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  1. 2006 Noida serial murders https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2006_Noida_serial_murders
  2. Dead child found dead with internal organs missing in Madagascar (2011) The men, one of whom was French, were hunted down and killed by residents on the island of Nosy Be, one of the Indian Ocean island's leading tourism hubs. "They [the crowd] suspected them of organ trafficking," the Madagascar police chief Desire Johnson Rakotondratsima said. "It appears that one of the foreigners admitted it in front of the local residents after they found the dead body of a child." Police are searching for a third suspected organ trafficker, a Malagasy man, he said. France's foreign ministry said one of the dead men was French. A French interior ministry official said the body of the child had been found with organs removed. The French foreign ministry said it had warned its 700 citizens in Madagascar to avoid all travel within the country and asked those planning to travel there to delay their trip. "We are counting on the Malagasy authorities to bring to light the exact circumstances of this and have asked them to take measures to increase security for our nationals on the ground, given that Nosy Be is a popular tourist destination," a spokesman said. Nosy Be is an island off the north-western tip of mainland Madagascar famous for its turquoise waters and white-sand beaches. Analysts say crime has increased in Madagascar since the president, Andry Rajoelina, seized power through a coup more than four years ago, plunging the country into political turmoil and leading donors to freeze aid, which dented public spending. Almost 80% of households now live below the poverty line, one of the highest rates in Africa. http://www.theguardian.com/world/201...-death-nosy-be (Mods note: Again i include the link but yet again "they" have deleted it...)
  3. Buckingham Mountain mutilation (June 1977) https://phillyburbs.com/news/local/courier_times_news/the-girl-on-church-hill-a-murder-mystery/article_16c630c2-5e0e-56e3-9c48-badd1ebdbd9b.html Note "they" deleted the article, but thankfully it was archived in time;
  4. Four year old boy found dead in Manilla with organs missing (no date registered)
  5. Body parts of missing Brooklyn boy found in freezer (14th July 2011) https://www.theguardian.com/world/2011/jul/14/body-parts-brooklyn-boy-refridgerator
  6. Anthropomancy & the UFO connection Here is a video of a veteran police officer working for MUFON talking about aspects of human mutilations associated with UFO activity that share similar traits with Anthropomancy type injuries: Butch Witkowsk a 27 year veteran homicide detective now a volunteer investigator for MUFON. What he presented at the annual Pennsylvania Local MUFON conference on human bodies found mutilated like the cattle will shock you, very graphic details given: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-iha9cPcer0
  7. Child sacrifice and ritual murders rise in Uganda as famine looms (6th Sep 2009) https://www.theguardian.com/world/2009/sep/06/uganda-child-sacrifice-ritual-murder
  8. Jack the Ripper's victims; subjected to anthropomancy? Has a starting point heres some material from the Wiki entry on Jack the rippers victims: http://www.triumphpc.com/jack-the-ripper/victims/ The placement of the murders shows geographically a lopsided pentagram. This seems to enforce an occult motive behind the murders.
  9. Subject to private communications i am reinstating the old Anthropomancy thread that was developed on the legacy forum. Over on Reddit r/anthropomancy exists but from info i have Reddit is going to be subject to a takeover & its going to purge a lot of stuff. so i will use this thread to collect & collate all the cases. Its NSFW. Its nasty stuff. So if easily upset dont read this thread. You have been warned. there has been an explosion in victims turning up, found with their internal organs removed in such a way that suggests a ritual component to it. we hope to shine a light on this with the purpose of trying to find a pattern either seen or unseen (EG the occult), which will help to catch the types of.....entity that is killing these victims. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anthropomancy
  10. Edinburgh Suicide Wave continues https://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/health/nhs-lothian-academic-took-her-own-life-after-the-trauma-of-being-hospitalised-for-covid-3526406
  11. A synchronicity of concealment So we have this moment where Boris Johnson-Dybbuk hid in his ride from waiting photographers trying to get a shot of him in the vehicle; And then we have this narrative given by the media that He is going to be out of sight of the public eye over the next 7 days due to a fabricated COVID test; https://archive.is/zy66P The story is fake. There is no COVID. The Dybbuk is starting to physically manifest in Johnson now. It changes & contorts his face (transmogrification). Johnson has no control over this. This is one of the reasons why Johnson has always been absentee/hiding in his job. And why his wife Carrie has serious a mental health issue now. Carrie will have seen the true form of The Dybbuk out of the corner of her eye. Ironically one of the photographers might have got a photo of The Dybbuk in the car. (If you have it photographer dont advertise this; you will be disappeared). Also to all the close protection officers (CPO), if you are in close proximity to the Prime Minister, dont allow yourself to be left alone with your service piece/loaded firearm. You will have a compulsion to "eat" the gun. Also if you see the PM's face "morph", say nothing. Dont advertise this. Trust me. The Dybbuk is Hungry
  12. The Royal family doesnt want Boris Johnson to resign. In July 2019 Theresa May had to travel & attend Buckingham Palace to tell the queen in person that she was resigning as Prime Minister. This has been the standard practice for decades. (Link; https://archive.is/9B8CP) What is going to happen if Johnson resigns this week and has to travel to Windsor Castle to tender his resignation?! Who (or what) will be there to greet him?! Because we know she isnt there. Its going to be a very interesting puzzle over the next few days......
  13. Queen will be protected by a 2,500ft 'no-fly zone' over Windsor Castle with 'aircraft and drones banned https://archive.is/ck0J2#selection-1185.0-1189.173 The purpose of the no fly zone is to stop any drone or craft recording footage of inside the windows at the castle. Its about maintaining the illusion that there is still a residency at the castle. The ban is quite bizarre. Its suggestive of all sorts of stuff going on there now, to maintain the illusion.
  14. Ongoing issues of the morphic-resonance-field at 10 Downing Street Seems the demonic energy at 10 Downing Street is driving staff mad and causing extreme behaviour patterns in senior staff. https://archive.is/sKsSW Observations 1: Again note Johnson's obsession with food/eating. As people died in the pandemic instead of doing his job, he spent his hours at Downing Street finding reasons to eat & drink consumed by a hunger. 2: The increasing madness of Dan Rosenfield. As the morphic-resonance-field overwhelms him, career spook Rosenfield loses the ability to function at Downing Street. Note his inability to leave the office due to paranoia. Also note the repulsive behaviour towards his staff. Also note him becoming disturbed by a "smell" coming from a wardrobe he had installed. The smell comes from The Dybbuk. Its an occult form of secretion similar to pheromones. This will have increased his paranoia, anger & rage. This smell of the secretion is all over his suits he keeps in the wardrobe at Downing Street. Only he can smell this, which will lead to even more abnormal type OCD behaviour. By the time The Dybbuk is finished with him, he will be buying bottles of bleach to keep in his office. When Rosenfield leaves Downing Street, he will struggle to find & keep a job. 3: Note that Downing Street is now so grotesque & repulsive in its energy & atmosphere it has led to the loss of (at least) 6 female staff (at the end of last year), who couldnt cope or deal with the abnormal behaviours or disturbing environment they found themselves in. 4: Note also that nobody wants to work at 10 Downing Street. Johnson approached at least 2 people to replace Martin Reynolds (principal private secretary), and those people have declined the offer to work at Downing Street. Nobody wants to be near that building on Downing Street. The Dybbuk is Hungry
  15. Century 3, V 13; Through lightning in the arch gold and silver melted, Of two captives one will eat the other: The greatest one of the city stretched out, When submerged the fleet will swim. Through lightning in the arch gold and silver melted, Subconsciously Carrie Johnson was manipulated to buy wallpaper with prepared gold leaf on it for the Downing Street flat renovations (costing around £840 a roll). In the occult gold is a conduit to allow non human entities to manifest & communicate. Of two captives one will eat the other: The Dybbuk & Boris Johnson occupy the same space in each other. Johnson is a "captive" to The Dybbuk. And the Dybbuk will not give up its food source willingly. Johnson's body is starting to feel "eaten up" from the effect of carrying The Dybbuk inside him. The eating refers to the Chronus/Saturn aspect of eating & destroying. The greatest one of the city stretched out, This refers to the occult glamours of The Dybbuk literally having control of the city of London. The glamours stretch over the entire city and all in it. To the point where even the police see no wrong in Johnson as evidenced by the lack of police prosecutions over Johnson breaking his own government rules. When submerged the fleet will swim. This refers to the Dark Waters of Binah (aka Saturn). Johnson-Dybbuk is immersed/submerged in the Dark Waters of Saturn/Binah now. To some this will be horrific due to the chain reaction it is going to cause, to others well versed in occult lore it represents a turning point of certain occult doors opening and beginning a new era/Aeon being ushered in. (Johnson neither knows or understands this. He is merely a mechanism in a much larger process). The Dybbuk is Hungry
  16. Suicide Wave continues: Another man literally jumps off a cliff to escape. I warned you all. This is what happens when psychotronic weaponry is used in a civilian environment; https://www.edinburghlive.co.uk/news/edinburgh-news/east-lothian-man-rushed-hospital-22684089
  17. I have repeatedly warned about the use of psychotronic weaponry in the greater Edinburgh area. It leads to bizarre behaviour patterns, extreme actions & people getting lobotomized to the point where they kill themselves, just to stop the pain. Now the city is suffering badly for it. https://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/news/crime/edinburgh-missing-people-alice-byrne-dean-conner-james-dodds-and-scott-wood-disappearances-what-do-we-know-so-far-3518694 Edinburgh Suicide Wave; At least 4 missing. Keep in mind these are the high profile cases. The amount of suicides in Edinburgh is much higher than the media will ever admit. The British deep state is not going to give up its toys. It is going to keep using the psychotronic weaponry until it is forced to stop, or the amount of suicides & disappearances get out of hand. Its going to be a very tough year for Edinburgh in 2022.
  18. Usually when someone dies or is incapable of functioning mentally the law behind power-of attorney kicks in, where a third party or lawyer acts on behalf of the dead client. In this instance we are being fed the narrative that Prince Andrew is not receiving any funds from his mother the queen for his legal defence. This is the first piece of legal technical evidence that she is dead; https://archive.is/60iWj This is the first time i can recall of the senior royal family turning on each other. I get the sense of panic setting in amongst the royal family. They dont know what to do.
  19. UFO spotted above Edinburgh Airport https://www.edinburghlive.co.uk/news/edinburgh-news/ufo-spotted-above-edinburgh-airport-22661799
  20. US sanctions Bosnian Serb leader Milorad Dodik for ‘destabilizing activities’ https://archive.is/foth9#selection-1215.0-1223.162 Observations 1: The majority of US government could not point out on a map where Bosnia is. 2: The targeting of Milan Tegeltija is very curious. He is a very obscure character unknown outside of Bosnia and even in the country he barely registers in public discourse. So how the fuck do the Americans know about him?! This is the CIA been given permission to data mine all transactions at the Bosnian state level. Milan Tegeltija's name would have featured heavily in government transactions. The last time the CIA intervened this brazenly was during the precursor to the civil war (which they wanted to happen). So the targeting of Tegeltija is the CIA basically advertising that it is now effectively an Archon tool for its feeding cycle. 3: If i was in the Bosnian security services i would be changing all the security protocols right now. Everything. 4: We need eyes on the ground at Medjugorje.
  21. The Brides of The Dybbuk This is a photo taken of Carrie Johnson & Rachel Johnson together at the Conservative Party conference in Manchester last year (6th Oct 2021). First note the madness in the eyes of Carrie. Then note the body language & awkwardness of Rachel Johnson. Note how Rachel is turning her head away and pushing slightly away from Carrie. This is a side effect of the morphic-resonance-field from 10 Downing Street. Due to Carrie's proximity to The Dybbuk at the flat she is emitting a repulsive energy that affects anyone who comes into close proximity to her. Then note how contorted & pained Rachel looks. She is literally feeling the repulsive energy emitting from Carrie digging into her. There is a reason why Rachel Johnson never married. She is a product of the conditioning that comes from SRA. Note how badly aged she is without TV studio makeup. Rachel will never be able to speak about the abuse she went though; she has compartmentalised it. Rachel had a very difficult & wretched childhood. Rachel knows her brother too well. Rachel was never able to conceive or get pregnant due to that historical abuse.
  22. @Fluke, i wasnt sure of the video due to deepfake videos, but i found several photos of Holmes and have to say, yeah she is on the list;
  23. The Empty Hollow Eyes of founder of DreamWorks film studio David Geffen;
  24. (If you can see them) The Empty Hollow Eyes of KKR billionaires Henry Kravis and George Roberts;
  25. (The one that led to the DDOS attack on the David Icke legacy forum) A Synchronicity of Dead Russians in Edinburgh So we begin with the tragic Yulia Solodyankina who was a student in the wasps nest that is Edinburgh University; https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/missing-edinburgh-university-student-yulia-3013573 Yulia disappeared from Edinburgh around June 6th 2013. He body was found in a forest at Arrochar, Argyll in Jan 2014. The media ignored how Yulia's body was found. And more importantly who found the body. Its never been explained what the person was doing in that part of the forest or where they came from. Incredibly similar to the circumstances surrounding Dr David Kelly's death. Then we come to the case of the Russian couple Daria Kuchuk and Igor Pavlov, who were found in The Scotsman hotel in central Edinburgh om 1st Aug 2013. https://www.scotsman.com/news/scotsman-hotel-suicides-photo-couple-revealed-1564151 Their bodies were found in a room at the Scotsman Hotel on the city’s North Bridge on 1 August after they died of “toxicity” from a mixture of cyanide and nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas. (Well that was the narrative given to the senile Scottish media to print). It should be noted that the police had to wear hazmat suits when they entered the room. So within a two month period in the summer of 2013 Edinburgh became a magnet for Russians who died under mysterious circumstances..
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