be a very strong manic/demonic energy emanating from him at the moment. Physically he will be strong enough to punch holes through walls. In the Northern Tradition this is called "Seething". Its a manic energy that was tapped into by Berzerkers before they went on to a battlefield. The Dybbuk is Hungry
  15. The Empty Hollow Eyes of businesswoman Amanda Staveley. Curious how she got access to the Saudi royal family;
  16. So Boris Johnson-Dybbuk has returned after spending close to a week in Spain having a holiday, as Britain declines into food rationing, third world conditions, & crises (plural). Here he is at a primary school in Bristol. The optics around this are incredibly disturbing. Again why does he need access to very young vulnerable school children? At a time of national crisis?! Again we return to the symbolism of the mouth. Note Boris Johnson-Dybbuk playing around with bird food. (Yes that's right bird food/seed). He is actually garnishing it. Note him actually contemplating eating it. Nom Nom Nom. Do you know what the word for Bounty is in French?! https://news.sky.com/video/do-you-know-what-bounty-is-in-french-prime-minister-takes-a-fancy-to-bird-food-12434399 The Dybbuk is Hungry
  17. If you look back in history of this thread i highlighted the issue of the demonic morphic resonance field, that has manifested inside the building of 10 Downing Street. Side effects of this field are numerous, but the main effect are a low base vibration energy that is satanic & repulsive to the point it drives people to ill health, leads to headaches, insomnia, hallucinations, and seeing things out of the corner of the eye. Very repellent to human biology. (Hence why Johnson and his wife spend so little time there). That demonic force field is so strong now, the wallpaper in the offices of 10 Downing Street is literally starting to peel off the walls. The wallpaper is falling off the walls. https://archive.is/6ZOfF Observations 1: There will be a substance coming through the walls. It might be a type of oil. It might be a form of ectoplasm. This will be seeping into the wallpaper. 2: This substance will give off a distinctive smell. 3: Between the low base vibration energy, the smell, & the repulsive atmosphere, we will start to see "things" manifest at 10 Downing Street. Oh and exorcism wont work. These things pre-date Christianity by thousands (maybe millions) of years. The Dybbuk is Hungry
  18. Just a photo captured of Boris Johnson-Dybbuk in a rare solitary moment away from the crowds & media at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester 5th October 2021. Note the disturbing eyes. He looks as if drugged, or has consumed some adrenalised blood. Also note the mouth and the way it hangs open almost revealing something. Not photoshopped. Taken straight from a video feed. (Source of video; https://archive.is/B765r/again?url=https://www.theguardian.com/news/2021/oct/08/boris-johnson-laughs-off-the-pandora-papers-as-the-super-richs-cash-rolls-in) The Dybbuk is Hungry
  19. If there is anyone here skilled in photoshop, we need you to do a photo comparison between Boris Johnson and the late Jimmy Saville. The purpose being to put to rest the rumours that Johnson is the bastard child of Jimmy Saville. Have a photo of them both side by side so that we can compare the likeness (or the lack thereof).
  20. Note Johnson's obsession with food. Also note the symbolism of the mouth. Boris Johnson-Dybbuk uses Twitter to show him/itself eating food & drinking alcohol. For no reason at all. The Dybbuk is Hungry
  21. I did not want to post this. But its not about ego. Its about warning what is to come. Century 2; quatrain 6 "Near the gates and within two cities There will be two scourges the like of which was never seen, Famine within plague, people put out by steel, Crying to the great immortal God for relief." Near the gates within two cities There are two cities in London. There is London. And there is the separate entity that is the City of London. The City of London (plc) has its own legal boundaries and own separate police force. Also the British Crown cannot enter the City of London (plc) with explicit permission from The City. Which brings me to this. On the 5th Jul 2021 Boris Johnson-Dybbuk entered St Pauls Cathedral in the City of London under the guise of attending a thanksgiving ceremony to celebrate the NHS. St Peters Cathedral resides within two cities, London & the ceremonial City of London (plc). Also St Peters sits upon the gate. Ludhull Gate. Ludhill Gate is where the Romans built a temple to the moon goddess Diana. It is one of the three highest points in the city (3 is Binah) At that moment Boris Johnson-Dybbuk resided within two cities, at the gate. Whats the context of this? In Islam the antichrist is the Dajjal. the Dajjal should be defeated at the gate of Lud. "Dajjal will then be chased to the gate of Lud where he will be captured and killed by Isa. Isa will then break the cross, kill the pig..." Boris Johnson-Dybbuk carrying the office & mantle of Dajjal entered the gate of Lud at St Peters residing at Ludhill Gate positioned within the two cities. Also the UK is about to see the mass culling of close to 120,000 pigs due to too many issues to mention. The Dybbuk ensured the prophecy failed by maintaining security procedures & lockdown rules. Hence the "miracle". There will be two scourges the like of which was never seen, The two scourges will be the food/petrol shortages & the resurgence of COVID deaths in the UK. Crying to the great immortal God for relief." Crying comes from the mouth. The Dybbuk resides in the mouth. In this instance the immortal god is Chronos/Saturn. (for reference purposes; https://en.m.wikisource.org/wiki/Les_Propheties) The Dybbuk is Hungry
  22. The Empty Hollow Eyes of Chelsea Clinton;
  23. Here is the actual Wall Street Journal article that was quoted in the original post; https://archive.is/QbYBG Whats not said in the report is that the victims will have seen "something" out of the corner of their vision. "Something" will have been in the same room with them during the attack. It will have appeared as a dark mass or blur at the edge of their peripheral vision. Go back over the internal office reports. Also i would suggest that the CIA get one of their junior staff to start going through all the special forces /black ops units in Iraq that was involved in the extraction of "eccentric materials" from Iraq. (Not the nukes & all the UFO rubbish) All the excavation stuff & historical pieces that pre date 100BC in terms of carbon dating.
  24. Bomb squad called out for second time in less than 2 weeks. (Probably the British Intelligence spooks newly deposited at Queen Elizabeth House in Edinburgh testing out response times, trying to justify their in-house funding cycle); https://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/news/crime/comely-bank-street-incident-controlled-explosion-after-bomb-squad-in-attendance-and-locals-ordered-to-stay-in-their-homes-3399796
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